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    Couldn't you create an alternative to have a satellite view of the map (or a real image from above of all the buildings, similar to JAVA) and convert it into a good resolution image to enter into the game as a poster? It doesn't matter that it is not a real-time image of the game, we will be the players who will have to refresh it manually at will, for me that would be a good solution while a solution for a GPS map with satellite view is found. What I mean is that taking screenshots from above and putting together a map like a puzzle is not the same as having a real view from above as in JAVA

    That would be a camera mode which is something Unity is capable of.

    Thanks, I am working on a solution for the sliding door that game does not currently support. No timeline just yet so Red still has time to beat me to the punch ;)

    I think at this point Red just hasn't added sliding doors because he knows there's so many of us waiting ever so impatiently patiently that he's having fun torturing us with the wait. lol j/k

    Currently it is still limited to the respective sector. It is definitely possible to display adjacent sectors (and planned), but unfortunately I don't know yet whether this will be available in time for the update:silenced:

    So we could potentially get the ability to copy each map sector to a poster/decal/wall map so we could build giant map walls, floors, etc. in the future then?

    Okay I owe you an apology. Looking at this preview picture compared to the other one it was the way the one wolf was standing that was making it look like the fur was flatter looking that what it actually is. I do sincerely apologize and hope my original comment didn't offend.

    Personally I like that it has the topography on it, but then again I like building to fit the terrain so having the topography like that is a huge benefit.

    I don't mind the crosses, circles, house icon in the map preview, makes me think of someone that's bought / made a map and then added to it when they've found something, but I've also played games that had a more modern satellite style map and found that useful at times as well. Since Red51 is really good at making sure there's options to fit the different time periods, genres, etc. maybe eventually he could add that type of map as an option or that might be something someone could do as a plug-in.

    So I have had the problem in two different directories one with quite a few BPs and one with only about two dozen. It is on an Solid State drive so I should not have this issue. It never gets to the name the blueprint screen just starts a little wheel type icon says saving. It is just stuck in neutral. It seems to correct itself if I relog by using the Steam Stop button to get out of the game.

    sounds like too many / too many large blueprints in a folder. Could also be the blueprint system isn't unloading them from the system memory eating into the memory and causing it to not want to save more. I'm assuming you already did the whole verify files thing just to make sure that's not an issue.

    Two questions:

    1) How many blueprints do you have saved?

    2) Have you tried temporarily moving some of the blueprints out of the blueprint folder to see if that solves the issue?


    I'm not sure if it's still the case or not, but Unity used to have issues once you got to a certain amount of blueprints in a folder, much like steam tends to do when you have too many workshop items subbed for a single game.

    The face of the wolves looks fine, the body the body still needs to be reworked.

    The female face looks masculine and the lips look injected.

    Let's wait and see what comes next.

    I didn't mean the face, I meant the head... it looks like someone shaved all the fur off, especially around the scruff / neck / cheek area I guess you'd call it.

    The only surprise thing on there is the small sail boat as the rest has been discussed in the forums, but damn that's one helluva surprise. I like the look of the rowboat, but damn it's so so a faster old world boat is definitely a welcome addition.

    really liking the look of the map, it easily fits any time period / genre, etc.

    The only thing I would say is the wolves still need a bit of work on the look, especially around the face, the fur isn't quite poofy enough it looks like fur textured skin more than fur. It's hard to balance look and performance for lower end machines so not that bit of a deal.

    The one part of the roadmap is that there will be persistent items, meaning you can place down a log, tool, food, etc. and it'll stay were you placed it. I'm guessing part of it is because of this and the other part is it would just look weird if every log no matter the tree type all looked the same.

    Red had implemented the beginnings of a progression system with the last update where a few of the recipes didn't unlock until you obtain a certain ore, crushed it, etc. but ended up disabling it for now because of not having the journal implemented in the game yet to explain the system to the players. To many were running to the forums asking what the "?" recipes were, etc.

    Hey I tried to color a glass tube but I could not get it dark enough around a candle to look right and give off colored light. Have you done this?

    PS sliding doors are used in modern Western builds too, Like barn doors and pocket doors. So a sideways moving door would be awesome.

    For the Japanese style lanterns blueprint I made I ended up using one of the older wavy glass panes colored amber and a lantern, the candles just wouldn't give off enough light to make it work. If you use the right glass you with the lantern you can still get the right amount of light yet it hides the fact there's a lantern and not a candle inside.

    I'm still not even sure how the world I've been working on since the unity version launched ended up tilting Asian, it didn't start off that way at all. lol I think maybe it's just because I watch a lot of Asian series and have always loved their architecture better than the crap we have in the states. lol

    Sounds like someone wants to make Shoji screen doors and windows to go along with their Sake set.;) This would be wonderful. I have several medieval Japanese structures I have built but inside having sliding Shoji doors have made the immersion complete.

    Maybe someday we can get sliding doors too.

    I used the milk glass for the outer shoji windows which I mean that's fine, I have the traditional style walls and ceiling but the more modern milk glass for the shoji and the more modern straight roof, it's a mix of old and modern. But yeah....freaking having proper shoji and Fusuma doors / interior walls would be nice.

    1. Google translate might be good with translating English / German, but I've also seen it mangle translations for other languages. If I had at least some base knowledge of German then I could ensure that it was translating it properly enough to say what is meant.

    2. Panes aren't just about the size, it's also about the material properties like light transmission, transparency, etc. Also not just window frame insertion but also hopefully being able to use them to make doors as well, that works differently than just sizing a block down into a pane size and placing it like we normally would any other block.

    3. It's good that Red has been considering adding more block shapes, that's the whole purpose of this thread is to compile them all in one place.

    A Hollow cone. Wish since the unity version begins.

    There are other threads with missing shapes. Problem is that you have to write a thread in English and German, but sometimes this is not done.

    Btw you can resize every material into a pane and also use it with copy.

    Yeah unfortunately I don't know German and I don't trust translation programs, etc. to always get it right so I can only do the thread in English. If there's someone that's fluent in both languages willing to translate any German posts for me that would be amazeballs. Just trying to save Red a whole lot of time by compiling a list in one place instead of him having to sort through tons of posts himself.

    Ohhh that's a good one with the Hollow cone, yeah definitely one to add. I've just been using the hollow cylinder and a regular cone combined for that shape.

    As far as the can resize every material into a pane. Yes you can, but the dedicated panes for fabrics and papers would have the semi transparent material quality set to them (much like the milk glass, etc.) and that's something you can't achieve with the resize method.