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  • Hi

    so we all know the problem that blueprints give us. We currently need almost no ressources for it but can set whole castles within seconds.

    My idea is to add an additional workbench to create blueprints. When you open such you will get a window the same size as your screen. Basically a virtual world to build in. You would have all textures and construction elements, objects, etc. available without any costs and could create whatever you want.
    When done you click on a save-button and the blueprint is saved.

    Now when you want to craft that specific blueprint it will show you the material you used in the virutal world to create your blueprint. Could be i.e. 100 wood, 500 stone, 2 chairs and 7 doors. Have that all in your inventory for crafting + an unused blueprint.

    That would not solve the issue for big castles or such buildings fit into the terrain but it would surely allow immersive use of blueprints for i.e. decoration, furniture, etc.

  • I would like to see the ability to tie a blueprint to a chest. You cant place the blueprint till you have placed all the required mats into the crate. Once the mats are in the crate the blueprint is unlocked and you can place it. You may need to create a special crate that can hold infinate amount of material as some BP are large

  • That might be not so easy. The chest is not connected to your inventory and your inventory not to the blueprint. Once you have the blueprint the only connection is to the list of available blueprints in your journal.

    But thats another topic. I would like to hear what @red51 and others in the community say about my suggestion. I really think that could be a solution to not restrict creativity and at the same time neither allow Blueprint-spamming on servers or loose the immersive feeling in survival.

  • May be the other way to do blueprints is maybe the same way that the Forest do their blueprints, ie you place a image/ outline of the building or object first and then you have to get the materials to place onto that blueprint with the amount shown at the bottom of the screen, now i fully understand if its a massive building this could take a very long time but then again the feeling of putting the very last log/brick into it to finish it does feel great, and after all its not like we cant see what it's going to look like if you have downloaded it from the forum in the first place.

    This will be a interesting topic to see what other think :thumbsup:

  • Since the blueprint ghost with construction inventory was deemed off topic I opened a new one since nobody else did. It can actually be generalized to any construction - not just blueprints. And that idea works alongside the blueprint bench idea - make it in the bench - or take it out of the bench to dump mats into it later on. Even works if the bench is expanded into a virtual editor as suggested.

    The OP idea is how Planet Explorers did it, if you wanted to save it back to the game it required the materials, or you could just save it within the editor. Problem is the game was still running while you had the editor open, so you would be dead of thirst/hunger if you did not flip back and forth - better if such an editor was outside the game entirely for that reason. The other problem is the editor did not work in first person view - so it was hard to make things in proper scale that looked good closeup. Even with the editor idea you would still need a way to blueprint things that you already had built in the game by selecting its pieces (see how Fallout 76 does this). Maybe you are making a fort and spent a lot of time in game working on the corner tower - just select it and reuse that design in the other corners (but should not be able to reuse the mats!)…134-partial-construction/

    As far as requiring blueprints to have materials? There will never be a solution to please all, that is what game mode and gameplay options are far.

    If someone wants a creative mode for a D&D campaign where they rubber stamp buildings down to make a town - let them.

    If someone else wants full PVP survival where even blueprints requiring materials are considered an exploit because you do not have to waste time figuring out how to rebuild something that got destroyed> - let them ban them.

    If the rest of us just want immersion where we can see the things we are still working on, as both a reminder list and reserved materials - let us!

  • i like the idea with a separated workbench but:

    let me give an example why it will not work to just to add used items to the blueprint to make it usable in survival.

    for this house you will need 378 beams/planks - on one hand that´s not enough and on the other you will need the wrong materials


    for a table with 2 chairs you will need 617 beams/planks - that´s too much for simple decoration.

    i think the best way would be to allow the creator of a blueprint to set the amount of needed materials. so a simple copper pot will need a copper ingot and not 20 woodbeams.

  • Specifying the creation costs rather than adding them up for blueprints is more of an issue that planks and beams can result in unrealistic construction costs.

    This is already a problem in survival that things can be upsized beyond their materials or using one lumber even though you are downsizing. This could be fixed by putting adjustment limits then making more initial size options for planks and beams to cover reasonable cost ranges - like we already have short and long ladders.

    This is not yet a problem for blocks - adding costs up for blueprints will enable you to recreate the block as if you made it yourself. But once blocks are resizable making them essentially planks and beams made of different materials - then the same problem of unrealistic construction costs arises with blocks.

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