/tp to other locations in my world

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    Hello' I would like to set up many locations and teleport to them by typing /tp 1 or /tp 35 for example, how do i do this? is this a mod?/script which one? and where to get it. thanks.

  • I know that the TP command (console command) works but I think it was made for Multiplayer scenario.

    teleport <playername> <targetplayer/position>

    teleport (space) Player1 (space) Player2

    I have marked places on my map that I visited and made "Overnight camps" but I still have trouble to TP to them. I suppose in RW it only works with player names. It would be great if I could leave a horse at each overnight camp I have (Propably 20 by now) and TP to the horses :D

  • If your mounts get stuck down a hole, you can get them out by staying mounted and then teleporting home or wherever also. Portals are another handy way to get around your server. It is another plugin you can download and install. just look through the plugin section and you will find all sorts of cool stuff.

  • 2 We use the old lua tp script on the server.

    Await an new version with the upcoming new version. :thumbup:

    1 I personnally use F3 and screen my different home places. I use "goto" xzy (Order is incorrect maybe. F3 shows exactly). ^^ Goto 000 is the spawn on the map.

    You can teleport to a player when he's online on your map.

    I tried GPS-plugin, worked, but after an updated someday I didn't like the plugin anymore, too complicated for me, i.e. I tried it 2times and then I gave it up. :D.

    We had a portal script, long ago. It works.

    There is a newer plugin version, but I didn't try, kept pushing it out. ^^

    If I'm honest, I was to comfortable to test something new.

  • What i am referring to is here on Artisan's Realm server (IP:port 85:190:158:239:12600) just jump in there and type /tp 0 and you spawn in the welcome center, type /tp list to see a list of places you can port to by typing for example /tp 35

    these locations are all places that have been built by top players, and they don't even need to be online to teleport to there home. that's what i am trying to setup on my server.

    i do have the latest portals plugin and area protection and a few others, my server is rented from Nitrado and so fare so good.

    I guess i should signup to Artisan's Realm discord, heck i am a member so probably already on there, it's just that i haven't played in over a year and just now getting back into it, so i have forgot some things.

  • Oh yes i do have the new GPS plugin but it doesn't work the way i am talking about, but it does help in other ways, its very good.

  • the /tp number command was used by the lua area protection 3.0 script I believe. That might be what you are looking for. There is a java plugin that was being made to replace it that had a gui interface for teleporting to the areas. either 1 of these should do what you want.

    [Plug-in] Area Protection

    I don't believe this is supported rt now but it was almost ready to use but might have a few bugs in it. Was never finished being tested. It seemed to be more secure then the lua version and the lua data base could be converted to the java system on first run. It also fixed some of the problems with the old lua area protection. Hope this helps.

    [Script]Area Protection 3.0 NEW

    here is the old lua area protection.

  • Deirdre i think you are correct as i just read the AreaProtection_Manual_jpg in the plugin ap_1_0_7 and i seen nothing about teleporting like i was talking about (This /tp 35) on artisans realm. it still works on there server multiplayer. i am a little confused.

  • Deirdre i think you are correct as i just read the AreaProtection_Manual_jpg in the plugin ap_1_0_7 and i seen nothing about teleporting like i was talking about (This /tp 35) on artisans realm. it still works on there server multiplayer. i am a little confused.

    It still works, till now. And I knew who developed it. ^^ But in further future it won't work anymore.

  • this is in the first post of the link to the lua script areaprotection 3.0 I posted above and here it is again.

    [Script]Area Protection 3.0 NEW

    "/areatp will teleport you to the given area by ID, make sure that you are flying when you use this!!!"

    New codes are

    /selectarea = select the area to protect this now works for non admins too

    /makemyarea areaname = the area name the Owner wants for his new area, note he must be inside his area for this to work and his area cannot overlap other areas this code auto adds the maker as the owner on making the area

    /addownertoarea Owner username = adding new owners to areas, so a Owner can add another user as a Owner and that owner has all the same rights, note its most likey best to add them as a Friend as Owners can remove there own areas oO maybe not good if they remove your area oO

    /removearea = now owners can remove there own area or areas inside there own area.

    /addshoppertoarea Shopper username = now a owner can add a user to a area he or she owns as a shopper, shoppers cant grief they can only take from chests

    /addlockouttoarea Lockout username = Owners can now ban a player who bugs them from there own area adding them as a Lockout it stops them from even been able to enter the area

    /addminertoarea Miner username = this can be used to make a mining area inside an area add the player as a Miner and thay cant grief buildings but they can dig the ground

    /showareas to visualize all existing areas

    /hideareas to hide all visualized areas

    /arealist lists all the areas defined

    /areatp2 will teleport you to the given area by name, make sure that you are flying when you use this!!!

    /areatp will teleport you to the given area by ID, make sure that you are flying when you use this!!!

    /showareainfo to show all members of an area with their groups

    /addplayertoarea to add a player to the provided group inside the area you currently are

    /removeplayerfromarea to unregister a player from the area you're standing in

    /selectarea to visualize all existing areas

    /createarea to save the area you have defined previously

    /removearea to delete the area you're currently inside

    /reloadgroups to reload all group propertyfiles

    /showareaplayerrights to show all members of an area with their rights

    /cleanuparea to remove all objects, constructions, vegetations and blocks from an area

    /fillarea to fill up an area with terrain or air

  • The lua area protection is ment for use by admins. The java area protection has the ability to go auto self administrated I believe as well as being serviced just by an admin if I remember correctly. I never tested the auto admin feature but I seem to remember it being mentioned at 1 time.

  • Thanks a ton for all that information, that's what i was looking for, i already had the plugin version now i have the script to but not installed yet, why is it gonna stop working soon? is it because of the new game engine that will coming out? will all my plugins and scripts stop working when that happens?

  • the lua versions of everything are planned to be discontinued soon although no real date has been set. This was planned even before they decided to change to unity. I am not shure if they plan to use lua for a short while in unity but it still works on the version of the game we have now. I do remember that miwarre was supposed to have made it so both lua and java versions could be ran at the same time for testing purposes. I am not shure when that happened though. When the unity version comes out they will be supporting java plugins but some may stop working and be in need of updating. Most plugins should still work but don't quote me on that :P Also, the unity version is supposed to have it's own simple version of area protection when it comes out.

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