• Hi Every one here are my thoughts on Rising World.

    In the Java version the player's characters just appears in the world.

    My vision of how the game starts is the player's character is in the basket of a hot air balloon, the pilot
    of the hot air balloon leans over the side of the basket to adjust the mooring rope and accidentally releases it and falls out of the
    basket and the balloon rises and gets caught in an updraught.

    Now I realise Red51 is as busy as one arm wallpaper installer and cannot afford the time or money to create a introduction video for now.

    My suggestion is the game starts with a newspaper page reporting on the disaster and that the player's character is lost and grave fears are held for their safety.

    ( Make it so the text file for the story can be replaced by the server operator )

    The newspaper page turns black then the current Java character waking up animation replaces the black indicating the character has regained consciousness.

    My thoughts on the dungeons.

    I am not a fan of skeletons and I think unless you go to the full magic universe they are not appropriate.

    Now I do not know if Red51 now has access to animated character creation that isn't extremely expensive?

    I would like to see dwarfs in the dungeons, you could set it so they ignore you until you open a chest then its all out war!

    Another option is to have cultists in the dungeons led by Priestesses in fancy robes.

    ( The cultist leaders would be using fake magic to suck in the underlings )

    Another cheap option would be to have cave animals ( it should be possible to alter the colours of existing bears, tigers et cetera? )

    Advanced technology.

    Personally I think it unlikely a lone person could develop really advanced technology.

    My suggestion is when the player character reaches a certain level of technology they have to find a trader's ship moored at the edge of their current island.

    The trader would sell things like refrigeration units, advanced electronics and medical drugs.

    Each trader would have different requirements of goods for payment.

    You could have semi honest traders and ones that are part pirate.

    The player would have to decide between paying exorbitant amounts of goods for the items they need or fight
    the trader and his thugs?


  • Some backgroundstory would be nice. Though i think it should be suitable to the game. Means that it should be as flexible as the game itself. Maybe by adjusting the settings for the game (which will be many in the future) it creates some kind of Story-seed that shapes the intro.

    - the newspaper story (varies in if its war, a plague or whatever)
    - a wormhole transporting the character in the future

    - a story similar to the books of stephen baxter and terry prachett - the long earth (my personal favorite)

    - traveling to the rising world by space ship (colonization-scenario)

    - something else

    doesnt need to be a animated intro. could be just some startup-infos while the game is loading/creating the world.

    About skeletons - i think as long as they are not obvious it fits very well. For this problem though there are the settings - just unselect the skeletons.

  • I think the idea of a sandbox game is that you make up your own story. For example, starting the game with the "player's character is in the basket of a hot air balloon" would not work well for a medieval server. The developer's job is to just put the tools in place for you to build your own world.

    Fully agre with you yahwho. Though i also like the idea to have some kind of background. Thats why maybe it could be done by combining multiple factors and then get some background story. With the option to indiviudalize it of course. Would be nice :)

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