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  • Alrighty then...... This is news I wasn't expecting to hear, though further proves why Japanese & Chinese games are continuing to surpass western games more and more each and every year. And European games, such as Rising World being a good hit with people.


    - Saints Row Reboot - Went Woke & Hate Their Fans:


    Saint's Row Reboot is now announced, now with unlikeable characters. Knowing nothing, I waited until I've seen the trailer, seen what it has to offer preferring the enemy Orange dudes over the hipster purple folks, just like every other comment. RIP Saint's Row. I've known people who played it, seen people play it, and would expect much more than seeing generic weirdness added onto it turning it into a weird-fest.

    Also, pick any video, it'll say the same thing. I'll just post Quartering because of simplicity.


    We are not backing down on this,” the official account replied. “It’s brand new, we get the knee jerk reaction, no one has rebooted like this before. We have lots more to show.” The account replied the same way again, clarifying that “We get it, it’s new and it’s a shock reaction to a reboot like no other. The gif was supposed to convey that.”

    Not backing down? You're that insistent to go against the grain to ruin everything. Nice. You even gaslight your fanbase just because people want quality over quantity garbage.

    "It's brand new, we get the knee jerk reaction"...... Nah, you got it because you went rogue. You failed. I'm on the bandwagon of wanting to play as the stereotypical orange dudes over the alleged "good guys" on the purple side. And this is why Asian games tend to be more attractive because IT FOCUSES ON GAMEPLAY AND ART.

    I wish the western game developers would comprehend this. I mean, they do, they would much shovel garbage. They've been raised to preach, hence why sane people are trying to flee from Oculus to other VR manufacturers such as Pico Neo 3 or Decagear VR. Or why they play Asian games.


    While most of the criticism was levied over how the characters looked and acted, more recent criticisms have come via coverage from PC Gamer, titled that the reboot “won’t be as edgy as its predecessors.” Their report explains what the new game will involve based on the first few minutes of gameplay and cutscenes they saw.

    Count me out. We need our breath of fresh air, again, hence why Asian media tends to win in this area. Same with the occassional European media still tied to reality, not insanity.

    It's like removing both James Bond and his pistol from the movie. It becomes a bland movie, and they've actually done that attempting to turn Bond into a woman. Failed. You need the intelligence, artistic know-how, and creative flow like a Japanese artist making Anime/Manga, even now Chinese. Ironically, the Chinese can make a better Bond film than the woke weirdoes.


    “We love [the old Saints Row games], but we also recognize those are games of a time. They made sense within that era, and we were able to do things that felt good back then. But that tone is not something that we feel like we want to do today. We had a different kind of story that we wanted to tell.

    THEY ARE STILL RELEVANT. What the f*** are you god damn smoking. Holy god damn..... This is why I always get wound up losing my s*** all because these developers can't comprehend simple crap, why we have so many gaming voids, and why they want easy money not wanting to put the necessary effort into anything.

    "games of a time".... THEY. ARE. STILL. RELEVANT. We haven't shifted any god damn eras yet. We're still in the relevant era. Just because they assume SJW retardation is an Era means they need to go back to a proper legit school. And then (again) people wonder why Asian games (and the odd European) tends to shine brightly to these turd Western games. Why do you think I keep posting Genshin Impact and Azur Lane.... I'm sorry to Red51, but there is a legit reason.


    Middle finger to Saint's Row Reboot :)


    (Orange Dudes - People would much rather play as these folks than the new Purple folks.)

    Well, you guys just got another gaming void created thanks to the developers behind Saint Row Reboot. There may be SOME redeeming factors to the game, let's just hope they put far more than 'The Last of Us II had done.

    I feel bad for us Westerners, especially North Americans. We keep getting trash games while having to rely on Asian & European talent to fill in the voids :nerd:


    I can't wait for Tuesday to roll around so we can happily play Rising World's multiplayer, or at least try. Time to hear my computer howl, revving up and down every minute. :dizzy:

  • Sorry for the constant spam, just had to make a disclaimer post because it was pointed out to me. Certain things (I believe) were taken out of context so I now feel I need to clarify things before people potentially take things further out of context. Maybe spun further out of context, who knows.


    - Asian Games Good - Western Games Bad:

    It may be potentially viewed that I hate each and every western game. Not the case. My goal is to point out corruption, frustration, and where developers could have potentially improved, or even ventured to. Various gaming voids game devs could have filled, yet refused.

    I have a lot of Western games in my library (even on platforms I no longer play) with Asian made games taking up the slack on the other half. Western games usually tend to be a hit-or-miss, more so when they go political, or fail to be games altogether. I've abandoned a lot of western games, as I have eastern games, all because of the grind. I have a bias to Asian media because of how restrictive, limiting, and self-censoring those media formats tend to be. I enjoyed the raw nature of European films, some South American films, and eventually into Japanese ones to then lean heavily there. Traditional Europeans are wise, modern ones with SJW narratives are not. I've pointed them out, as I have with American-ized ones. Games/media have to be raw & pure.

    I'm aware there will be confusion because of the way I word things, how people perceive my postings, and how other people were raised in their surroundings.

    I've been spoiled by Japanese Anime and games with games being genuinely fun and entertaining, especially on the Nintendo (on and off), Sega Genesis, Playstation 2-3, and etc. Nier: Automata, various Japanese indie games (even lewd ones), even normal indie games. They hit harder emotionally, have more of a rush, better music, tending to focus on things in a more visually pleasing manner.

    Western games are cruder, though gradually leaning more into the Asian market with modding, anime model importing, etc. Vocals, design, etc. Where they once lacked with features they're now gaining them. Not always, though in certain situations. There are a lot of fun ones, don't get me wrong. I love Battlefield 1942, Perfect Dark, and even some newer ones escaping my mind. Harder to remember because of my bias. Yeah.

    I have games from various regions, as with others. Tower Unite, Conan Exile, Terraria, Atlantic Fleet, Flight Sim 2020, and etc. If I have time and patience I do play whatever I find interesting. I wish I could play the polish Witcher games. I still have yet to do that. Maybe on the Steam Deck. Who knows. So many games to play, so little time. Goes without saying I would be playing Rising World, it needs to mature.

    Americans & Europeans are currently caught up in a political civil-war tainting their games allowing Japanese & Chinese politically resistant markets to flourish. That was my point to the above posting. When you show weakness other people shall exploit it in other regions, possibly even keeping it in their native region. I've seen some games rise and fall through either complacency, or even tardiness when they could have been so much more. (KanColle allowing Azur Lane to flourish, etc). Then there are games I can't pick up for how bloated and expensive they are. Call of Duty VR is one of them, as is Ark Survival, among others. Flight Sim 2020 is an exception.



    For the 'new audience' part, I doubt it. Why make games for non-existent people, or those in the 1%. Why make games for abusive people? This isn't VR, they aren't VR, they're just trolls. Why cater to people who want to see the gaming and movie industry ruined? This isn't some Alt-right Youtube rant, this is about people having fun with games and media, not a 'new audience'. Everything stays the same, only the way we tell a story changes. We still want to have fun with things still staying true to the lore and atmosphere behind it. With how bad American media has become people are migrating to Anime & Manga (Japanese market), and now the growing Chinese market also because they want proper media, not preaching political ones.

  • Activision Caught Plagiarizing Anime Art in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:

    Even if I'm getting certain amounts of push-back, it appears my point is still being proven right time and time again with how western game developers keep slacking (minus Red51 and the special indie games) while Asian games tend to perform better. Why Asian games are desired more. Granted, that isn't always the case with how I'm generalizing seeing as how 2-3 Japanese games have gone on a foreign IP banning spree allowing China to take over in various gaming voids caused by Japanese stiffness.

    - Activision has plagiarized art from a Japanese show called 'Goblin Slayer' by editing official art from an opening.

    (Then they also plagiarized from another Japanese artist for their Call of Duty Mobile banner.)

    I thought western made games were supposed to be far superior not needing to tap into the Anime element. I thought Anime was trash, is 'lewd' and all this crap I keep hearing people say degrading the musical composers, the animators with poor pay, and all the hard work that goes behind it.

    Activision just lost more 'good will' points here, as noted in the article.


    - Counter-Point - Japanese Games IP banning foreign accounts:

    A friend notified me how Japanese games are banning foreign IPs forcing people to use their external services, services which are sometimes sub-par.


    - Fate/Grand Order (F/GO):

    Fate/Grand Order used to be this very big popular mobile game featuring heroes from the past, present, and some slight modernized variants. You would explore one historical area to another, though in a more 'creative liberty' manner trying to restore corruption into peace. Various realities, realms, and etc. People spent countless cash trying to summon one 'Servant' to the point they've wasted $3,000-20,000 of their life savings. One person even personally traveled to the UK to visit King Arthur's alleged resting place to summon 'Saber', never obtained her.

    The Japanese Server IP banned people recently (as in a few years ago) gradually taking their client off more and more accessible sites preventing foreigners from ever playing their Japanese game ever again. I can't tend to Scathach, or my other servants any more. A real proper shame. I'm being forced onto their EN server, though haven't even touched that either with how time consuming everything is. I lost my progress, I'm not going to join EN version. I'd rather play their Fate/Extella & 'Fate/Extella Link' games over their crap. It's on Steam, I have it, and I can always play it "whenever".

    They also refuse to make a proper open world game, similar to KanColle, to the point I view them as struggling, even though they may be doing financially great from people called 'whales' constantly spending money. IP banning is what killed it for me, even if I can simply VPN. They have an FGO Arcade, something they and KanColle (below) are both heavily focused on, though fear these moves is what is killing both of them. They both were to put FGO Arcade and KanColle Arcade onto Steam they'd fair far better.

    They both refuse so it sucks to them. They don't want to do what's proper, <redacted> them.


    - Kantai Collection (KanColle):

    Game used to be the biggest thing on the interweb until the developers chose to side with unfair RNG and 'threading-the-needle' mechanics. You weren't allowed freedom in sorties, nor are you allowed to play the way you desire. They've updated their Flash game to a new engine, they however dropped the ball so painfully people simply dropped out before and after this. I've witnessed people leave left and right, and when they made game mechanics painfully severe to the point you have to play THEIR way, not ours.

    They've even made a Vita game, something they should have continued supporting. They should have released it on Steam to keep updating and supporting it, even if it's gimmicky. They could have made bonus funds through modding support allowing people to purchase their game for that, and other forms. Kadokawa and DMM aren't the smartest, nor brightest bunch.

    The character designs are great, as are the music, and the concept. It is what birthed Azur Lane (below). They're far too strict having became both complacent and arrogant. They believe they're doing the "right thing", also backed by the Japanese military, to the point they can't see straight. They can't comprehend what makes games fun, nor how to implement proper gameplay. They're tunnel-visioned on the focus on quality in sadness, the loss of their ships during WW2 that they may be blinded by their patriotic pride of the past. They've lost sight of what really needs to be done.

    They also have an Arcade version of their game, something they proudly boast about, though sadly refuse to put it on Steam for proper accessibility and entertainment value. National pride and cruel gaming mechanics over actual gameplay. This is what allowed Azur Lane to quickly take over where KanColle failed.

    Blame the developers in their various blinded manner. National pride, complacency, and other factors. Refusing to see outside the box. They do welcome foreigners, they however make everything so 'formal' in the past (like Nintendo, or worse) to the point you have to enter a lottery to win a chance to play their game, to play their game, and how weird KanColle feels.


    - Azur Lane (Korea):

    Azur Lane has various servers for China, Japan, Korea, and the Western global market. Korean servers have been noted being the worst with the worst support, causing people to migrate to Japanese and the Global server. Seeing more and more foreign accounts on the global servers, that's fine. And on a hypocritical note, China banned and censored various forms of lewdness, even though they (behind the scenes) 'openly' violate woman of minority and of foreign birth. The hypocrisy is real. China is destroying their own game locally while Koreans aren't supporting their game.

    Also, for where KanColle fails, Azur Lane does well. Azur Lane fills in various voids KanColle failed to deliever. The gameplay, events, and constant engagement, even if there are people with short attention spans now (on the flip side) bailing on the game from repetition, even if it is accessible. It may be China owned, and people hate the CCP (rightfully so), they however made a proper game both Kadokawa and DMM failed to make with KanColle. Granted, KanColle has added proper new Australian, Swedish, and other shipgirl from various nations. A little to late.

    Azur Lane's problem is engagement and lacking 'Minor nations'. They're missing shipgirls KanColle has, as with Canadians, and a proper side game.


    - Phantasy Star Online 2 & 'New Genesis':

    As with F/GO (above), the IP ban and lacking content (as noted by a friend) is hindering the game. PSO2 IP banned people on their Japanese servers forcing them onto the global version. May be legit on paper, in practice people lost all their progress. Granted, they can also use VPNs, though can still get banned, etc. When you start IP banning everything becomes messy and stupid. I just wish Japanese folks weren't so 'traditional' or 'old fashioned' in their thinking. Maybe possibly even patriotically blinded. This game is seeing various growing pains while trying to co-exist with its other MMO. PSO2 and PSO2NG.


    Japanese and Chinese games aren't perfect, they however tend to do things the western market fails to do. Then you have the western market censoring Japanese and Chinese games (or the Chinese their own national games) because it offends the new corrupted mentalities in the west. Everything is "offensive", woman are 'lewded' even though people enjoyed it in the past and not now. Weird.

    Everything seems backwards, wishy-washy and corrupted.

  • ResetEra Triggered over Project Eve:

    Just casually skimming through Youtube finding this video popping up under recommendation. I had a laugh while facepalming also because ResetEra is STILL promoting censorship and terroristic ideals. Then you wonder why Asian games tends to outperform western ones. Not solely because of lewd, but because of how free and fun these games are. North American & mostly European games tend to struggle to hold a candle to these games. Nier: Automata, among others.

    I'm sure there shall be people here offended the female character in this game is 'sexy', though that also then goes to banning sexy woman in real life. You do that then things gets weird and silly. Everything gets silly to the point you would also have to ban bikini stores all around the world..... That's what people keep implying, whether they realize it or not when they say they hate these sorts of feminine characters in media. I'm not one for PS5 anymore because of their censorship tactics, anti-anime, anti-creativity....... People want to look at beautiful things after a stressful day, hence why I play Azur Lane, Genshin Impact while also waiting on Rising World to update to a point I can play it again. I hope Rising World doens't hold back.

    I'm now more curious than ever to see what Project Eve shall be about, even if it may not be accessible to me. ResetEra is going on a terroristic rampage trying to ban everything anime, anything fun, anything gaming. People with genuine opinions showing interest in this game have been banned off their forum, hence the 'Terroristic' tagging. If I was to say this on Steam I would get a Steam moderation warning and a ban, though thankfully I hadn't obtained any in the 'butt hurt' thread in the offtopics.

    So much for freedom of creativity and equality. The ironic and funny thing is how hypocritical ResetEra is by being racist and sexist when they're also trying to claim "equality" by shunning the female form for this game. They're ironically body shaming when they're trying to be "pro body".

    I love how philosophical Nier: Automata gets with life and everything. What is time, existance, and how humanity is portrayed, something Marvel & DC still struggle with. They had a better grasp of it back in the 90s to blow it for SJW nonsense.

  • So, to add onto the above posting I have two more tweets that randomly popped up onto my Twitter timeline without nudging it.

    Games are not allowed to be beautiful and gorgeous. Everything is a sin. You're not allowed to do anything anymore because it's "offensive" and "rude", and etc. There is a reason Nier: Automata became the best game of the year, and it's not just because of "fan-service". It's the quality of the game, the story-telling, the deepness of the plot (not lewd), and the philosophical takes on life and life after humans. It's the big things, as it is the little things that make these games glow to the gamers. The music, the love letter mini-games to older game genres (2D Games). The lewd "fan-service" thing is just an easy thing to hijack similar to how Star Trek covers politics in its own manner. That series has been thrown under the gutter since Discovery.

    Fake journalists and fragile people being offended about natural elements of life continue to prove why Anime, Manga, and Asian games tend to be favoured over North American and corrupted European games. Not all European games, just some European game devs. I've made note of one "brave" and politically corrupted German game developer lost track of reality.

    The thing is, 'Project Eve' is just your standard game like any other, only westerners are offended while the other more normalized groups have to keep defending freedom in gaming to only be gaslight by easily hijackable points like lewdness and politics. RIP Star Trek for their easily hijackable political points. It's just a god damn game...........


    Saint's Row Remake & Developer Gaslighting fanbase:

    RE: (Gaming Voids) - Gaming Development Missing Features

    As noted in the above link, the drama continues with fans desiring lore accurate fun. It's fine do to do spin-offs and remakes, at least put some effort into making something people can relate to.


    "You just don't know you want it yet".

    Maybe...... I'm tracking this game "for science" to see how much of a screw up it is while taking notes. How much sass and weirdness these developers tweet out while other games simply release games for entertainment purposes.

    Agreed. Rather play as the baddies.

    EA sure experienced a brutal backlash for trying to inject corrupted politics into their game. It's fine to have woman in a game, they don't know how to make it tasteful, and with class.


    Hope you and the team like wasting years of your life to produce something noone wants. Maybe listen to the market more next time, might actually make something people want.

    Its amazing developers aint realized that we keep buying remasters cause games use to be better.

    And that's the sad part. Not dedicating your time, effort, and energy to actual products that actually should be made. Should have made something people actually want. You know, supply and demand? The thing that drive the economy in this world. When I say something people and game developers always assume I'm a moron, or something along those lines never adding in things that would actually improve a game. I'm glad certain games, even Rising World, listened to me. When game developers ignore feedback their games end up dying.

    Supply and demand....... There is a demand, you supply it. There is a void, you need to fill it.

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