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  • Does it only affect admins? Is the Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions setting in the file also set to true? In this case, the permission for this is ignored and all permissions default to a predefined value for server admins (which is "False" in case of no clipping).

  • That's the issue: If Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions is set to True, the current permission group is ignored for actual server admins (i.e. admins which are in the file). Basically this setting was just meant for servers which are not using any permissions at all (so admins can at least use commands etc).

    If you set Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions to False, the actual permission group of the player (probably a group permission called "admin") will be used (and if no clipping is set to true there, it should take effect).

  • I tried setting Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions=false in and

    "noclipping": true, in admin permissions and I still can not fly through things and when I use noclipping in the console it says command doesn't exist with Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions set to true or false. All setting Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions=false did was turn off my ability to use commands. spg playername admin said insufficient permissions with Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions=false set, when I tried to set my group permissions cause things weren't working.

  • If you disable "Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions", you can only execute commands which are actually permitted in your current permission group. If you don't assign this player to a particular permission group, he is only affecetd by the default permission. Also make sure the permission file for that particular group is valid (if the server cannot parse it, the server starts anyway, but there is an error message in the log). You can also use this site to make sure there is no syntax error (just paste the content of the particular permission file there):

    If you want to execute the "spg" command, but you don't have permission to do that, you could also type this command into the server console (if you have access to it).

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