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  • Hi there!

    Hi there! I'm hosting a LAN game (New version Preview) through ZeroTier (Hamachi competitor; Hamachi is kinda buggy on Linux). I'm also fairly sure ZeroTier is working since I can host a simple HTTP server on my computer and he can successfully connect to it with my ZeroTier IP.

    My Friend (in the screenshot) is getting this error. Any idea what this means? I have the standalone version; he's on Steam, is there no cross-play possible? (We can both join public servers, though.)

    I click the "Open for LAN" and give him my IP address; he then observes the following:image.png

    Also, on his side, he can't see the "Open for LAN" and instead sees the "Play with Friends" option; is there a way he can host the LAN game?

  • Unfortunately the Standalone cannot authenticate Steam users atm (because the Standalone has no access to the Steam API)... this is something we want to change in the future though. The Java version was suffering from the same limitation unfortunately...

    However, the Steam version is able to authenticate Standalone users. The LAN option is hidden in the Steam version (because some users were confused by this in the past). To host a LAN game, your friend has to right-click on the green "Play with Friends" button, this brings up a small menu where he could select "Play via LAN" - then you should be able to join his game :)

    Alternatively I could send you a Steam key if you want, so you could use the "Play with Friends" option directly (which hosts a P2P session using Steams relay servers) ;)

  • Hey, that's working! Yeehaw!

    That said... if users were confused about having that option... I'll be honest, having the option being hidden and needing to be right-clicked isn't really any less confusing, I fear.

  • I'm glad to hear it worked :) :thumbup:

    About the confusion, actually some people on Steam thought that "LAN" just means "Multiplayer" and expected the LAN mode to work similar to the "Play with Friends" option ^^ I.e. they just wanted to join a friends game (through the Steam friends list), but then they were frustrated that a LAN session requires additional setup (either port-forwarding, or a 3rd party tool like Hamachi or ZeroTier)^^

    So for the Steam version, the "Play with Friends" option is usually what most users are actually looking for :D That's why the LAN option is a bit hidden in the Steam version.

    I agree though that if someone is actually looking for a LAN option, he will have a hard time to find it in the Steam version... it's not a perfect solution. Maybe we could find a better solution for this (without causing more confusion for less tech-savvy users)

  • Maybe we could find a better solution for this

    I am definitely one of those "less tech-savvy users" :thinking: so please ignore my thoughts if it is a case of "Thema verfehlt / Topic missed" :wacko:

    My first thoughts are to offer more options/explanation, maybe the additional info as mouseover text?? Or working with different colours, green and yellow?

    "Play with Steam Friends"

    "Multiplayer Server"

    "LAN (requires port-forwarding and additional setup)"

  • red51

    Would it be possible to display a little information via a hidden or closed information window on how playing with friends in the LAN? It's not difficult, but after a long time without using this function, you may have forgotten how it works.^^

  • Well, the thing is, most Steam users aren't actually looking for a LAN mode, they just want an easy way to play with someone from their friends list without any additional setup^^ People nowadays expect everything to work with a few clicks, without having to mess with port forwarding or anything like that, so the "Play with Friends" option is what most players are actually looking for ^^

    If the LAN button is there right next to the "Play with Friends" button, people would expect it to work as easy as the "Play with Friends" option... back then when there was only a LAN mode available in the Java version, a lot of people were frustrated and couldn't understand why hosting a game was so complicated in RW, while other games like GTA 5 provided such an easy way to play with friends... some people even thought that "port-forwarding" was a Rising World exclusive thing, and that even resulted in some negative reviews =O We're still a bit traumatized by this :lol: :saint:

    That's the reason why we added P2P (the "Play with Friends" option) and removed the LAN mode from the default options (so the LAN mode is still there and we also added it to the new version, but it's hidden, so nobody launches it accidentally and gets upset because it doesn't work out-of-the-box)... I'm afraid that even a tooltip or something like that wouldn't be sufficient in some cases :/

    But maybe we could add a small "info" or "help" button next to the "Play with Friends" button which provides additional information about the LAN mode, or maybe a toggle to enable the LAN button :thinking:

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