garden decorations

Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky
  • This may seem a little silly for some, but how about having the option to build garden ornaments and fountains etc.
    Snail,caterpillar,Gnome etc-1 Clay each
    Small fountain-5 stone
    Medium fountain-7stone ( Fountains could be a convenient source of clean water in a pinch perhaps, or could attract dragonflies for use later on)
    Large fountain- 10 stone
    birdhouse- 5 lumber ( could be interacted with for bird eggs.)
    beehive- 2 lumber, 3 straw. ( interact with for honey)
    Perhaps have some woodchip effect blocks too, which crunch underfoot. It would be awesome to use for landscaping a garden.

  • Yes good Idea. I must admit I tend to plant trees using the saplings I find chopping timber. One thing that's missing are bush seeds/saplings. I would be nice to plant a few bushes. Thinking on from that it's not much of a leap from bushes to hedges.

  • Not silly at all. Fountains are great (need a pump and some piping, power source...), could attract some small birds who bath and drink from them if you are not around. Garden gnome etc.. would be nice, maybe one version could be electric garden light. Birdhouse would be great too! I suppose you could get eggs from them, but why have chickens then? Beehive I hope for which you can collect honey from and get stung etc.. And yeah a wood chip mulch would be great to use as mulch on the garden or on the walkway. Speaking of mulch, other stuff should be used as such too... like leaves collected in the fall. Or cow manure etc.. compost... Anyways.. I love gardening so can easily get carried away here lol

  • perhaps the birdhouse could attract rarer birds than a chicken? maybe add some kind of system to it where the longer you leave the birdhouse untouched, the rarer and more useful the egg? Anyway, glad people like the idea, and it's not just me rambling away. Haaa!

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