Changelog 2015-07-29: Minor fix for blueprints

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hello folks! This is only a minor update for blueprints, which enables block- and object placement and also allows you to rotate your blueprints. Unfortunately there is one last restriction: You can't rotate blueprints when it contains one or more blocks.

    Since placement and rotation precision for construction elements and objects greatly increased, old worlds need to be converted. This happens automatically when loading the world for the first time. It may take some seconds up to a few minutes on huge worlds, please do not cancel this procedure.

    Apart from that we fixed some bugs (some of them caused a lot of trouble for a few people).

    This is probably the last update (except for some bugfixes) before we release the long expected biomes update. Stay tuned! :)


    • [Change] Blueprints now support blocks and objects (placement)
    • [Change] Blueprints can be rotated now (only constructions and objects)
    • [Change] Improved placement precision for construction elements and objects
    • [Change] Keybinding for flymode can now be changed in the file
    • [Bugfix] Lua scripts will be reset correctly in singleplayer when returning to main menu
    • [Bugfix] Blueprint constructionelements will be placed correctly now
    • [Bugfix] Multiplayer settings for blueprints work correctly now
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented the dedicated server to start on some vservers
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented some players to join a multiplayer game
  • Hello, thanks a lot for this update, really good job :)
    I have however a bug with doors after duplicating a house: when I open a door, I see it opened and also still closed. I need then to break it and rebuild and add another one (this is a minor bug).

  • A small update is available (server don't necessarily have to update), which fixes a small problem with glasspanes and placement of construction elements. Apart from that, a new console command "setp [value]" is now available, which changes the precision when placing construction elements manually (when they're freezed), basically the same as "setr" (but now it does also accept direct values).

    Bugfix 2015-07-29:

    • [New] "setp" console command which allows you to change precision of construction element movement (when freezed), basically the same as "setr" (which sets rotation precision)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented the game from starting (Steam only)
    • [Bugfix] Glass panels now correctly adapt to window elements
    • [Bugfix] Server: Cannot load newer worlds with old server versions (messed up the world)

  • Okay so I make a blue print, go to my journal it is there. It is also in my folder blueprint in steam. I click on it it says blueprint needed.. ?(?(

    you need two blue prints one to make a blue print that gets saved to your journal then one to use that blueprint so just have a unused blueprint in your hand when you click the blue print you want to use in your journal ;-D


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

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