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  • Looking at Rising World obtaining its new multiplayer update just showed something other people don't really experience. Maybe a small percetange, or a larger quieter percentage. Who knows. I've basically poked everyone in my social circle if they wanted to play (one chimed in), I however had nobody who wanted to play when I desired to playtest. That pissed me off. Things aren't as they used to be. Guess multiplayer is out of the question for me for awhile..... RIP.

    That frustrated the hell out of me to the point I'm back to desiring for 'NPC Companions', on a follower/helper/human side of things.

    I don't want to pressure Red51, just noting my frustration today. Then Train Life (new game) trapped me in its game with delays and bugs forcing me to push Genshin Impact later into the night. The things I do to test games and feedback. Feedbacked 'Train Life', wanted to for Rising World. Train Trial trapped me in with all its stupid bugs which are being hopefully fixed next day over.

    We severely need NPC companions for Rising World........... Humanoid ones. Animal ones are great, human helpers are far more necessary. Sorry for sounding like a broken record. This update highlighted that fact. I'm posting it here instead of the thread it needs to be because I don't want to taint that thread as I have done others. I'm not touching the thread until I can offer proper feedback.

    NPC companions, or bust......

  • You were just unlucky. When the update came out red also started a test server everyone can join.

    So i have tried server and p2p.
    Works well.

    As for area protection and permissions I'll leave that to the ones with more experience to try it within the next few days and weeks

  • You were just unlucky. When the update came out red also started a test server everyone can join.

    So i have tried server and p2p.
    Works well.

    As for area protection and permissions I'll leave that to the ones with more experience to try it within the next few days and weeks

    Unlucky? Yes. People being busy, also yes. My trusty partner in crime was MIA so that ruined things also.

    I'm happy it works well, as it should. I wanted to get the feel of it, to stress test, and to see if I can get someone to help me make stairs to the seabed from the mountain. Not really a priority, I guess. If I had NPCs (like Minecraft's Redstone Turtles) I would have instructed them to build for me. I'm still a bit peeved hoping we shall get NPCs, sorry to Red51 for the constant broken record nudging. This situation again highlighted a void that I respectfully hope Red51 is able to fill in, even on a basic level.

    The nitty gritty stuff I tend to leave for other people, unless I can grasp it.

  • Alright, I guess I'll just put this here in case Red51 finds this interesting. I won't make a thread. Just haste posting.

    Once again, sorry for the spam but I need somewhere to put this. Guns gain a special effect on HUD.

  • Yeah, with how 2020 effected things it really shook things up in a unique way. I think I'll be favouring singleplayer experiences while desiring simple co-op experiences if the Single player experiences still suffer. Life itself dictated that multiplayer shouldn't be a thing anymore for me so I guess I'll make use of 'steam friends' function whenever possible instead of dedicated servers, etc. I can't host servers anymore with the inactivity and how I can't trust certain people anymore. Times and priorities change...... People are more hidey, etc. Work, life.

    I'll be desiring the NPC buddy feature more and more as each update releases hoping that the NPCs shall eventually help me out in my adventure. Apologies in advance, again. It's a necessity. Basic or advanced AI, whatever Red51 can muster out of his coding. Crafting, singleplayer oriented features,... I'll be favouring singleplayer features hoping I won't feel as loneely there. Certain life situations changed my priorities so I'm hoping Rising World shall eventually have a strong singleplayer experience as it would with SMP (Survival Multiplayer; co-op) when it comes to Rising World.

    I'll be far more picky about what multiplayer servers I go to (most likely expecting a vice-versa response also) hoping NPCS can fill in any voids, crafting, building, vehicles, trains. and etc. Every time I try to settle down on a multiplayer server things go "poof", or stupid crap happens. Sometimes I even spread myself too thin over many worlds and games. I hope singleplayer shall be prioritized to make it "homely". Having been indirectly shunned from multiplayer I can't wait to see what singleplayer Rising World has to offer. NPCS, other features, etc. The only thing wrong with Rising World is making the Rising World feel "alive" and "whole". Having NPCs to accompany you would help, as with having 'MIllionaire' mod, or something along those lines. Whatever the roadmap has for Unity, I'll take it.

    If this still sounds the same of what I said previously, maybe it is. Like my Minecraft SMP pubic experiences I often times hid in private servers. Every time I venture into public or rely on other people I always get punished. I just want to enjoy Rising World for its own thing. I hope Rising World can be both what Red51 desires as well as my own.

    Maybe I should go on a hiatus until the next update releases and maybe the Steam Deck. I should follow in another regular's footsteps. I really do hope and wish for a very good immersive singleplayer experience which doesn't force you into SMP as Minecraft had done. Now more than ever, especially with 2020 happenings, 2021 public frustrations.... It's harder to co-op and etc than ever. Friends are hiding more often, people are frustrated, and different priorities. I'm thankful for the update, just... Relying on people tends to cause bridges to burn spontaneously, especially 2020 onwards. Constantly blaming and shaming. I just want to enjoy Rising World wishing other game developers out there knew how to make games with certain features, etc. I wish content creators wouldn't play with politics forcing people into another regional area of the world to play games/watch media on a more free and casual manner as media should have been prior to playing with political fire. Gaslighting and voiding mine and other people's feedback simply makes me crankier. I just wish for things to be more natural..........

    Constant frustration with everything wishing games were "pure" again, as in the past. Maybe wearing rosy nostalgic glasses, games from the past are favoured for a reason. I'm just constantly frustrated and livid with many things wishing for things to be "more natural".

  • Something I've been waiting for a long time is trains. I hope we can eventually get this whenever it's ready :) No rush, I'm just noting this so I don't lose this

    Saw this tweet on my timeline so I wanted to make note of it before it vanished on me. Automated minecarts would be nice hooking it up to a player, NPC, or even motorized cable system. Could use a nearby river to power it, and eventually into diesel and electric.

    I hope we can have a medieval version of this with wooden planks, beams, rope, and turning gear systems.


    - Expeditions/Commissions:

    Another thing to note NPC wise would be 'expeditions', though not necessary or a high priority. Just noting it.

    The jist of 'expeditions' (or commissions) is sending your NPCs out on an errand (on a timer) to find various materials and resources. I desired this for Rising World for Java version ,it was never done. I was constantly ghosted preventing it from happening. If we do obtain NPCs it be nice to see them actually do work for you, even if behind the scenes in an illusion-type manner. Give them a waypoint to depart and set off from while possibly even giving them tools, vehicles, mounts, etc for various rewards.

    My examples come from Genshin Impact (above), Azur Lane, KanColle, and even Star Wars The Old Republic MMO, among others.

    When Rising World and Red51 allows it would be a neat system to have. Seeing as how I'm constantly making more enemies and being viewed in a more negative light because people can't understand me, viewing me as arrogant (etc), it be nice to have NPCs fill in various voids to where people/players spawn voids. It would even flesh out singleplayer.

    I've been desiring NPCs in games for the longest time with Starbound, Skyrim, Star Wars Galaxies, Dragon's Dogma and those sorts being my void fillers. Minecraft & Rising World both beg for NPCs. I know I keep saying it, I'm sorry to Red51 and his crew...... There is a clear void. I'll be as patient as possible while noting things when they're fresh..

    Back to lurking.:silenced:

  • - Custom Avatars & Custom NPCS:…ayer-with-valheimvrm-mod/

    Something I've been going on ever since 2015 is seeing Rising World with NPCs, even having deep customization of NPCs. Been going on about this waiting for at least one game to fill in this necessary void. Not to pester Red51, it's just a necessity created by both the genre and Minecraft's lacking elements. Being able to import your own models for your own character, something other games have been picking up on ever since VRChat and Tower Unite have enabled is something Rising World severely needs. Maybe importing custom characters has occurred even earlier, popularized heavily by VRChat, though importing your own models is something even Skyrim benefitted from, more specifically the NPC side of things. Ever since 2015 (and even earlier) I've strongly desired a proper game (survival game) to allow us to have humanoid companions join us to fill in those loose voids other games had done. You know, 'Black & White' with the pets, Skyrim with the mods, Dragon's Dogma with the Pawns, Starbound with recruitable NPCs, among others.

    Once again, I apologize to Red51 for constantly being obnoxious about this, just that Rising World is lagging behind when compared to VRChat, Tower Unite, and other games having certain features Rising World should have with or without me on her suggesting things. Granted, he's rebuilding his game for Unity. That's fair. Hopefully with time everything shall find its way into the game.

    Valheim is another game allowing players to swap their own player model for custom characters using the 'VRM mod'.

    This severely needs to be done for our own models, as well as NPCs we desire to be in the game. Rising World should tackle and add things Minecraft and Mojang/Microsoft failed to do themselves. Rising World is a beast of its own.

    I was made aware of this via the VRChat community having added their own VRChat models into Valheim, something we need done for Rising World, when the time is right. I'll solely keep this requested, and highly desired feature, for the NPC side. If people don't want it, or to limit imported models they can always use filters to disable it.

    Zentreya is one of the folks having added their own model into Valheim using the 'VRM mod'.

    I've been tempted in trying out this game to see how Rising World could learn from this, IF it even wants to. Maybe I'm just too tunnel-visioned with Rising World. I've even suggested this to Red51 numerous times in many different ways. I know, main game first THEN we shall get these sort of features. It's "ready when it's ready".......


    Between 2015 and 2020 I've been testing various games to see their strong and weak points. I've suggested numerous features from Wurm, Starbound, Dragon's Dogma, My Island, among others. Even Mount & Blade for how horses should have pre-set speeds placed onto them for some 'AFK' type auto-walk. I was disappointed not finding horses (or even character) having auto-walk when noting 'Kingdom' game and 'Mount & Blade' having such a feature for their mounts. No offense from me, I'm just trying to help Rising World become the best game out there while doing things other games are afraid of doing, or venturing towards. Not wanting to be arrogant, it's just how one comes off as when trying to see the most potential out of something which great potential. I just wish for at least one game do fill in the necessary voids with both Rising World and Valheim competing in that spot. Conan Exile cheated with NPCs and everything else.

    As for all my other suggestions? Those are joke features. If it relates to Nier Automata, or anything of that sort it's a joke. If it's trains, boats, or NPCs then they're genuinely serious.

  • - "Amusement Elements & Softer Animations":

    Not sure how to title this, except for the above. I don't expect Rising World to have these elements, it however would be nice so I'll mention it here while I can. It be nice if we could obtain "softer" animations for this game when it comes to the female side of the game. More charm, lady-like, "softer", "elegant", and whatever else. Red51 is already there with running, and certain other elements. The game however needs more.

    I play a lot of anime games so I see feminine charm turned up a lot to make the game more appealing, and charming. Even more so when the real world works against us these games are used as escapism to keep that little bit of positivity left in the world.

    I'm basically asking for "softer" animations and more "for fun" elements, the anime way. The following images are from a game called 'Kurtzpel' celebrating Christmas 2021. I hate this game, I hate how it exploited its playerbase, yet love the "soft" anime way of things.





    If anything is deemed unworth of steam then simply dump it onto, similar to my other request of zombies, magic, dragons, etc.

    A game should return to having its fun elements, as with the paper mask we had, the soccerball and net, among other cool features. Red51 has the mindset to allow this to happen so it is open invitation, everything however depends on him. Just view any Japanese game (Nier Automata, etc) then you should get a good idea.

    I'm always open to clarify. Just ask and I'll provide clarity, sources, etc.

  • There's a discussion on the Steam forums about music. I want to share a few Genshin Impact related musical elements for that discussion.


    - Player Instruments and Automated Instruments (Rehash):…ons/0/6202034231176972838

    Being able to play any instrument, other than Piano. Being able to apply a music map on guitars, trumpets, flutes, etc. A desired requests was for it to be automated like in Cyberpunk game, while my requests would cover both requests under variety of instruments, manual and autoplay using music sheets. The standard request as previously requested years ago. To play music automatically one could compose a musical sheet (editing it with notes) to then have the instrument (or NPC with instrument) play the desired music.

    The following images are from Genshin Impact's latest event dealing with an Oni character hosting a drumming festival, and another dealing with the Zyther instrument.

    Character is 'Kuki Shinobu' from a recent gacha wishing pull. I got lucky.

  • For the "fun of it" It be amusing to see more exagerated character animations. Not now, but whenever. Even via modding.

    For example.

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