ArcticuKitsu's Wishlist/Suggestion

A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)
  • Just thought I'd leave this here to link up with my signature. Feel free to ignore, or reply; I'll remove them if & when they may or may not be added. I don't want to clutter threads anymore.


    My suggestions to the game:

    • NPC Comrades: Just some recruitable roaming wanderers you could allow to settle or turn into NPC Traders or even buddies to follow you as you explore. Must do combat with bonus tending to their hunger & thirst. (Needed for Single, and a quiet multiplayer world)
    • NPC EXP & Leveling: Custom NPCs (not dummies) should support gaining EXP & level systems for plugin/modding, as well as to unlock various vanilla & modded abilities. Think Pokemon, or my Japanese 'KanColle' hype of leveling. Some progression should be there.
    • NPC VIllages: Populated villages, towns, and etc that pop up every 10,000 or so "meters". (Rough distance estimate)
    • Boat + Storage: Boats with passenger spots & with numerous storage abilities. Minecraft failed here.
    • Vehicles built "outdoors": Vehicles should be built outside of the crafting tables from a shell. People would build garages, drydocks & hangers to tend to these. They shouldn't be "picked-up", only by other vehicles & specific construction tools (unless bike or similar).
    • Donuts: Because I requested it as a jest. ('Animal Crossing: New Leaf' coffee drinking vibes)
    • Tea: Same as donuts ('Animal Crossing New Leaf' vibe to it).
    • Beverages Holding: Being able to be held in your hand as you would see people holding it to work. Being able to take little sips from them
    • Turkeys: For next Canadian Thanksgiving for they were missed. (even for 2017)
    • Flags & Banners: To allow for custom & actual default flags & banners to be upped. Real-world flags & ones for us to proudly display.
    • Board Games & Computer mini-games: More side-fun to be had; Look at Computercraft for Minecraft for it's a legit idea. Play card games, chess, or arcade games.
    • Hostile Oceans/Waters: Humanoids in vessels should lurk the oceans for you to hunt & be hunted by.
    • Passive entities Oceans/water: Humanoids swimming & sailing in vessels casually in the water. Even fishing, among other things.
    • "Picture" books: Books with the ability to put your pictures in them. May be silly, and get abused, yet should also be treated as "Blueprints" or even pull from .pdfs.
    • "Pet" Taming: Having chickens fed to foxes to tame them; Lemmings to Arctic Foxes & etc over time. They (foxes & others) should be able to be tamed, commanded, & follow instructions.
    • Stepping Stones: The garden variety to allow for hastfully built pathways, and such. All sorts of variety.
    • Further Door Variety: Dutch doors, glass doors, farm fence gate doors, among others. All sorts of added variety to doors. Even doors with windows in them, among others.
    • Music Box/Radio object: Streaming music into the world by default & music from hard-drive; Bonus: Having others hear them in multiplayer worlds. (The Sims, GTA 3+, ETS2, & Second Life). Being able to stream youtube into multiplayer, otherwise everything loses its meaning.
    • Airships/Helicopters: Something slow, yet something to take advantage of the vast open sky. Again, must have storage chest capacity. Check out "Twin Otter" for slow reliable prop planes. Nothing higher or faster. Saw mention to airships which I enjoy. Blimps basically.
    • Customizable Statues: Should be able to be personally customizable, even ability to display own or other player's customization at that point. Humans, animals, & etc.
    • Moose Riding [Horse style]: This should be possible after horses & camels for this is a 'fresh' world for us to tame. Taming Moose to use their antlers also as weapons in jousting.
    • Biome-Specific Entities: Both Neutral & Hostiles that come and go on timers & triggers to encounter & attack/defend from. Both passive & hostile types (taken from Pixelmon mod spawning).
    • Regional Weather: Various chunks explored by the player should gain region specific weather. It would load in as entity to move around as a real front to either pester the player or to just be there as something pretty. Ice, snow, rain, fog, thunderstorms, etc should move around being active in some chunks, yet not so much in others, divided, or unified. Should see storms off in the distance. View the game called 'Astroneer' for an example.
    • Kitchen Egg Timer: For cooking at the BBQ, cooking in general, and to use with the big ore furnace to register & notify players when something is complete.
    • Tinted coloured windows: Of various shapes, sizes, and styles. Current ones, yet also different types also. Even ones being larger in scale. Missing the opportunity to craft more.
    • Coconut/Banana/Pineapple Trees: Just because I saw them in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that i'd desire having them for both scenic & food source. More the merrier.
    • Storm Barrels/Liquid barrels: Various types of barrels to contain water and any other sort of liquid. Any apple, orange, oil, and even rain water. Even to leave barrels out in open rainy areas to collect rain.
    • Clocktower/Church bells: Being able to toll bells would be a nice immersive addition. [Link] Both automated & manual oriented types.
    • Trees (Colour/seasonal): We need more colourful trees to decorate and be found. More orange, purple, red, and other sorts of trees. Even Sakura & crab apple trees.
    • Hedges (Garden): We need hedges, flower rows, among other sorts. Both natural & wild hedges, and etc. Everything that's desired would be asked to be in its own massive update for how vast this request is.
    • Rounded Planks & beams + Metallic: We need more variety to encourage circular building. We need triangular, circular, and sorts that would be easily applied to builds. Even metallic forms to them.
    • Portable Storage: Minecarts & boats would do these first, yet something more on a personal level would also be interesting to place in backpacks, and such. Even adding in forklifts to move stuff on pallets on chests into wagons, carts, ships, and such. (Look at 'Wurm Online/Unlimited for inspiration & examples).
    • Water Dispenser: Medieval Era would have those wooden barrel wine kegs to work with, while Modern era would have those cup related ones. The hand-crank ones for miners & the sipping office-park type ones.
    • Bed Notifications: Being told who is sleeping on bed in some notification + being able to simply skip a night when an 'x' amount of people are in a bed (2/8, for example).
    • Garden Shears: For gaining saplings from trees without losing a tree farm in the progress. Would simply gain branches to plant (as it's a known way) to grow trees. Savannah trees fail to yield proper saplings counts.
    • Coconut/Pineapple/Banana/orange Tree: Because we have apples, limes, and cherries we need something more 'tropical'.
    • Wheat: Wheat to grow & to make bread.
    • Wide Map: The current maps are great, yet wishing for a 'widescreen' version of the maps.
    • External Map Viewing: To be able to view your maps externally in an image format, as well as some 'Google maps' style on a website hosting.
    • Hay/thatch/straw Materials: Anything that's seen on rural ancient huts should be found in the game as blocks & plank type materials to make roofings, and etc. Even hay bails, and etc. Hay & it's variations should be found in quantity in variety & building styles.
    • Pumpkins & Melons Seeds: Both pumpkins & Watermelons should produce their own seeds when you slice them up to be able to plant 2:1, not 1:1 as it is now. There should be a slight gain to them with how food spoilage shall effect them.
    • More may come as updates come & go.....

    [Extended 1] - [Extended 2] - [Extended 3] - [Extended 4]


    Sorry, and thanks! Just how I view "improving" Rising World from my perspective. I'll occasionally update this thread. I do not want to stress Red51 & his team, just feel these would be "appropriate" for this game.

  • Hoping books shall be nice and detailed in a similar manner as journal. I guess the only way to do that in Rising World would be to store and share .pdfs. That be interesting. Glad you like that idea.

    Fingercuffs: Was last Monday on Oct 12 when we gained the chickens. Red couldn't add turkeys so we got chicken the size of turkeys.


    Forgot to add biome specific mob spawning that I've seen in Pixelmon spawning. I'm hoping Red51 seriously considers adding in biome specific mob spawning (arctic wolves would do) into then adding bandits & etc that would otherwise stay in other chunks. Basically things that spawn that still breaths life into the game of things still living in the world. I believe I mentioned adding crafting tools that would warn you about these spawnings ahead of time so that's also something to consider for other sorts of entities.

    Basically check out how legendary Pokemon spawn in Pixelmon then add in a way to add that into Rising World for mobs, mini-bosses, & etc at random.

  • From my previous numerous session I wanted to add onto this list by adding the following..........

    • Stepping Stones: Because this looks like shit -…filedetails/?id=723475756 - that I wouldn't mind something fancier, yet I'd settle happily with gravel.
    • Glass Doors, Apartment doors & Dutch Doors: Basically something for being see-through for a 'porch' type thing, or something along the lines of a balcony. Sliding apartment glass doors, & even 'dutch' doors for one section being openable, and another not, for farming or decorational use. As a bonus, sliding 'doors' similar to closet types. [Glass door 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Dutch Door 1 & 2; Apartment Glass door 1, 2, & 3 'Folding Door'; Sliding Doors 1, 2, & 3] - (Note: Glass doors being priority suggestion)
    • Signs & Directional posts: To be able to edit them after being placed without removing. To even poke at specific facing sign without ruining anything else.…filedetails/?id=723478042 - The '???" would easily be changed after with another fort's name on it.
    • Sinks to hold water: For now, sinks should get their own little treatment of how to handle water by you placing water in it in its own little size.
    • Water Placement [0.7.2 related request]: Water blocks should connect with water around them in a leveled manner. That, and they should detect solid blocks below them by flowing downward in their column, reaching out to that solid block, yet not expanding outward. When swimming, water should still somehow be placeable, or a workaround being from a boat, raft, or similar.
    • Player 'Auto-run': Having these in Skyrim, Phantasy Star Online 2, Euro Truck Sim 2, & American Truck Sim would be awesome to have such a feature in this game. After having been annoyed by the amount of time it took to travel 1000x1000 on my pathway I would have enjoyed it if I had auto-run to ease the pain of holding both Shift & W. Pressing C & C again should allow for control, controlled running, as well as a third to disable such. With the horse & camel this should play different with a 'throttle' type gauge to keep horses & camels going at a steady pace, refusing to run when you push them above an 'extreme' mark.

    Alright, those are my suggestions after playing for a few sessions again. I'm finding new things I haven't encountered before, yet thought these important enough to mention. Damn, I'm exhausted from my session.

  • @ArcticuKitsu About your idea with sinks holding water, have you tried a bucket yet? Very handy these are we can move water source blocks and pretty much drain a pond. However this brings to mind the game Ark: Survival Evolved with the water pipes. Since water is not an infinite source in Rising World (Perhaps A Bug?) It would be nice to lay some pipes to a pump so we can fill our canteens indoors. Currently the Canteen doesn't use a water source block like a bucket does, instead it just fills up.

    "Sinks hold water, dump a bucket in the kitchen sink"

  • That's among the first [bucket & canteen] thing I tried when checking out this & every other update, yet having a sink to hold water would be a wise idea. Not expecting it to be fully functional, just having the ability to hold a gimmicky alternate size of a fresh water 'voxel'. And yup! Both drinking & canteen filling simply makes use of the block while not draining it. Handy.

    Also agreed with pipes, yet they're confirmed for much later down the line that we'll have to wait many months for them. Something simple now, complex stuff later. The sink seems simple enough, just with a resized water block.

  • Pipes would be great.I started building some,for decorating purposes.
    I built the river trench and bridges between 2 towns 5 months before water was I am sure others did the same.
    Cant help it.Love the game and have a high amount of hope for the future.

  • Sorry for always sounding on edge, yet there's always something managing to get under my skin. Always one person doing something stupid, or just something not working as it should. Sorry if I'm offending people, but it's also because of people I'm constantly frustrated. I don't want to raise a big fuss because I don't want to stress out Vortac also, yet people don't speak up. People need to speak up. Speak the hell up. I'm now trapped in a stupid hill-side plot on Vortac's server because people can't speak up, which was nice when I got there, then someone had to cut my road off with their dirt path that I want to beat them silly. Sorry Vortac for venting here, but damn. Always something silly & stupid setting me off.

    I jumped back into my Niska Village to carry back the Maple Tree road & wooden fencing because of such that I now have some things to suggest:


    - NPC Comrades - Pathing & Errands: Just something to spin off from NPC Traders is the ability for either us to give them pathways to travel, or to give them things to seek out. Maybe even both because we're just busy. You would tell the NPCs where to harvest food from, where to get/gather water, what trees to harvest from (a general area), and to also a general section where to mine. All simple stuff that you'd simply be placing 'flags' for the NPC to use when idling so they can chose to walk around a set pathway as if a real entity. I'm thinking along the lines where you can hire them to be your bodyguards, yet when not so that they'd be on randomly triggering timers to follow the pathways to go on "errands", or actually do errands, to appear busy-bodied. Something to fill the atmosphere up.

    Basically again think 'RimWorld', Sims 1, or even as basic as 'Timber & Stone' game where they idle until you give them paths and tasks to do. Basically everything sticking to simple player inputs, and maybe some hidden timer scripts of when they consider to eat, when they'll drink, and when they'll "randomly" walk around to appear full of life.

    - Silver Ore Uses: I guess Red51 knows what he's doing here, yet it be sweet if we could make use of silver ore because it's gradually stocking up in my chest at home. Basically various silver ware, such as tea vases, tea pots, spoons, mirrors, trophies (Maybe even referencing WW2 in various ways), making mirrors with glass, and even with piping. I guess silverware related objects could be introduced when we can display items freely within the world in the fashion of when you press 'q'. Would be a sweet way to display items which would otherwise be hidden. All those ingots, food, and other sorts of items needing to be displayed. Even Googling deeper has me seeing various Medieval armor uses, chain links, and even lanterns (one of which was shared above). Can't wait to see more awesome variety.

    [Linked by Foxfire: ]

    - Portable Storage: This has been mentioned in various other forms, yet it be neat to have a storage device you could pull around to store stuff as you mine. Minecart storage chests, horse bags, horse carts & boats would be what one would thing, yet something smaller & personal. I guess a wheelbarrow would be the way to go because you can pick it up & move it as you please.[ ]. Maybe for the fun of it, even a suitcase of various sorts, or something with wheels no bigger than a wheelbarrow.

    - Sakura, autumn Maple, or Crab Apple Trees: Basically something colorful to line the road with to allow people to visually decorate their roads. Maybe allow blooming cycles for trees to turn red or pink every 7th in game day, or something. To turn orange, red, or something "colorful'. Even as their own tree, or via seasons. Whatever works.

    There's probably more, yet probably forgot them. I however did desire a miner's helmet when going gold mining, yet that can wait because I know Red51 wants to make that.

  • I've updated my first posting, and shall continue to do so. I however wanted to add one specific thing 'fictional' that I'd love to see done in Rising World in a nice realistic tone. I didn't add this above because it's not "realistic", yet it's "special".

    - Dragons & Dragon Taming: Something for the sci-fi biome (something I hope is an island & island continent), yet passive. Red51 desired a fantasy biome, thus I keep revisiting it with the help of Minecraft also. For dragons it be nice for them to be mostly territorial, yet still passive.....Something you can can see, yet leave unharassed. This isn't Skyrim, yet they can still be added if done right. If there's an abandoned nest then you should be able to grab eggs to hatch them into baby dragons. You should be able to hatch dragons to raise them, and to then mount them, yet treat them as such a rare thing so people wouldn't really encounter them early on. It be one of those highly rare rewards that it should take you a few months of hard playing to actually get to with Medieval boats, and such.

    (Even if you spent a whole week running nomad you shouldn't be able to find these dragons that they should be earned.)

  • Well, the opinions on that are divided. I'd welcome both the island fantasy version, as well as a 'Twilight Forest' Minecraft version of the whole thing where you'd have to find a dungeon to get to the alternate world, and such. Whatever Red51 finds more pleasing, and etc.

    Also forgot to edit in garden shears for main posting for pruning trees of saplings so we won't far wiping out small tree farms.... Namely for the Savannah trees. Everything else works well.

  • Well, it's interesting to note stuff during each weekly session of Rising World. This time it's about re-desiring wider maps, externally viewing them, as well as adding NPCs having EXP & leveling support on the custom NPC side of things. Things I'd expect via the Character plugin API, and such for the likes of having a chance to have a Pokemon & KanColle mod.

    [Modding\Vanilla] RPG NPC Elements

    I noted the RPG NPC element above. I'm sure I"ll be adding more to be desired the more I play Rising World with something new coming to mind.

  • - Fantasy Character Creation Additions:

    I'm not really expecting this to be in the main game, yet if it is then that be twice as awesome. If they can be found in the character creation system then that be awesome, yet if they're 'items' in the main game itself then that be sweet. Whatever works, works. I"m not looking for this to be a 'fetish' game, more for the creative side of things. I'm also not going to add this into the main posting above for how much of a side thing it is, yet it's part of the reason why I picked up Rising World for the whole modding, customization, and etc. That, and Rising World is an awesome game on its own. I'm also noting it here to keep it all in one thread.

    This posting is for the API side of things, as well as the vanilla side of things. A hybrid posting for whatever shall be supported in the end.


    - Fox Spirits:

    Just a simple desire to see fox ears & fox tails in all colour variations being added into the game so I can customize the NPCs to my desire. Not the main character, but the NPCs for when they shall eventually become interactive with their environment.... If they ever do. This is based on the Japanese 'Inari' fox spirits being messengers of the gods that they're viewed quite highly.

    - Kemono Friends - Red & Silver Fox:
    (Make sure to be using 'uBlock Origin' to hide all ads on Chrome/Firefox.)

    - Kitsune Shrine Priestess:
    (Second exaple + use 'uBlock Origin' on Chrome/Firefox to hide ads.)

    - Fox Ears Accessories:…d9d8bfb23a250e6148ef2.jpg


    - Elves & Dark Elves:

    Red51 showed a desire to add a fantasy biome into Rising World that I would love to see some form of that. With Elves being popular I'd love to see some Elf type in Rising World, yet not Skyrim style. Basically the Elves I've seen roaming about in Anime (GATE), as well as 'Dungeons & Dragons' roleplaying game that seems to be all the rage this decade. It'll just be the ears to be added so it shouldn't be much of an issue. Spawning NPCs in a unique setting + adding those ears to them.

    - Dungeons & Dragons - Elf:…hes8vuHi1sazby5o1_540.jpg

    - Dark Elf (Gate Anime):


    - Basic Magic:

    I doubt this will be a thing, yet there should be support via API, or similar, to allow for magic to be supporting. Just simple fire, water, ice, and wind type magic. Maybe even spawning light..... Just simple stuff. This would be most useful to actual NPCs that interact with their environment as companions to the player, to the hirables (mercenaries), among others. Whatever works is what I'll take for NPC fiddling.

    Treat this in a similar fashion as you would with the smoke effect, or similar. Just there for plugin API type support, or whichever, so people can make use of it.


    This posting is simply for me to note that I want to dig into the NPC API side of things to allow me to spawn and customize NPCs into being so they can also interact. To eventually be the stepping stones into anime mods and modding, among others, yet being the basic of the basic. Just a simple posting to keep in one thread as I try to restrict myself from posting in other threads.

  • - Desert BIome:

    For when map generation is tackled the desert biome itself needs to be split into into many variations, with many takes on it. It's currently the weakest of all the biomes that it be neat if sand was more weighted, similar to gravel & sand in Minecraft. It needs to appear smoother.

    Utah Desert + Desert Flowers:…bloom-nature-photography/

    - Canadian Desert - Okanagan Desert:

    Even various types of cactus types, cactus pears,... cactus flowers, among other sorts. Even the Arizona related deserts.

    For the fun of it we could even have antique vehicles as mini-ruins:…urce=SEO_GIS_CDN_Redirect

    Mainly posting because of the Utah tweets I've seen that it shows the Rising World desert being something to be desired, even if in itself is neat. The little that it has, it's neat. The pyramids are indeed a great addition, yet waiting to see what else Red51 has planned for it as well.

  • - Trains & 'wishful desires':

    Trains are a big thing that they'll drastically change the gaming style of the game. With that, it has to be strongly stressed that

    1) Trains must be build outside of the crafting station & benches for how special they are. Their sizes, and etc. You should build the components up from a shell upwards by adding parts to them, Wurm Unlimited style, yet not too complex. Just enough that you feel the weight and importance of vehicles.

    2) The throttle system should AVOID holding either 'W' or 'S' keys for forward & reverse operations. it should instead go for incremental speed level going up by either stages or a set of 5 km/h increments. Just tap 'w' to power up once, and then once for each step upward from then on; Vice-versa for powering it down in steps using the 's' key.

    3) 'Train coasting' (Ties in with #2) - Trains should be able to coast without a driver at low speeds as you exit out of the cab. You should be able to 'coast' the train as you tend to railway construction, or visiting a settlement quickly to then hop back into the train. It's all about momentum. ;)

    4) Automated Trains: Being able to flag trains on certain routes for NPCs to take over. Bonus points if you set up weight times, and if they're gathering anything (cargo or passengers) nearby.

    That's all, for now.

  • I just lost my penlight for the first time ever today down a mountain near by Medieval settlement........

    I wonder if we can be given an option to lock whatever is in our hotbar to not 'q' it away (throw it away)... There's been people on steam also wondering if tools have durability, most likely unaware they've 'q'd' it away. Locking certain tools & items to the hotbar would be handy.

  • change the q key if you don't want to spawn a new item in every time you drop yours :P I usually just spawn a new pickaxe if I drop mine.

  • For me it's because I have to get used to a new keyboard that I have to be twice as cautious now. It slid down a grassy bumpy mountain that I lost it, yet I crafted three spares just in case. I have to wonder though if locking the inventory should tie in with having a utility belt in both Medieval era & modern era that even if you press 'Q' it would just stay there, unless you otherwise specify to drop it.


    - Blue Jays:

    I remember when I first joined the Rising World community back in 2015 that the first thing I requested was to take advantage of the free space up in the air. To add birds, dragons, , propeller planes, airships, among other things. I basically wanted to request things that Minecraft failed to tackle by taking advantage of the vacant space above. With how 'rare' the Blue Jays are to Ontario (Canada) I feel they should be added to any forested biome for how special they are. Maybe mainly populating the Canadian Taiga wooded areas to scavenge things from. They're genuinely majestic animal that when you do see them that they're truly special that it be sweet to have them in the game.

    Bonus: If we can grow peanuts to then feed them to Blue Jays that be awesome. Similar with Squirrels coming up to you so you can feed them, turn them into pets, and such.


    - Owls:

    Just a general suggestion tying in with Blue Jays because they're equally as majestic. Be nice to see them sitting up on trees that allow them to be perched up there. Maybe trees may have to be reworked a tad bit, yet if they can sit up in trees, hide within them in holes, and such then that be awesome to see. Even choosing to sit on fences, wires, and such... Anything that they can calculate to be a thin plank in a horizontal fashion. Snow owls scouting and swooping around the snow biome, as well as chasing curious rodents.


    The fun part is that there's bird models already passing through the modeling queue, or have done so, that we'll see them soon.... Just that I really would love to see a Blue Jay in a game, hear its bird call, as well as hopefully being able to tame one that they would follow you, yet do their own thing. If they're not directed into a cage they should fly about as their own entity going through chunks by loading & unloading them (only as pets).

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