Suggestions in the long run

  • Thanks RED for all your efforts.

    Spiral Staircase: with railing a little wider than our avatars would be nice to have so I don't get hung up or fall as I climb them of course that's in future.
    cylinder: There is no way to make large circles or cylinders for blocks perhaps that's in the works even if they snap to grid would be a very good feature.
    Steam: The steam suggestion currently is a little confusing without reading forums how to do to start your own multiplayer game with friends.Launching Single game than "OPEN LAN" in my mind that would only mean a Local Area Network. "Allow Connections" perhaps instead seems more clear. Also when a Steam user has hive=true perhaps the server on far end could do a Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR"); His IP would show up so he could tell his friend his IP.

    Roofing Material: I don't see any shingles for roofs, clay tiles, or asphalt shingles as blocks.
    (* Some individuals are doing this partly through manipulation of textures and planks, saving plans however be nice to have built in)

    Pitch Roofs: I don't see any double blocks like a lower slope roof
    Revised: I added this to my brick proposal 6:12 preferred to keep it simple for Red51.

    Molding: When you guys have time can you put a few crown molding block shapes into the game. Oriental roofs and Cone roofs are difficult as well as Roman trims.

    Re-sizing doors: I thought re-sizing doors was an option before to make doors bigger but seems fixed door size now. if so can you snap to grid instead of fix sized doors.
    Half Doors: Half Height Gates, or Half width / height doors for cupboards, Shutters
    Vertical door: portcullis, Garage Door
    Swinging Doors: swing down or up like garage door, gate or draw bridge. (YES! THIS DRAWBRIDGE WAS DONE in a patch in 2016)

    Blue Prints: Are a great innovation and feature of any building game.
    Able to Rotate & Mirror blue prints would be nice.
    In fact it's one of my biggest wants as far as building is concerned.
    I don't know how many times I have to build many structures more than twice because no rotation.
    Blue Prints aren't allowed on servers mainly because blueprints currently ignores player's protection for capturing structures and posting on top of others.
    Blue Prints can not be undone & terrain is not removed upon posting and terrain can not be saved in blueprint

    Custom 3D
    This will be nice to upload those 3D objects with Textures to servers like images. *(NEW) Looks like maybe variation of Dungeon Release 2016
    So for example: I want to replace the current 3d barrel with a 3d Oil Drum I could just find the 3d Oil Drum in my drive, then on your game have a drop down for item type, I choose [Storage], [barrel]. it goes onto the server acting exactly like storage barrel currently does but with the 3D Oil Drum object.
    Red confirmed
    Mar 12, 2019 : update 0.9.5 "There is also another important feature in this update: it's now possible to load custom items (e.g. tools or weapons) through the plugin API. This makes modding a lot easier. We will update the plugin API and also release a few example plugins in the next few days.

    Creative mode Erase Tools / Undo for Blueprints: I want to take large portions out by highlighting and delete for example I want to remove 40 x 40 area I can't do that without hitting each block.
    Unless there are command line methods maybe someone can tell me. Really hard with current pick to erase a floor even in creative mode it takes 1-2 seconds to break a block if you have an area that's 40x40 that a min of 1600 seconds (26 minutes) to clear out relatively small area. Believe me I did that a few times.

    Copy: I think if you have your cross-hairs on a beam, poster or block you should be able to hit a key on keyboard to copy the current rotation/size of that such as the use button.

    Create mode: IMO Blocks should be infinite without spawning new blocks, I should be able to keep placing same block without subtracting from inventory.
    Non-Creative mode: IMO Blocks with same ID should replace the current slot that I am using if i run out of blocks, explanation: so if I am using slot (4) use all ID:23 (rotated twice) it should look in my inventory replace if exists slot (4) with ID:23 (rotated twice) But instead I have to look in my inventory find the correct block type then rotate it twice again.

    *(completed) Better Animal AI: I wouldn't mind having a bears or tigers hitting on my doors or away attack some herbivores sometimes. * Assume will happen with monsters AI.
    Or have some random herbivores animals trying to eating my garden also if I attack one animal all the animals of that type should run.
    update 0.9.5 "NPC behavior as well as adding new hostile NPCs."
    *(completed) Range Weapons: Crossbows, Bows, Guns *Hinted at range weapons 2016 (First look at Bow/Guns) 6/27/2017 (*3/22/18 added bow/guns/chainsaw)

    Update Bows, armors, chainsaw

    Traps for Animals: Cages, Nets, Fences or slings.

    Love it as a Building game can't wait until it's a lot more!
    I do love how the blocks count as I as I stretch before placing them that was a super good for laying out designs it counts.
    I also like all the building items you included that can be re-sizable makes it nice for making doors, windows that fit.

    It be nice to have a larger simple map overview from birds eye that generates at same time of seed, then later if the player activates gps it updates the map for everyone.

    On Servers:
    Protection Settings: Perhaps could be a native or configuration feature when launched as server to have protected areas built into game by default, if that can improve stability or features of protected areas.For example: [preset sized plots according to rank, auto removal of banned player's plots, saving plots from server similar to blueprint + terrain, teleporting to plots via /home plotname or /home, allowing full blown editing only on your plot, allow blueprints on only your plot, interface to see permissions such as who can (modify, move through, teleport) ]
    Bug: Memory Leak after certain point slows down your character until you reload.

    API: will benefit everyone allowing the community to create things independently. Especially allowing creative people to accelerate the creation process.
    Especially the more features it has such as
    * = Considered Completed
    * 0. API for avatar (interactions / skins / location indicator / relative position / inventory / facing) *assume will be in game *avatar looks scheduled 2016
    * 1. API for loading in models any open source OBJ, XML, DXF, DWF or whatever is popular. *(NEW) Looks like maybe part of Dungeon Release 2016 (latest update MAR/2019 0.9.5 may have this)
    2. API for adding in foods we have a lot of foods added.
    3. API for interacting with (machines, cooking, avatar)
    4. API for adding in crafting recipes (requirements) *Looks like scheduled for End of 2016
    5. API for replacing Textures easily
    * 6. API for moving (avatars/objects/chests) transportation is done we will have a group using the model API on top of existing models like replacing trains with cars / ships /airplanes / or boats. It be nice to do something like saving blueprints just like we do for houses but for sail boats, trains, bus, ships, cars, tank or planes adding in a special driving chair in that blueprint that controls the transportation. So once you highlight it all of your creation you classify it as category of transportation, it creates a separate blueprint model for transportation you can now drive / float or fly. That would be so cool. I could make any ship/car/train within the limit of the server. Like Archimedes mod but actually work. Looks like mounts, boats done in general working, yet not in api maybe update 0.9.5 mentioned something about loading in models.

    I posted later the automation suggestions.

    Please excuse these attachments I did quickly in paint.

    New Bricks:
    I think a little more brick shapes would help a lot in building especially on servers where most don't allow editing tools or the super nice blueprint feature.
    First these are all one block entities
    A. Since we don't have an edit for columns having a inverse of the curve would be nice for many things. (columns that be twice size of existing 2x2 or even parts) Allowing large columns similar to Roman or Egypt
    B. Ramps / Inclines having a square profile on top but side profile of two brick types that will allow inclines of 1/2 pitch roofs / ramps / peeks / spikes

  • Oh! You thought this heavily through. I love this.

    - Spiral Staircases: It's something that would be sweet. People already doing such, yet be sweet as a 'default' for the others.
    - Cylinders: Sure.
    - Steam/Multiplayer: Hosting Minecraft is a damn chore that I'm hoping MP for RW is seemless & smooth. Any fixes towards this would go a long way if it's behind in any way.
    - Roofing Material: Oh! Please! Yes! I always struggled in Minecraft with this game being fitting for anything unique roofing. I"m still seeing people struggling with various sorts of roofing being necessary. It's up to us to shape the roof with the game needing to give us various sorts of designs. Roofs irritate me greatly in these sorts of games.
    - Pitched Roofs: Same reason as above as it adds into variety & beauty. More options the better with it being the most irritating part of a build. Having different angles & such be sweet, even if you can orient the stuff. Given more power would allow for more sweet builds to spawn.
    - Swinging Doors: I'm going to assume that Red51 is going to add such in the long-run so I'm not all too concerned. Just that I do hope it's done in variety to also keep vehicles & other entities in mind. Adding in small & large sorts and all that.
    - Rotating Blueprints: Didn't see this in the update logs so that is a must. Being able to rotate and move is a must & sure Red is focused on it.
    - Creative Mode Erase tool: N/A
    - Creative Mode Block: Agreed that every item & block should be unlimited.


    Agreed with what's mentioned, even if I replied poorly in response. Awesome ideas that have my vote.

  • Spiral Staircase/cylinder - I love this idea, combined with the cylinder idea it'd be kind of curious to see how it would work in game. Blocks already have slope and stair as options, cylinder's as well, and I'm completely with you on the need to be able to resize them to build something akin to everything from this website: http://medievalcastles.stormth…-of-a-medieval-castle.htm, especially the battlements, but never had a wide enough diameter (I felt) for the base. Being able to re-size block areas, given enough raw material, would be a very nice addition to the f1 options for placement. (id est, 1 cylinder block = 1 base radius. 4 cylinder blocks = x2 base radius, and on. The same concept for stairs.)
    Steam - Some options are in dire need of rewording, I agree. Your suggestions are a definite improvement. It took me a while to figure out the multiplayer, too.
    Roofing Material - great idea.
    Molding - another great idea.
    Re-sizing doors - You can snap things to grid, press "g" in-game. If you need more options of things that you can do, build a drawbridge and press f1. For some reason this is the only way the placement help menu comes up for me, but once I got the information i became a master builder.
    Animated Placeable Objects - Swinging doors are just going to be the start. Once the electric system gets built... expect the awesome. And yay Drawbridges! Thanks, Red!
    Blue Prints - I haven't used this option yet, so I'm kind of tempted to see if the number pad/arrow keys work for it, like normal placements? I don't know. I'll try it (4,5,6 and <v> typically change position of objects, if you didn't know. I'll still try and report back.)
    Creative Mode Erase Tools - yes. God, yes. "click and drag to create a line of the placed objects in your hand," now pick them apart one by one because you accidentally pressed the right mouse button. Ick.
    Create Mode - I have to disagree with you on this one, but I guess that's what mods are for. I personally like it at least partially realistic.

    Great suggestions. :)

  • Assumed things already so just mentioning in case not suggested:
    Animal Breeding - with a max limit on entities in area
    Animal Ropes or Stick or Food - to push animals into fenced or cages
    Weather - Rain / Thunder Storm / Fog / Snow / Seasons (*Started with some weather effects in 5/30/2018 along with biomes prior)
    Transportation - Of any method for inventory and Player (*Mounts added 5/30/18 assume much more to come)
    Skins - Easy change for custom Avatar + animals + weapons + blocks
    Model - 3D Female version of Avatar

    Some more Mechanized or Moving Items: Perhaps do nothing at first just decorative. Here are a few IMAGE suggestions, Later could be used for game progression.
    I have no idea what RED will decide on of course it could be few options at first or almost nothing for a long time but here is a few ideas in form of visual examples.
    (ancient Greek/modern) Steam Engine --> Generate power, Trains, Boats, Factories.

    (modern) Elevator / (ancient) pulley, conveyor belts --> Used for moving platforms or moving material from below the earth or sideways

    (ancient/modern) Watermill, --> Used for general power(saw/cloth) / water pumps (Archimedes screw) /making food(grind wheat).

    (ancient/modern) Windmill. --> Used for general power/water pumps/making food.

    Horse (*Added 5/30/18 along with other mounts) --> So many options with --> A new Animal in wild, breeding, food, Transportation of goods, Crop Tilling, Mill, Elevator
    Thanks for the latest Grinder Red!

    NPC - workers or serfs (* Added 3/22/18 However Just placeholders as of yet) --> Has even more potential then horses since same animation as player / with different skins. People would love them since you could customize skins like your main avatar. If pathing can be figured out lots more otherwise even if static locations. You can have them use machines, operate trains, pull carts, harvest then replant crops, sell items, defend your base, dig, move or lift things.

  • Example: for rendering Developer API for rendering custom world Templates
    (*This somewhat indirectly has been done with fixing the blueprint allowing us to drop down entire towns. Allowing erasing of Terrain that was formally preventing this.)
    However to do as a world generator is still not done.

    Then as the world generates creates Structures as specified. In that example each cluster has 2% chance to use church blueprint on 5 blocks below surface.

  • Example 3D Crafting + Machines added API Scheme

    <rising world><3D> folder
    apple_pie.obj <-- whatever 3d format needed
    apple_pie.texture <-- whatever texture map needed

    <rising world><crafting> folder

    --------Example: crafting.xml---------

    ....My Thought out crafting examples files

    <Recipe='Apple Pie' 3d='apple_pie.obj' texture='apple_pie.texture' time='300' ingredients='4~apple,1~sugar,1~dough' station='stove' icon='applepie.ico' />
    <Recipe='knefla' 3d='knefla.obj' texture='knefla.texture' time='15' ingredients='1~chicken,2~dough,1~potato,1~water' station='stove' icon='knefla01.ico' />
    <Recipe='flour' 3d='flour.obj' texture='flour.texture' time='5' ingredients='1~wheat' station='grinder' icon='flour1.ico'/>
    <Recipe='dough' 3d='dough.obj' texture='dough.texture' station='table' time='10' ingredients='2~flour,1~water' icon='dough01.ico' />
    <recipe='charcoal' name='charcoal' ingredients='2~wood' station='firepit,oven' powertype='thermal' powerunits='20' type='ore' texture='charcoal' icon='charcoal.ico' />

    <Recipe='Grinder' 3d='grinder.obj' texture='grinder.texture' station='workbench' ingredients='300~stone,1~stick' icon='grinder01.ico'/>
    <Recipe='Electric Stove' 3d='electric_stove.3d' texture='grinder.texture' station='workbench' ingredients='10~iron,10~copper,10~plastic' icon='estove.ico' />
    <Recipe='Wood Burning Stove' 3d='stove.3d' texture='stove.3d' station='workbench' ingredients='50~iron' icon='woodstove.ico' />

    --- Partially thought out possible station api

    <station='grinder' name='Grinder' sound='grinder.mp2' animation='grinder.3d.animation' static='grinder.3d' power='kinetic' units='1' reduce_time_per_tick='2'>
    <station='stove' name='Wood Burning Stove' sound='stove.mp2' animation=''stove.3d.animation' static='stove.3d' power='thermal' units='1' reduce_time_per_tick='1' >
    <station='stove' name='Electric Stove' sound='electric_stove.mp2' animation=''electric_stove.3d.animation' static='electric_stove.3d' power='electric' units='10' reduce_time_per_tick='3'>

    Review my screenshots of importing 3D objects for details.

  • AI: example spawn mechanics: spawn on voxel land or water, only if it has unobstructed view of sunlight directly above voxel (so pick random coordinate then from highest point in sky drop the (invisible virtual animal entity as it falls straight down by gravity) if the animal entity were to hit any non voxel point it can't spawn there,time delay few seconds then tries to drop again with the same check<-- avoids any spawns inside of a glass house or inside houses.
    Next after it determines if touched (water, land) checks with animal list for the correct biome what can be placed there (water-> fish/bird) (land -> deer, fox, bear) extra.

    Common Wildlife Suggestions (I am bias - N. American)
    +Jungle: Like Desert but green with palms / ferns / Bananas / Coconut
    Beach: Crabs
    Ocean: Clam <- like plants (* 2016 Plants added under water)
    River: Salmon
    Snow / Plains: Wolf Pack / Deer
    Plains: Cougar aka Mountain Lion <-- use same model as tiger just change texture

    Ground/Tree (raven, robin, pigeons, sparrow, eagle, falcon, sea gulls)

    Birds (water/land) (ducks,geese,swans)

    Rarely flying birds or grounded birds similar to mechanics to existing chicken or rabbit (turkey, pheasant,ostrich)

  • River: Salmon
    Snow / Plains: Wolf Pack / Deer
    Plains: Cougar aka Mountain Lion <-- use same model as tiger just change texture

    As you yourself anticipated with your North American perspective, this might raise a problem: very little salmon over most of Europe, rather trout (possibly a generic oblong fish would be enough); as well as no cougars or lions (of mountains or not) at all. Topical literature notwithstanding, interaction between humans and wolves has been in most cases quite reduced: in the past because of the rarely overlapping environments, more recently because of the semi-extinction of wolves.

    Possibly some kind of configurability of which animal can appear where is needed?

  • My roughed out suggestion for 3D Custom importing of OBJ

    My explanation is simple Almost all of the people on this suggestion forum are people who are looking to have custom content most of which variations of it will end up being in the game (transportation, trains, food, weapons,elevators, armor)

    Simplest 3D Custom importing

    If a 3D customized importing was built it will immediately eliminate majority all the suggestions people are posting about.
    For example even if some weirdo who wants a statue of: Elivis Presley, Frodo Baggins, Papa Smurf, a bee hive whatever it is.

    That person would open the interface select a few options import his 3D Papa Smurf.OBJ statue as type decoration mimic statue, he could resize it into a tiny toy now is in his game.
    You have another guy who wants some random 3d stepping stone load in OBJ resize it to scale size type decoration mimic statue, he pastes it on outside of his house.
    You have another guy who wants a stove and it to mimic the smelter. He imports resizes his stove to scale. Sets the cost of his stove, Then does all correct drop downs it now becomes usable like a smelter.

    Majority of these people once you have custom 3D objects will have very little suggestions that can't be addressed with importing and mimicking.

    Allow them all to trade or produce these objects on server side suddenly you have a currency put into the game.

    You could give someone a custom 3D dresser object which only you can produce, they give you a 3D disco ball they created and 30 copper ore.

    You put some basic single player objects in let people import even mimic other 3D objects with a good interface, you will have almost no limit to builder's creativity and modification will exceed mine-craft.

    Adjustable Game difficulty and ease of adding new content.
    Another advantage to this system is you as programmers will be able to edit functionality of objects too.
    Such as if you wanted to edit apples trees now give 10 apples instead of 5 apples you could.
    Or if you want to change the cost of the Shelter or Fire. Extra.
    Those that wanted difficult servers could make even a wood chest cost (50 wood & 5 iron) instead of just wood.

    Advanced 3D importing features:

    You have another guy who wants to ride Elephants you select elephants type transportation mimic horse which has a sitting location indicator --> adjust sitting location indicator on putting it on back of elephant.

    You also could do similar things with monster's and animals... Having [Advance Button] appear for NPC. Such as if I wanted a dinosaur in the game I could
    pick type Animal with mimic giraffe, pick AI (giraffe), having a toggle button for skeleton outline of giraffe, I could grab the joints adjust them on my 3D dinosaur OBJ then it uses joint animation from the giraffe for (running, walking, attacking) and AI behavior of (giraffe) yet at same time the dinosaur 3D object / texture .

    That being said the most simplest version of impliementing this which is in my attachments below would provide unlimited non-animated objects in the game which also would provide a lot of creativity even if it wasn't animated/usable objects.

  • Door suggestion: re-sizable doors &/OR posters .... Even if you only do one of the two would help. Either allow posters to replace existing doors textures or allow doors to resize like posters.

    Similar to way glass/frames works but being able to swing it after placing.
    So those who wanted holes in doors or cabinets like me could load PNG with alpha channel of wholes they could resize it similar to glass then have it swing.
    Even if it was from the poster interface with code of doors far as swinging.

    Just having a serious of checkboxes inside the Poster interface or give the door a new interface.

    <^><make solid>
    <^> radio box <swings | slides> radio box <-up,-left,-right,-down>

    Separate Topic:
    --> Of course I already mentioned posters should be saved in blueprints ..even if *** Code *** Like email embedding of inline PGP keys ** so JPG/PNG would save in blueprints for use on any single player or serve side worlds.
    Otherwise the poster will have to appear as an object with a default door graphic when using blueprints with poster doors which maybe not a big deal since it still would be far more than Minecraft has.
    * I had these suggestions before but never bothered detailed it like now.

  • nice idea white the implementing system and you could do the same with furnitures and make them usable and so on

    Yeah that's idea so if you wanted you could make a cabinet or fold down bed or seat that flips up a table that flips down, A toilet seat open/close, wash machine lid. Basically an entire furniture set customized with just the custom poster having a motion simple as a door.

  • yeah because there'll be more demands on different things like chairs and cars.
    in that case Red and them just need to implement the bases and things they them self want in the game and some small things for the players who wants to play vanila.

    it could be good with a way to implement modpacks for servers and some kind of temp file for the client so that you can use the mods the server offers while on the server and only the servers mods and when you go back to singleplayer you can use your own stuff

    we just need to call @red51 over here and see what he thinks

  • without the servers mods aka .obj files in temp format

    Well in my proposal I mentioned .obj... As a generic reference of 3d objects.. Since I know to be fast on a server you want to have the 3D objects be in binary form already. ...
    As in reference to your server pack if your referencing 3D objects yeah you could download 3D objects either as you approach them or as a full package list. But if your referencing my 2D suggestion of having swinging posters those wouldn't need any modifications or special treatment other than normal images do. It be nice to have blueprints save those images though. So your construction could be brought to another server or traded easily.

  • Before all those 3D model implementations, I would be glad just to see the block system changed:

    - Be able to build a Block on top of a Half block, or combine two half blocks and still be able to put a full block on top of that;

    - Be able to build round structures (well, round towers, etc.)

    - Be able to combine two ramp blocks together (it's still a pain to build roofs)

    - Be able to place a half block verticaly.

    This simple 4 things could save a lot of disapointing builted strucutres.

    Those roofing materials are great ideias too :thumbup:

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