[Poll]Tree Growth Time

  • Do you approve of the tree growth time being lengthened? 22

    1. Yes (10) 45%
    2. No (9) 41%
    3. Neutral (I don't care) (3) 14%

    Alright, just a simple poll to gauge if people approve or disapprove that it takes a few hours for trees to grow. I spent roughly 2-3 hours (today), ontop of the other 2-3 hours from previous with the trees just not growing. They managed to go to stage two, yet taking absolutely ages that my demand for logs is high, yet there's just too few trees. I'm not wanting to ask Red51 to change it, not unless we gauge if what Red51 did was right, and if I was right to request for longer growth times. I had to resort to cutting palm trees to gain 2 saplings per tree until I went to my main one to get only 1 sapling. Tree frustrations to be had.

    - Food:
    I made a large farm to compensate, yet managed to spam lettuce so badly because of how many saplings I got. Same with Brocolli. Tomato & raspberries seem to be good. Water Melons bugs me a little because I can't seem to get two seeds from them to grow another. I have 6 that I harvest 3 then sickle three to keep the cycle of 6 going. Thinking of sacrificing a few rounds to grow them out to 10, or 20, at the least. Have to experiment more. I managed to abuse lettuce so badly that I managed to cause 2 seconds of reoccurring lag-spikes every 5-10 seconds of time passing in that default small 'G' grid placement.

    My farm does well that I can basically 'feed' or supply my future coming forts with food I don't need. I'd just shuttle them to there that when I run out I can simply eat from there.

    - Trees:
    Tree growth frustrates me because I'm simply pulling from my Minecraft desire of needing chests, sticks, torches, flooring, doors, and all that lovely wood-related material Everything I've done in Minecraft is being mirrored here, and much more, that the supply & demand is high. I had to resort to going further to cut trees when it takes something like 4 hours per sapling to grow, or something along those lines.....My whole session tonight was roughly 2-3 hours, yet no tree growth. I'm now wanting to reconsider my suggestion that for trees to grow slightly faster to allow, yet want to run it through the community first if you like or disapprove of this decision. Tell me how long it took trees to clock, as well as Red51 with the official data :S

  • YES.

    Right now there's way too much available. Once you had your first seed its easily and quickly able to be replicated and expand mostly because there's no special restrictive requirements and the biggest factor being that its too quick.
    So growing and scavenging for food isn't much of a "survival" challenge at all.
    In fact there's no challenge in it whatsoever. just a little task on the "survival" list.

    A lengthened growth time is at least a step in the right direction to make it more of a challenge to farm your own sustainable food source. Planning ahead of what can be planted and harvested the fastest while others are a good investment over time. just like real life food doesn't grow in a matter of minutes, it would make sense to keep going into a more realistic balance.

    There's no water needed for farming, no fertilizers, no insects eating crops away, no animals stealing crops, no seasons.... at least lets have "time" as a challenge. We gotta have a more challenging survival game. Its one of the reasons why most players get bored with the game, because everything is easy obtainable once you get started with it.
    I'm still not happy with the increase of ores spawning rate either.

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