Mob's and NPC's

  • Was rushed in my posting again that I wanted to add onto my previous post one saying that I of course approve of the advancement from primitive tools to pickaxe, and mining drills, to mining vehicles. That's a given. Any progressive progress like that is much welcomed & waiting for such.

    But yeah, players need to be kept on edge just so they have a reason & purpose in the world. Again, for the stupid crap I've seen of people saying "This game is boring because there's nothing to do", yet they play in creative, and only creative. Their loss being our gain though, and hopefully this push for more assertive mobs should hopefully help in immersion. Not 'Forest' type where they hunt you, stalk you, and blow crap up, yet the one where they simply roam about, even attracted to certain items, objects, and such. One being Wolves to farm animals, or birds to food out in the open. That, or bandits becoming aware of your wealth that they would seek out your base that you might want to recruit some NPCs, or just have players on guard.

    Some fun builds would happen in these various ways :)

  • Miwarre and fox, who insist that this game should remain relaxed.

    Well, call it "relaxed" if this seems appropriate to you, but -- as far as I see it -- it is not a matter of relaxation, rather a matter of making/having sense, of things which do not look openly random and added just 'for fun' or 'because other games do them'.

    Threats add to the involvement and escaping/reducing/managing them makes for added goals and motivations. They are fine, if they make sense and, at least to my perspective, random monsters do not. Threats which add depth to the planning, which affect mid-to-long term decisions and so on.

    Then, yes, I am not a fan of games which rely on reflexes and aim, possibly because I am not great in either! Then, as many have already said, everyone is entitled of his own preferences and tastes. If a measure of configurability and modding will be possible (without splitting too much the community, as @moonsand7 rightly pointed out), perhaps more than one single perspective can be accommodated.

  • We have already seen Red will give us options to turn things off and on based on preference Mini-boss on for some mini-boss off for others, I would call it (Advanced Mob) The Chief of a tribe would be better then the others as would the captain of a ship. A Dire bear could roam around with the other bears. Large angry mammoth found in the snow. I would just make the common mobs bigger and better for mini-boss styles and then throw in other bosses as time progressed like say a dragon in a high mountain or something.

  • I am ridiculously curious to see how the monsters will look like. Just cannot wait. !!! The animal models look really good so,its well expected that monsters will look pretty awesome,too.!
    Hopefully we will get different sizes as well. 8 blocks tall,6,2,maybe a witch(YES,YES, a witch),a skeleton would be super cool,maybe some angry dwarf.
    Of course,I do agree with other people's suggestions.With most of them.

  • If monsters really have to be (I am not a supporter of them, as it is well known), at least I expect them to be monstrous!

    OR: I remember an old movie by the Monty Python when the "final boss" monster was a.... rabbit! A regular, cute, hairy rabbit. If fantasy shall be, might it be fantastic...

  • Bandits, pirates, and raiders shall be in. As well as the main 'NPC Traders', and wandering Merchants.


    My new concern is the following:

    - Spear/polearm selection. I hope we gain a nice range of them to use so I can attach some to human NPCs treated as followers, as well as being able to display them when not in use. That we'll gain medieval & modern decorational types.. [Reason here: Scathach]
    - Fox ears & tail accessories: Think Halloween, yet also for belated Halloween festive fun & mainly for an NPC I want to spawn being my follower (in my avatar) [Similarities here]
    - NPCs being able to sit in chairs & furniture, as well as sleep when appropriate. They should sit down after prolonged periods of standing, even sleeping at night.

    Yeah......I want to dive heavily into NPCs & customizations that this is a big issue/thing for me. I'm hoping to spawn both Scathach & my own character in this game, preferably in vanilla as to not cause any issues that I'm even hoping eye colours & clothing can be customized easily. I'm wishing to see a familiar character see more time having fun in a game setting than in a stuffy android game card form, or in 'studio' programs.

  • To add onto my last posting (something I forgot to make note of when in a rush) is the behavior of enemy hostiles. Will they be generated in like animals that once they're killed they're gone for good, or will there be a respawn to them? I do hope there'll be a cool down to them that when you clear out one area that they'll pop in other areas, something like what I'd assume merchants would by roaming in and out of areas. I guess for coding simplicity they would have to be attracted to dungeons & 'places of interest'.

    While pondering this in all seriousness of spawning & respawning wondering if I'll even be able to have fun partnered up with my NPC foxy follower & the lovely Scathach (both as NPC followers) taking out these threats. I guess I'm thinking Dragon's Dogma where hostiles would be genuinely something to feared that you'll have to 'out-tech' or 'outskill' the hostiles. If I can get my foxy & Scathach it should be a fun party on the battlefield :love:

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