Rising World: Are we Going somewhere?

We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • ArcticuKitsu wrote:

    Sorry for hijacking the thread again, just that I've been playing Minecraft FTB Inventions with it constantly hitting on specific features which fails to see proper implementations in these damn games. It's fun when it gets all technical & progressive, yet also wanting to note an equal "down side" when also anticipating Rising World's rail system.

    When first popping into the new MC world I wanted to create a boat to follow the river, yet couldn't with how shitty boats are pre-combat update. Wanting to make use of rowboats in modded Minecraft, yet version is too far back that I have shitty boats instead in both vanilla & modded sense. I could easily add in just vanilla Minecraft with the version with the rowboats, yet with how MC hosting has become is like a painful chore that I simply rely on my site host's server to play FTB Inventions. Easiest that way. When I host myself it's just constant errors, new learning curve, tantrums, hiccups that I have no patience for it. I then get robbed of making a proper railway that no 'Traincraft' is added that it has me constantly wishing for something on the Rising World side. I'm itching badly....horribly....something like a mosquito bite type irritating itch for either/both standard steam locomotives and/or the a mineshaft related train, even if I have to use the former in a long-distance manner. Good features never seem to line up with one another that it's highly frustrating.

    I'm simply looking forward to when Red51 is able to add in a horse and a small casual steam locomotive and/or a simplistic mineshaft train for those transportation (cargo) needs. Basically a mining train on the former thanks to FTB Minecraft hitting that sweet spot, and the lack of updates with Traincraft causing an unnecessary void in the mix. Oh, how I can't wait to start a train network in this game to shuttle goods around, even locking carts to their specific materials with some bonus attributes of sorts to them versus carrying them on your person. Hopefully making traveling long distances easier & swifter....

    Highly disappointed with the trains in railcraft with how brutal they are in resource drains that running a train for a decent distance drains 64 coal for a rough 1000x1000 distance. I preferred Traincraft's lower end resource drain which you could keep the train in service whenever needed without it being all smug & stingy for being a "high end" tech mod. Horses are far more useful, quicker, and such that railcraft is useless to me. Thanks to my bubble being popped in a rude awakening I'm now brainstorming/anticipating if Rising World's tracks shall adapt to terrain, point in every which way, curve naturally, and just behave as they would in the real world. If you would have to point their direction, or of they would simply adapt to placement. Even having to roll the rails, burn coke oil, and the like...I'm curious how detailed railway making shall go in both crafting & placement wise, as with functionality. Maybe horses shall win again after all until the whole train thing can be polished with time............
    Try Archimedes Ships mod for Minecraft. With it you can build a flying base, a base that floats on water and even ride it around. Want to build a custom boat that mod has everything you need. We are waiting for a rail system when Minecraft clearly already has one. In my opinion that would probably be the most boring update ever, "implement the cars not a minecart on rails." Want to ride a horse? Minecraft has that too. I'm not trying to say that Minecraft is better though in many ways it already is. You speak of Traincraft and I've never heard of it, Railcraft I have and it's a really cool mod. You're not supposed to use coal or charcoal to run the carts but coal coke instead which is rather easy to make. If I had to pick between Minecraft & Rising World on which is better I would say Minecraft. If Red's game was implemented into Minecraft or vice versa it would make for a very interesting gameplay. Personally Rising World is a building blocks game and there really isn't much to it. I play the game because I can be creative and come up with cool idea's. After playing the game for a while instead of shelving it I'm going to continue the Subscriber Specials. After so much is done I'll copy the save and put it up for download.
  • Was worried about the whole version mismatches that it'll be awhile before everything aligns itself to where it should be, that's why I'm waiting for everything. Mods lag behind vanilla that it tends to be 1 to 5 updates behind, and such. We're also painfully waiting for each Rising World update to catch up with itself that it tends to be a bit frustrating. Can't really pick & choose mods when on a friend's hosted server that I'm being a bit vocal about my impatience for Rising World fun while trying to anticipate the next few updates. Maybe something in my frustration & impatience could be used as something informative, who knows. That, and hosting/setting up servers is a pain in the rear when it comes to modded stuff. Paying for such, getting it to run, among other things, more so when you struggle to get it to run on single player. Way too many conflicts & client tantrums, even on simple Forge setups. Seems like there's a bit of a misunderstanding also, but I guess it's the way I wrote my post again.

    I could try Archimedes ships, it's neat, yet not what where I'm at right now. Nice suggestion though. I guess I could consider it for when Minecraft decides to stop tantruming in general.

    Yeah, there's a railway system in vanilla Minecraft, just not as powerful as Traincraft is. Nothing can compare to how awesome Traincraft is with the steam locomotive, the diesel train, as well as electric trains. How you set up your train cars to store solid & liquid cargo, among other sweet features. Even spoiled by the high speed train allowing me to zip from one end of the map to next in seconds (figuratively). I had this all built legit. I was even going to have a railway go from my modded city to 30,000 meters away, yet never finished it. Traincraft would be the type of mod I'd see in Rising World, especially with how detailed everything would be to shape rails, create service trains, & etc. Stepping your way up from small mining trains to bigger ones. This is making me wonder what elements Rising World shall pick & choose for its game in that sense of realism, the recipes, as well as a function.

    Now you know of Traincraft, and it mixes interesting well with railcraft, yet it's a pain when Traincraft isn't around. And I'm just using whatever I can with the trains & what I'm supposed to. If I can run a train more efficiently with more common resources then I'll do such, otherwise trains would be useless that you'll simply be using the horse over anything trains by carrying everything in your inventory to shuttle back to your base of operations. Even trying to think to very late game that once oil runs out that you'll stick to electric trains, or even convert your diesel trains into ethanol, hybrids, or such. Truck wise, Sweden is turning trucks into trains on highways to make them burn cleaner, something for RW to consider for its vehicles.

    Yeah, currently Minecraft wins because it had longer time to develop with Rising World still being in the infant stage. Needing RW to mature like wine until it's perfectly playable & enjoyable. Having things line up with one another is a pain when you have the likes of flying Pokemon, vanilla boats in a combat update, traincraft stalled, among others that it pains me I have to wait for the likes of Rising World to mature to mess about with it all (minus flying Pokemon) in vanilla Rising World. That, or waiting on modded Minecraft to catch up with itself & others, which in itself could honestly take the same amount of waiting time.


    [Edit]: Well, looks like I can finally have traincraft thanks to how FTB allows you to mix-and-match mods, yet wow.... The struggle to get stuff working though.
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  • From this post, it should be this week or next when the API integration should be done. The announcement of the api and dungons was two months ago but the first version of the API was finalized a few weeks ago so integration began around that time. I also read that some other bug fixes are being rolled in too. I don't remember where i saw that however. I know Animal AI was re-worked for the dungeon monsters so I'm kinda wondering if that's also going to be rolled out in addition to just the API.

    Red51 (September 4th) wrote:

    Yeah the last weeks the API was (and still is) quite time consuming. Even though many people probably won't even work with the new API, I guess the result is still worth the delay, since any potentially upcoming mod/plugin may be interesting for nearly everybody ;)

    However, a new update will be ready in 1-2 weeks. It's not the dungeon update yet, but it won't take long until they're finally ready. I would say they'll be ready this month, but please don't rely on that estimation too much...
  • The game is definitely going places. Aside from the big releases, such as the biomes update and the water update, I've really enjoyed many of the smaller updates. The introduction of simple things like saloon doors, canteens and buckets, coal usefulness, and simple furniture pieces can really help me think of creative new ways to build. Those kind of things always flesh out the game in greater detail however small. I really don't pay attention to the negative reviews, even though they're relatively few in number. Sure, the updates usually come between a month to two months waiting time, but I find myself enjoying new updates between that time anyway.

    I've never really worried much about the survival aspect, even though it definitely could be better. The challenge of finding food, water, and an ideal place to build are really easy. The wildlife are even easier to deal with since most of them are harmless, and even the bears and tigers can be dispatched easily with a morning-star. I understand players' disappointment for this aspect of the game, since it has been a long time we've gotten new weapons and challenges. I wouldn't mind some new weapons (and even Armour :whistling: ) to bring about a greater balance between pvp and peaceful servers. I love playing on the peaceful servers, but I've been itching to introduce exclusion zones into the server where players can stage battles between other players or where the server can fight an npc army of sorts. Yet, the dungeons update is impending, and with the API update released, I anticipate a lot of people will be introducing ways to expand the game in this direction even further.

    The amount of new players joining the game is also staggering. I've experienced a burgeoning player base to cater since the API update, so I am confident the game will continue to grow even more popular as the devs introduce more content. The game may experience other occasional drops in popularity, but common experience tells me that this is the game's greatest input. Whenever things get bad, the devs put in 200% effort, and for it, they get 200% great feedback every time. Hard to beat that. :D