Simple Toon Textures

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I am currently in the process of making simple toon textures. This is just the first revision and my first texture pack for any game. I plan on revising some of the textures. However, I have no means to making it cel shaded nor do I know of a way, so don't ask unless you know how. Anyways I'll update with screenshots and pics. My ultimate plan is not to just simplify textures (via eye dropper and fill bucket) but to also cartoonify textures (via pencil, brush, maybe filters, and other methods). I got this idea from a certain abandoned mod for a certain RPG game.... Anyways, here are some pictures:

    Garden of Erana (Made by Cyion, my friend who gave permission as long as I show a before and after) #1 and #2

    Farm plot #3 (might revise this for example since I'm OCD...hmmm now there's a good theme for a texture pack)

    Environment and Cow #4

    The stars were made by n4 at Open Game Art.

    Copyright/Attribution Notice:
    Public Domain = ultimate freedom. You don't have to but it would be nice if you include my nick in your credits or whatever.

    Once I go through it once and complete every texture, I'll see what textures I can improve. I may change one during the process though.

    Texture Roadmap:

    • World (Almost Complete)
    • Plants (Almost Complete)
    • Vegetations (Complete imo)
    • Sky (Complete imo)
    • Items (Nearly Done)
    • Objects (Mostly Done)
    • Npc
    • Constructions: (Worked on a few, had to mess around with mip maps, found that super sampling gives better results than the others)

      • Woodblocks
      • Woodplanks
      • Loam
      • Tiles
      • Stonetiles
      • Marbletiles
      • Plaster
      • Stone
      • Stonebricks
      • Concrete
      • Concreteplates
      • Reinforced Concrete
      • Asphalt
      • Cobblestone
      • Marble
      • Everything metal
    • Water and Glass (will be last since I want these to look as good as I can, and I want to finish as much as I can before I do this)

    Install Instructions (for now anyways):
    1. Download zip
    2. Copy and overwrite Textures folder within into RisingWorld\data\assets\textures.jar

    Download V2 Link: HERE (a few more updates to come)
    Download V3 Link:
    Download Final Link:

    When I'm all done creating these textures, I will make another pack. Either Dungeon Keeper 2-ish textures (dark and grim), Hell-ish textures (Red grass and blood water?) or sci-fi textures (Half Life theme? Star Trek theme? Star Wars theme?). If any of these sound appealing, just ask either here or conversations. Be aware that one of these 3 will be my 2nd texture pack so even though I will try harder and it will take longer, it won't be hyper-realistic.

  • The night sky was made by n4 at Open game art. I just increased the contrast to make them seem brighter. Even though his license says I don't really have to add him to credits, I'll do that now anyways. But tbh, the night sky seems too much for me, so I might either keep the default in the end or make my own.

  • I have to say this is very interesting! Generelly I don't like cartoon looks, but it is interesting to see this new look, good work! :thumbup: We now need a good toon shader!

    Ah yes, a toon shader would be nice. I don't like all the "polygonal" shading with the default shader. I wish it was smoother. Or we could just have a cel-shader

    :!: As for how progress is going, I'm not sure how to get texture packs to work without making a backup of the default textures.jar and copying the textures into the primary textures.jar. But so far, that's all I can do. I will upload the textures soon to a file sharing site such as dropbox when I get to a good enough point, and probably a road map of what textures I'm going to replace next. :!:

  • Modified texture jars would work for now. Most of us use Steam and can simply "uninstall" the modified jar by validating our game copy. However, this is not ideal and I really doubt if Red51 would approve of jar hacking (that kinda falls into the realm of how most Minecraft mods work and he really wants this game to be mod friendly by expanding the capabilities of the official API). Ideally there should be API methods to override any internal textures (be it block or ground texture or wood beam/plank, object materials, or NPC material (incase anyone wants rainbow colored cows for example).

    I've seen a few others attempt to modify the game textures by modifying jars but now that we have a powerful API, a formal request for this feature should be made here to add some API features for the same or just a generic texture pack support which would not require a 3rd party plugin:

    Feature Requests

  • This looks really cool and interesting. Are you still working on this? I ask because there's a couple texture artists from the Sphax BDcraft community that I asked about using some of their textures in Rising World. Still waiting on a response from them but if your still working on this I would love to try it out in my LP world. Show it off, send some shouts your way anything to help boost yay ol' confidence :saint: . One of the things I admire most about everyone is their creativity and their imagination you good sir or mam; my hats off to you :):thumbup: . Keep on creating! <3

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