what screen resolution is best for game

  • If you plan to make YouTube videos it might be best to use a 1280 x 720 window, since that's what YouTube is optimized for.

    I use a 27-inch iMac with a 2560 x 1440 native resolution screen. I find that full screen, although it plays well enough, is kinda overwhelming. Immersion over-kill. :D

    Using 1280 x 720 all the time allows me to have multiple RW games running at the same time (like single-player and multi-player). It also allows me to keep a browser window, Discord window, etc. on-screen at the same time I'm playing the game.

    Having multiple computers or monitors is another way to go for this, but it's nice to just have the one screen to look at. Easier on the neck. :S

    Bottom line -- whatever suits your preference is fine with Rising World.

  • Harv, I am a brand new YouTuber with an iMac too. I run the game through Steam and find that the Steam Overlay simply does not work for me so I have to disable it. Then I use Quicktime to record, and I have to play in windowed mode so that I can use F11 to switch and get to the Quicktime controls. It's all very clumsy. I still record in almost full screen, and when I save it down for YT I have tried "medium" and that seemed to work, and file isn't too big. I tend to get engrossed and record for too long. But I've just started using a timer to keep me at 30 mins, and with one that long I can save in "high" and file is 5gb or less. So that may be the sweet spot for me.

    I can't imagine running discord, and two games at once. Good Lord, my fan is running from the moment I turn on RW. What is your experience like with all that? Laggy at all? Crashing? See above for my system specs, though I think we've got almost identical Macs.

    Do you also have an issue with the Steam overlay? :?:

  • MommaT -

    It's surprising that we're having such different experiences when our systems are so similar. The only significant difference I see is our video boards.

    I typically, like right now, have 2 RW clients running, along with a local RW server, Discord, Steam, Eclipse (my plugin development environment), Chromium browser with WAY too many tabs open, GIMP (my Photoshop replacement), Preview, CyberDuck, 2 Terminal sessions (to monitor both my local and remote servers), Contacts, and System Preferences. And I almost always have a YouTube stream going. All performing smoothly. I also leave it all running 24/7, and very seldom reboot. Go figure.

    As for recording for YouTube videos, I tried all kinds of software (okay, I focused on the free ones), but I finally settled on Movavi Screen Capture Studio 3. I actually spent a few bucks on that one, but it does the job for me. Although I have significant experience with Final Cut Pro, I am now editing all my YouTube videos with iMovie, which is more than sufficient for that task.

    I chat with Steam friends in the Friends window while I play. Does that mean I'm using the Steam overlay? Guess I'm not real clear on what that actually does.

    And having said all that, I have rain in my basement and you don't. :/ Gotta love technology... when it works.

  • I know I'm new here, and but I'm also host a new youtube channel. I record with OBS Studios. It's free and there is a lot of great tutorials out there on how to use it. OBS is complete open source, and is used for both streaming and recording. It's free, and works with all operating systems, including Mac. On YouTube, look for "EposVox", most of his channel is dedicated towards teaching all about OBS. When watching EposVox, skip to the 1 minute mark to past his advertisements. It either can be very advanced or very simple, depending on how much you want to learn. When you first open up OBS, you might think that it doesn't look right. There is no fancy buttons. Just a fully functional recording/streaming software. You're able to stream and record at the same time. If you have ever watched a live stream and you see people typing in text on their screen, or "YouTube User has Subscribed" come up with a graphic or a short video clip, that is all possible with OBS, and most streamers use OBS. That's how they get their webcam on screen to showing tip jars. Sorry to carry on, but it's the best free software that I've found in a very long time.

    I do record with OBS, but then I edit everything with Shotcut. Both are free, open source, and cross platform. Unfortunately there is very little video tutorials on Shotcut. Shotcut has their own youtube channel, but the videos are severely outdated to the current release, but the major functions are all still the same.

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