EASY fixes? COLORS/wood grain/beam/woodlog sizes/tile texture positioning

  • I would like to request what I hope is a very easy thing to add in the interim before we get a completely revamped construction element system.

    More "real world" colors.
    New additional "plaster" colors. Adding additional plaster colors should be very easy. Just use the current texture for plaster (the ones that are now colored the garish, bright primary colors) and add a series of pale pastels, and also darker more muted/less saturated colors. Here are my suggested colors:

    Light wall colors:
    Pale blue: #97d7fc
    Pale pink: #fcc3fb
    Pale green: #b9f8cf
    Pale yellow: #f3faa7
    Pale orange/peach: #fbd4a5
    Light tan/ecru: #baae90

    Darker more muted colors (for trim or accent):
    Dark blue: #596bae
    Dark pink: #9c6497
    Dark green: #568667
    Dark gold: #b59e30
    Light brown/warm gray: #8f7455
    Burgundy: #6f2b4e
    Purple: #644e85

    These would go a long way in helping us make more beautiful builds. Even just the top four added colors would make a huge difference. Maybe someday, Paint? (I saw one game that has a "paintgun" allowing players to apply paint to blocks in any number of colors.)

    Woodgrain goes the wrong direction
    I've noticed on several woodgrain textures wherein the woodgrain aligns on the short axis (across the length of the board) instead of along the length longways. One that comes to mind is ID70 but many many of them do this. It's very counter intuitive. It may make no difference when you are building a flat surface with blocks, but pile them to make a length/column or make a plank or beam then the woodgrain going across looks very odd indeed. These textures should be rotated 90°.

    Woodlogs are great! Smaller sizes?
    I am so loving the woodlogs as an added shape. I have found many uses for them already—but the smallest size is still too big. I would love it if we had two more sizes smaller. Also, for bigger sizes please consider adding perhaps and additional woodlog with 32 or even 64 triangles so that enlarging it is smoother? I understand the limitations—though perhaps these may be used less frequently so not so much a problem? (convex resizable arcs too! :* )

    Ornamental tiles too big and behave strangely
    So glad we have a few... Though the scale is too big, and they behave strangely. Patterned tiles have lots of possibilities. Ideally someday there might be a GUI interface that would allow us to easily apply our own textures to construction elements in-game. But in the meantime, we have these. In my view, the patterns themselves need to be about 1/4 to 1/5 the size they now are. What look to be 4" (10 centimeter) square kitchen tiles are blown up to fit four on a block. My guess is that, in the real world, a block is 20" (50cm) square. (A standard door is 80" (203cm) tall or 4 blocks in game, thus a 20" block.) So just reducing the size would help. Obviously knowing what size the real tile texture was in the real world would be the guide for resizing them in the game.

    But they also behave unpredictably when placed. Maybe it's because I have been using these textures as tiles (planks) rather than blocks. (Blocks are huge and don't fit in the build where I would want tiles!) When I try to place tiles no matter the size of the plank (full sized or smaller) the preview of the pattern is never what I get when I place it. It shifts. Then the patterns do not align to each other. I thought that there must be a coordinate or something the pattern is trying to align to, but I can't figure it out. Enlighten me?

    Please add 2 window frame colors
    White and black. These are the most common colors for window frames and are missing. They don't even need a texture just the color!

    And one more request...

    Triangle preview
    Please add a triangle shaped preview for that shape—currently it's a rectangle

    I don't want much. :S I realize these aren't related to gameplay, which a lot of people are wanting right now. But as a building game, these would help, and may be easy enough to implement.

    Thank you for a great game! and for being so responsive to your users!! :thumbsup:

    Oh... one more thought. Is it possible to add a block or square element with a rounded edge/corner? Then we could make cushions or softer adobe blocks etc.

  • FWIW, I second everything! Great summary of important points which would make a significant improvement in building, most of them possibly relatively simple to implement.

    The suggested additional colours are definitely important; possibly the "final" solution could be a colour selector (RGB, HSL or whatever).

  • i triple-support the idea of a color wheel for making solid color blocks. Would be nice if we could enter in and favorite hex values the same way we favorite blockbench patterns. I know that painting is planned but now sure how it will be implemented. Maybe that will come after the block/construction object overhaul.

    Also, you can spawn window frames in other textures besides the wooden ones. Its basically the same trick we use for making the woodbeam (and woodplank, woodtriangle, and now woodlog) using any blockbench pattern id.

    Item woodbeam [quantity] [id]
    Item window1 [quantity] [id]

    The windows are numbered 1 to 4

  • Also, you can spawn window frames in other textures besides the wooden ones. Its basically the same trick we use for making the woodbeam (and woodplank, woodtriangle, and now woodlog) using any blockbench pattern id.

    Item woodbeam [quantity] [id]
    Item window1 [quantity] [id]

    The windows are numbered 1 to 4

    The last version of the Planks And Beams plug-in now also supports textured windows... :D:D

  • I think this would be awesome. Right now it's extremely difficult to make a modern house look good since I am limited with the options available for things like carpets and wallpaper. It would great to be able to have custom color carpet or wallpaper. This idea could also be great for other things that require a variety of colors such as pixel art.

    maybe a bit like in sims 3 where you can use textures and apply a color or use a default one and apply it to the object

    Funny you should mention Sims 3, I just started using that for my rough draft houses that I plan on making in Rising World.

    Although I don't think the ability to re-apply a texture to an already placed block or plank would be a good idea, at least in survival.

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