Prospecting , and fishing. Also farming. ect.

  • Water is hard the folks at Everquest Next just discussed that at length in a youtube talk on their site. Markus (Notch) Persson squared the circle on that one but even at his low resolution voxels a lot of flowing water is a lag machine. If Red or any of us crack it we can expect it to be a serious innovation everyone will want to play with.

    PS Markus is now officially a billionaire, ka ching.

  • For sure water is a pain in the ass in any game. So honestly I would be fine with static bodies of water with maybe a small wave animation on the top. Can have ponds, lakes and oceans with that system. Still want to possibly see fish swimming around which we can catch with that fishing rod idea and spear fishing.

    Everquest Next, you meant this: The Workshop Show #31: Building Qeynos?

    But yeah if flowing water can be done in RW that doesn't lag like hell... yay!

    Yeah Notch has got some full pockets for sure. I guess he has no regrets for leaving Wurm Online haha

  • Looking forward to encounters with wild animals. Hoping that this doesn't go into fantasy creatures (goblins, ogres, Minotaur, Dune worms?) A eCommerce system would be great. Being able to trade with human tribes. Knowing not all are gonna be kind ;) Mining & crafting amulets, rings, armor, etc would be awesome. Fishing would be a great addition. The addition of lakes, streams, bogs, oceans, rain, winter, spring, summer, fall, just some ideas.

  • Maybe slightly off-topic, but the new city builder Cities:Skylines does decent flowing water with no problems. Just don't dam rivers in the wrong place :)

  • I used to play Landmark quite a bit and it is one of the best builders I have played. I just wish it was more supported now that most of the people working on the game got fired. I ended up quit playing it because the upkeep of trying to keep land became problematic if I so much as forgot a week and it remained pretty stagnant with not much to do after a point.

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