stepping sounds on farmblocks

  • Alright, I have another to note because tonight it really pissed me the hell off with how 'jump scare' sounding it was.

    You know how you have those lines of bricks to step on? Those produce sound when you step on it similar to a creek a floor makes. You hear this 'thunk' noise on it. It was worse when I stepped on ID 152 marble block stairs (the slimmer ones) that it made me curse (being fatigued and tired) that things like that sets you off easily. Sorry to always seem angry, cranky, and such yet when you just can't get proper sleep or working........

    I tried to figure out the name of what I'm talking about....the 'threshold'' in a door frame (the bottom of it), or something like that. Even sometimes happens when you don't have a door frame to it. I'm not sure if it's an old bug related to when mansewers were an issue, yet it is an issue now.

    Yeah,........I was able to put up with it before when wake...When you're half-asleep it scares the shit out of you, more so when it's those 152 marble stairs when you step on it lets off a loud bang.

    <insert big bang here>

  • I've been having issues with video softwares that I'm looking for something that works fine like Microsoft Movie Maker. If I can get one that plays fair with OBS's version of .avi, or something, then I'll up a video. I'll be able to probably have a video shared of that 'thunk' sometimes tomorrow or the day after.

    Maybe make a Minecraft styled house where you make a hollow square trim to then fill in the inner with another type of block to then switch from dirt/sand to stepping on the blocks and off it again. It sometimes takes awhile to trigger that 'thunk' so some patience might be required.

    The one with the stairs was the loudest yet that I actually jumped. Harv is my witness via chat, yet didn't hear it. Harv said he heard some 'thunks', yet he'll have to post here with his own observation when he feels the desire/need to.

  • Alright, I'll see about recording this soon now that I have the proper free time for it because it's happening more frequently now that I should be able to record something also. Building a little protection on a building walkway that whenever I step on ID 22 as an inner pathway I hear a 'CLUNK', or "THUNK' loud enough to be heard over my anime music. If I wasn't listening to music it would have been a true jump scare. Just walk on blocks in a floor manner and you'll hear it.

    Now then, how to share this hmm....... Need to figure out a quick way to record this & easier sharing.

  • I use audacity with my recording device set to my sound card's loop back device so it basically records whatever I hear. Activate the "microphone" monitor and you'll see a sound bar moving when you hear stuff. verify it's picking up game sounds. Then start a new recording and once you reproduce the sound, stop the recording and trim it down then export audio to a ogg file.

  • Youtube being a little strange that I believe it's still processing, or unsure how to process OBS related .mp4 files. Even so, here's the video

    22 Mark
    33 mark
    49 mark (faint)
    53 mark (loud)
    1:06 (very faint)
    1:10 (loud)
    1:49 (faint)
    1:53 (faint)
    2:10 (faint)
    2:13 (faint)
    2:19 (faint)
    2:29 (faint)
    2:56 (sound click)
    2:33(2:34) door/block click
    3:52 (loud)

    Noteworthy sounds:
    1:10 & 3:52

    The one at 1:10 being what could be considered a 'jump scare' type sound. 3;52 is in the similar manner to that.

  • Ok, this is perfect. Thank you very much! :)

    I have had this occasionally, I suspect this is related to the check whether a player is indoors or outdoors to create a different reverberation effect.
    This happened to me when roofs weren't quite finished and the game wasn't quite sure whether this is a building already or not. The only thing I found helpful is to make sure that buildings are seamless, i.e. no cracks in walls or roofs, glass on windows, etc..

    We'll see how we can solve this issue.

  • You're welcome. The one at 1:10 was also the loudest on top of the steps in my Canadian Tower on a lower floor. When I had fewer floors it really startled me. What was played at 1:10, but louder.

    So, it's random and a 'dynamic' type of sound? Something that happens at random for the atmosphere type thing? And nice. Yeah, somewhat difficult, yet I do try to make my buildings appear to be seamless. I hate seeing holes/cracks in walls.

    Good luck! I see youtube and other softwares really struggles with OBS exported files. They always downgrade losseless video into grainy ones. Such a pain.

  • The reverb of all sounds dynamically change depending on the space you're in. There's a short, barely noticeable reverb for indoors, a long, lush one for caves and echoes for loud sounds (pickaxe, axe, etc.) outdoors. The reverb that I hear is the indoors one, but quite a bit louder than it should be. I'll have to try to reproduce this and analyze the data I get from the engine.

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