Trams & Cargo Trams

  • Not sure what Red51 has planned for trains, or what he has modeled up, but I do have a suggestion about what 'could' be added as the first round of things. Basically handcarts at first, then trams on both the passenger & cargo side of things. I say trams would be a good way to introduce trains into Rising World because it gives us things to work with on both a player scale, NPC scale, and even cargo scale that we can start with small gauge rails, then eventually work our way upward. Also, trams would be a good use for inner & outter settlement use for city-to-city use.…Cargo_Tram_Volkswagen.jpg…esden/2002-dresden-mt.jpg

    Or the Zurich Cargo variation:…02850258_754f6d9b7d_b.jpg


    I find tram use neat because they're right in the middle line of stuff that they're both basic & heavy at the same time. I've even noticed companies using trams on already existing tram lines to haul goods to and from one headquarter to the next within the same city. Would even be useful for 5,000 distance that you'd be there in 2 min, not 30 minutes by foot. Plus, you'd be able to carry so much goods. Now, the tricky question would be how difficult the recipe would be to craft these trams because they're complex machines.

    I guess horses shall do until we can tech up into trams. Even being able to make wooden rails, something that was actually made. I love the vibe I would gain when having a cargo train at hand, something that would also help with the construction of railways until bigger trains are introduced.

  • One thing I would love to see is customization on trains. So many ppl have built epic trains and train-tracks, I would hate to see those remain static while the stock trains cruise around. It would be awesome if we could manually build the trains. Maybe we could craft the major components and then build the rest of the body by hand. I think Wurm has something like that for the boat building... but I guess thats your (arctic) area of knowledge. :)

    "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(

  • Yeah, when it comes to vehicle building I really want Red51 to allow us to build every component out in the world. The moment I see him add it into a crafting bench, and keeping it there (Note: Keeping), is the moment I"ll curse at him because vehicles then lose their worth & value right there. They should be special entities. The frame, the body of it should all be built outside so you can then build a workshop around it to keep it safe from the elements. It was very fun & immersive building the boat tips on either end, as well as the frame, the seatings, and etc. You would need to build the shell first, then the components, then piece them together to then place them together. You had a successs rate which would dictate if your boat was seaworthy or not that you even had to strengthen the boat afterwords if it failed to reach a specific percentage in seaworthyness. What Rising World could do without would be the success rate. We should simply get the resources, slam it together, and be proud of how our vehicles come out.

    The simple stuff at first, such as carts, wagons, rafts, boats, and etc should be built in phases and parts. We would then go up into cars where we would have to build the chasis, the engine, the seats, and then the 'extra' stuff such as the radio and all that. Somewhat detailed to 'Euro Truck Simulator 2', yet not as detailed to 'My summer Car' game, both of which you can examine on Youtube.

    Red51 should see, after these big updates, about giving us the ability to move structures around in a 'Movecraft' manner. by classifying them as certain vehicles. Just give us one activation block/item type (a set of steering wheels) to then probably connect it with the API side of things so we can then smoothly glide around the world, or to even sail on the water. Even underwater, or on tracks. Just build your thing on dirt or stone, add a steering device, then off we go roaming about that we would have our own airships, our trams, boats, and etc in a more complex manner as it probably would lag the game the more complex we go with the vehicle builds.

    As a sidenote to Rising World's take on Movecraft we should have some 'fantasy' items for museum purposes to attach to the API side of things with big air balloons, and such. There's so much we can do that I'll stop it there.

  • Alright, let's see what sort of Cargo Tram videos are out there to see what may interest Red51 into giving us tram varieties.

    The Volkswagon Cargo tram is above, yet I"ll share it again, among others....

    Then this one here is far more interesting because of what you can do with it. As I've told Red51 on Steam, is that you could configure the main tram portion to be a 'crafting station', to hold your food, and etc. All the equipment. The rear portion could also do this (the trailers), or it could also be pure storage. Trams in Europe are fun because you can do a lot with them. The one in the below video is a 'garbage/recycling' tram. It's neat. Compare that with the Zurich & Volkswagon tram.

    The above video shows the main tram body to have a work station, a cooking area, as well as a resting area. It's a hybrid workplace tram. The rear trailer than has cargo storage bins for recycling, something we could tune for wood storage, stone, and etc. Even transporting food around heh.

    I'm however curious to see how Red51 shall deal with this with 'minecart' trains, or the smaller trains he mentioned.

  • Might as well add this to an already made thread instead of further spamming the place.

    (The same disclaimer added to sailing boats also applies here. Everything goes by Red51's schedule, I'm only providing inspiration.)

    Train Gates (with cars allows to pass over them (car crossings elements):

    Fujisawa Station (Japan) - [I'll build this one myself, don't worry about this.]

    Or some Canadian ones from British Columbia, Canada.

    I've more images, it's however up to Red51 whatever he has in his collection, whatever he can implement, etc. Everything is on Red51, I'm only providing more "inspiration". I need to purge the dead Youtube links also for new ones.

  • Alright, I finally found what I was seeking, and it was all hiding away from my view (downloads folder & 'plan' thread.)

    Java Boat Teaser by Red51:

    Steam Train Java Teaser by Red51 (or maybe even Unity):

    I can't wait to play around with trains. I'm starting to build my builds, I however need to start laying the foundations around the planned railroad routes (both gauges). Hopefully I'm not kept waiting too long. I need to get my other buildings built up before it all starts becoming a confused mess.

    My two Misskey Shares:

    KanColle themed Train Museum:

    Vathunver Red Brick Museum:


    While posting my Rising World experiences on 'Misskey' I came across some other neat images, all boat related. The person themselves isn't necessarily on Misskey, their stuff is able to be viewed from it.

    His name is Beko Pharm:

    Misskey's Rising World tag:

    I still wish Red51 the best on his Biomes & mounts update. I also wish Red51 the best for wherever fishing shall be placed, and the same with bigger boats and trains themselves. Even NPCs.

    I'll even try to playtest Rising World on my Steam Deck (docked & undocked) while planning to make a video for Youtube. We need more effort on the community half to keep Rising World afloat so I'll keep doing what I can from the side. I'm trying to poke where I can, people are needlessly stubborn. :sleeping:

  • dont get your hopes up to soon but ive been messing around with some ships! ive also been thinking or trying to use this to add some trains.

    I love how I both know how to and unable to make games at the very same time. I love how that link shows off HOW to implement trains into your Unity project. That's very handy! You say not to get my hopes up? You at the very least had me all hyped up about more future potentials for Rising World. Need to keep this up. Need to keep making Rising World all that much more awesome. Also because I need to keep dangling "bait" for people to be interested in this game. :nerd: Whatever people get working is whatever I can attract people to this game, especially if it's via my ignored requests finally being completed, or by other Anime and non-Anime avenues. :thumbup:


    While checking out what you shared, I also came across more train-related goodies to use, if Rising World's API allows it.

    Japanese Train Station PBR Pack:…n-station-pbr-pack-214359

    (I'm amused by the trailer music, it's typical Japanese music. Always so cheerful.)

    Japanese Railway Station Interior Platforms Environment:…tforms-environment-225418

    Then, if I can import one of these at a later period (to use, and to function) then I'll be even happier.

    Japanese Local Train:

    Tatra Tram (Low Poly; Modern version):…d/low-poly-tram-20-230487

    (If we can somehow make this useable in Rising World, or have something more oriented to Rising World that be great.)

    Vehicle Pack - (Contains a Retro Tatra Tram) [Free model pack!]:…-pack-autobus-tram-213421

    (This would be perfect for Rising World having a retro Tatra tram roaming around the world in either vanilla or modded form. If I had to pick ANY tram, it be the tested-and-true Tatra Tram of the 1990's-2008-ish. Hey! Look at that! It's even free! )

    The Tatra T3 trams would be PERFECT for Rising World.

    I miss seeing these beautiful trams in Slovakia's Bratislava area. Oh, the overly fond memories I have with these beauties! The bells. The Tatra T3 bells. I can still hear those gorgeous bells. <3


    I may look into the final 'Vehicle Pack' for science, but at a later date once I'm not overwhelmed with everything. I would LOVE to have the older Tatra tram placed in my world, more so in a functional state. Maybe even being able to haul cargo (Chests on the seats, etc) while using the lower-gauged rails.

    I'd be so happy having trains, and even trams. I'd be spamming their use and function everywhere. I know I also go on about Japanese trains, let's just say Ottawa is moronic when it comes to transportation. Everything is better in Slovakia and Japan than it is in Ottawa, hence why I boast so much about foreign stuff. :monocle:

    (That bell sound at the beginning. Hard to hear, but it's there. The 50- 1 minute mark also.)

    I'm just heavily in love with the Tatra T3. So damn gorgeous! <3

    This may have been long winded, but thanks for allowing me to poke around the Unity store some more. I'll continue to do so after some projects.

  • Rail Crossing | Level Crossing | Grade Crossing:…nd-signal-crossing-114783

    My final suggestion for trains (unless something other catches my attention) would be for rails to gain those inner 'level crossing' (grade crossing) portions, as noted in the below image. Basically the part that is on either side of the rails.


    It would allow trains to pass by while also allowing both pedestrians and vehicles to cross. Note sure how Red51 shall handle trains, and if we'll manage to have trains, though hoping for these safer crossing areas. Gates are not in my suggestion, though they can also be loosely apart of it. My main focus here is the grade/level crossing allowing proper crossing from one side of the rail to the other.

    Also been trying to recall the proper name for it - level & grade crossing. Maybe there is another term for it, Google however notes it to be both "level" & "grade" crossings.

    (That should be my final suggestion for Rising World, for the time being. I'll bookmark everything until Rising World is decided to be updated.)

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