Dimensions, Creatures, and world generated blueprints

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  • Dimensions, Creatures, and world generated blueprints

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    I would like the ability to have multiple worlds within 1 save or server. The reason why I decided to put it here was because we already have a hell.
    As to how one would travel to the other realm, there are a few ways i thought of:

    If you wanted to have some "lower" realms like hell. There could be potential in having multiple hells, but it doesnt stop there.

    What if we had custom creatures like demons down there. (I really want demon creatures to be official though, not just part of a plugin). I don't know about game making, but i have some ideas of how this could be implemented. With the support of a few select custom formats. Formats for things like rigged meshes, animations, sounds (you could use ogg format), etc. The AI for any creature is beyond me. Idk coding, but you could parent a pre-made AI and then tweak it probably?

    Also the ability to have a world randomly generate blueprints which are saved within a plugin folder. The generated blueprints would depend on biome and other criteria. (% chance, # per biome, how spread out, etc.)
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  • Having multiple instances of a world on a single server (running simultaneously) would be tricky... and it's would be quite resource hungry. However, cross-server travel will be added in the future (as mentioned by @Minotorious). Basically you could run multiple Rising World servers (all of them using the same world/seed), this way you could achieve having multiple "dimensions". I think this is the most preferable way, especially since it's versatile and you don't necessarily have to run all servers on the same machine ;)

    About custom creatures: This is also planned. Most likely there will be a special object for it in the plugin API which requires an animated mesh, texture, sound files and some meta data (health, loot drop etc). For the AI, there might be indeed some pre-made setups. Adding new monsters or npc will be quite easy once the API supports this :)

    About the blueprints: It's our intention to implement serverside blueprint support, this way a plugin could access all blueprints and place them in the world if desired.
  • I wonder..... I wonder if we could work out a way to have one server being vanilla, the other being 'modded', yet one would also have some sort of 'middle' world where you can drop your items to then work between those. If another server is modded maybe the vanilla server could save those in a mod vault of some sort, if that idea is accepted.

    I'm eventually going to want to expand that I probably may have a secondary world with modded if Rising World manages to get that far. I'm sure it will, but yeah. Not just plug-in wise, but modding also having to be considered. Maybe players would have to leave modded items in their own world if they were to travel to 'vanilla' worlds, yet still with plugins hmm.

    How would you tackle that? I'm sure people would want to cross over from vanilla to modded & vice-versa. I kinda had this done on a modded MInecraft where we had multiple worlds we each 'owned' that it was interesting traveling from one realm to the next, yet nether portals were broken thanks to this feature. You can go into nether, yet coming back had you spawn somewhere completely different.
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