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    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Having lots of fun in Rising World these days and in celebration of getting so close to 250 subscribers I decided to revamp the subscriber pond. It's looking amazing now I'll even share some screenshots :thumbsup: With Smilo's house done we're paving our way to the Subscriber High Rises where we will build skyscaping apartments to the sky for all those subs that I don't know their names. We'll need an administration building, gardens, a pool and so much more to keep them all happy :saint: For tomorrow's video we modernize a bridge that just seemed out of place in a modern world.


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    • Guys and gals the Subscriber High Rises have begun to spring up! I can promise I won't bore you with 200 episodes of just one project but many projects :thumbsup: :rolleyes: Take a look into today's episode of Rising World where everything begins to take shape.

      Episode 105 -

      Episode 104 -

      @dagoline I could use your help with this hill please? It's a bit of a learning curve ;)
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    • Today in Rising World I decided to try out some of the NPC game mechanics on a bandit. We call him settler, give him a home, dye him green and he gets very angry 8| ?? @red51 I can't seem to get this guy into a tux :( as the commands aren't working for him. He holds a billy club at least :saint: Yet now all we need to do is figure out how to turn our wandering Settler into a new faction of Tuxedo's

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    • Today in Rising World I honor the Fallen Four for we reached 259 subscribers then lost four. We know not whom they were but their memory shall live on through the ages as we update the subscribers sign in honor of their integrity to 259 and found a land for a future build of Fallour City. A Post-Apocalyptic land will be shaped where the bomb was first dropped before Subscriberville had to dive deep into the vault of 250. Where there survivors of Fallour City? I intend to have two factions a mod to modify the bandits one into raiders and one to leave as bandits but they only spawn in these area's. Once known as Savannah's they will become great yet fallen cities.


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    • As of lately I've been hard at work on the Badlands and the project has quite morphed into something else. So much so I want to share some screenshots & media with you.

      In our very latest episode we've begun to work on the diner for Dinertown which will lie on the outskirts of Fallour City. A place where bandits have made an encampment and haul away others to do their bidding. Some may have skills that they put to work one such agreed to fix up the encampment and make it stronger, safer and more formidable against the creatures of the apocalypse. (Just adding some lore)


      Now here's some screenshots of so far...

      Now a question I ask: If anyone is willing to create a broken sky rise or city building you would find in a fallout setting, please leave me a comment and a link to download it. I will place that building in the City using blueprints, tag your name, youtube channel and give you full credits for the build including a shout out for your channel. Even if you are new to YouTube this would help you out. Also remember to always post your media on here that way it can be found. Have a nice day Submissions start today!
    • Good morning ladies & gentlemen yesterday I recorded some footage in Rising World for today and it was a lot of fun. Couldn't think of a title so I named it Blueprint Request. The reason for this is because I am building a post apocalyptic city called Fallour City (pronounced Fal-lore) Now in this city I want to add your buildings. From storefronts to Sky Risers and more but I want to make them appear as though a bomb has been dropped on the city. It doesn't matter to me where they get placed I just want to share your projects in my world. Can you help me out? If so please share your blueprint with me here or perhaps a link to it, I could do the rest. Thank you and here's the video.

    • Today I got another very special episode for you all. I met a person from on here his name is Joe but you all may know him by another name that I can't think of at the moment. Joe builds cruisers, ships and so much more and these things are awesome! He joins our world today and brings a mighty big ship for our future docks project. The Olympus! I've taken to calling it the USS Olympus as it is humongous and beautiful :thumbsup: Be sure to head over to his channel and show him some love <3

      Without further ado here's the video-


      And some Screenshots -
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    • So yesterday I made those new warehouse blueprints and shared them already on here... Today I release the video where we build them together. It was a lot of fun and there will be more additions as we move forward with eventually even some grated floors and so much more. eventually we'll create vault segments for building large vault-tec vaults underground 8o This is going to be a big world. Without further ado here's the episode -

    • Got back from my neurosurgeon's office and I wanted to share today's video with you. Now there will be no Rising World for tomorrow which will be Tuesday for me because I spent a long day at the office. I'll go into details about that visit in a vlog for now here's that episode I talked about. Hope you all enjoy be sure to leave me lots of feedback I love talking to people because I have no one to talk to apart from my audience.

    • Hello everyone I'm still uploading videos today I got a new video I want to share with you. So some of you have been asking for the Vault construction right? Well we're going to do a little bit of both of the Dinertown church and the motel vault. I wanted to wait on the vault construction till we got the motel built but let's mix these episodes up. So in today's episode called Bunkers & Vaults we try our best to build the mausoleum in the graveyard at least I think that's what it's called and then we travel to the dungeons to start exploring and converting it to a vault.


      Hope you Enjoy! :)
    • Hello everyone and may I say it's been an honor not only to play this game but also to create a lot of content on YouTube from it. Today I've got another video for you and some good news bad news I want to talk with you about first off the video. In today's video We work on designing a custom floor for the interior of the church floor and the entry doors. Here's a link to that video -


      Now for what I need to talk to you about. Rising World has come a long way but ever since @red51 announced the plans for the latest update views, subscribers and comments have drastically dropped. This is effecting me because I look to the community for support and without it I just don't see myself playing the game much longer. These past couple weeks it's made me feel more lonely and depressed with my audience just gone as if I'm talking to myself again. Only this time it's for real and I find it difficult to continue making more content if there is no more engagement or audience retention. I can't blame this on audience retention or YouTube's algorithm because that's not true. About a month ago interest in Rising World was much higher than it is now and I am sad the community has decided to turn their back on the game till further development.

      If we don't see any improvement in audience retention by episode 250, Red I'm so very sorry and I mean that but I'll have to end the game completely because I am very sad and lonely without people there to comment and support the series. I'll come back when the new release is out, but for now I'll keep chugging along with hope and a few tears wishing the community returns. Rising World is where my heart lies and I don't want to give up on it.
    • It's been a while since I posted on here and that's mainly because my days have been a bit busy. Most often once I start recording in the morning I completely forget to share my content with you and I'm sorry for that :( . Yet hey turn that frown upside down! 8o I've got a new video for you! Yep that's right and this one is kind of special <3 . Episode 200 is the last of the Season 5: Part I Playlist where we merge not one but Two platforms of subscribers into one count :thumbsup: . We begin a new chapter to finish off where we left off in Subscriberville by completing the Subscriber High Rises, Gardens, Wheat Fields :/ (corn) and more! Wait there's more.. so watch the video sorry I don't have the best computer but I try my best perhaps we'll find our way to reach the 1K subscriber goal one day :) .

      Here's the video I hope you enjoy! :saint:

    • So today I posted a new video early this morning wanted to wait to share it with you as I am getting ready to upload to BitChute for Saturday. (MC Beta & Modded MC) Anyways in this new video I decided to build the home @red51 has made in his screenshots for the new version he is currently working on. It's been a work in progress for a couple episodes as I am in a new playlist but if you have the time swing by and let me know how it's coming along, please? Leave a like, comment and maybe subscribe? We all love Red's hard work so me taking the time to build this is my way of saying thank you for such a lovely game. when finished I will upload it to my blueprint thread. :thumbsup:

      Hope you enjoy! :saint: <3
    • Did you ever want a pet in Rising World? Something cute and fuzzy with a tail that would look at you and smile? :saint: <3 Well I got just the video for You ! 8o Today I launched a new video where a fox has spawned in my home! Let's build a bed, food & water dishes and even more for him or her. Help me name our furry friend, please? <3 Foxes are just as good as a faithful puppy and this one loves to run around the house. If only we could have this creature follow us? Please??