how do i make a copy of my world

  • Hey i got a world on nitrado servers and like to make a back up copy of it and put it on my pc and play it in single player and i was wounding how i would do that

    To play a server saved world you will need to copy all server files to your own computers hdd from nitrado, they should have a file transfer tool to do this.

    you should then be able to run the server on your own computer and then start the game and connect to your own server by using your own local ip address and the set port in the properties file
    by not setting up your modem to unblock the ports, no one will be able to connect only you can. so in a way this will be like single player mode

    IDK if you copy the world into your game world folder that it will work, you could try it but ive never tested that

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    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :thinking:

  • There was an option of where you could save your backup, something they removed. They made it harder for you to save your world that you have to go into the file directory by looking in the world folder by downloading all the world files one by one. It's tedious so you may want to go tell Nitrado to stop messing around. I had to tell them to stop screwing around at times before.

    I'm tempted at '@'ing' them again on Twitter to get this resolved because they mostly ignore help tickets, yet you can try your luck like a lottery game. Also, keep an eye they don't remove the whitelist as they've done to me once.

  • no idea whats your problem, but i have just downloaded my world and it works like allways.
    if you stay logged in at nitrado for to long - you need to relog after a while otherwise you get problems

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