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    With Rising World, you can deselect and remove bears, tigers, pigs, etc. before playing the game.

    My plan is to remove all vanilla animals with my mod and replace with dinosaurs which you can deselect if you don't want them.

    I'm not sure that dinosaurs will be helpers .... they will most likely be sources of meat, skin, etc.

    I’m working on the mod for servers after.

    Russian Translation

    С Rising World вы можете отменить выбор и удалить медведей, тигров, свиней и т. Д. Перед началом игры.Мой план состоит в том, чтобы убрать всех ванильных животных с моим модом и заменить динозаврами, которых можно отменить, если они вам не нужны.Я не уверен, что динозавры будут помощниками .... они, скорее всего, будут источниками мяса, кожи и т. Д.Я работаю над модом для серверов после.

    Unfortunately there is no way to set it for every new world you create. The starting inventory is set in the world database of each world and is unique to that specific world.

    The only way to do this I think would be via a plugin, though no such plugin exists atm. I could write something short for you if you really need it. If we are talking about 3 items simply spawn them via console or use creative mode to craft them for free and then switch back to survival mode.

    I also need to have a plugin to do this...... trying to work out how to code it. If you can give me some sample code I can work with I will work on the plugin.


    Freshly updated also don't appear to have any plugins folder?

    I didn't add anything extra, just took what I got from a clean install of the game and PluginAPI. The only thing I might have done differently is extracting that one file, which did have the Index-files in it.

    I did a fresh install of the game yesterday which took the plugins folder away. Added it back in again a few minutes ago.

    I am wondering if you may have to restart your pc...... maybe something is sitting in memory causing an issue.

    I just remembered after Red released the NPC update that I had problems with starting the game. I had to do a windows update to pick up a recent update..... once that happened Rising World played OK.

    You may want to check you have Windows Updated to date.

    I noticed you had some additional folders in there that I don't have on my machine.



    I assume this is something you have installed.

    When you do a clean install of RisingWorld , uninstalling from Steam and then deleting the folder, can you play the game before adding anything in.

    I also see additional files in there that I assume are from javadoc...... they dont need to be there. Before adding them in have you tested if you can play with just the vanilla game files in the folder and nothing else?

    This is what my folder looks like

    Have you tried downloading the plugin API for again as the messages indicate something is missing.

    If a new download still comes up with an error have you tried going back to ?

    In my case after reinstalling I had no world files and started a brand new world..... still had the issue.
    Is not a big issue for me though as I don't go into the sea any way and lakes appear normal.

    I uninstalled and removed the folder....... and then did a complete reinstall of the game ..... however I still have the problem after doing a fresh install of game files.

    I think this issue is somewhere else.