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    tri this version…1kuCSlP2/view?usp=sharing <----- this version has had lots of the bugs removed and gives you far more options

    Feedback I was getting from the plugin was that when players on the server go underground in a mine , they need to be purchasing all these areas just digging for ore or trying to dig their way back to the surface.

    What they had been saying was it was fine to have the local home area locked down, but could the rest of the world be left as open and unlocked.

    I think the main issue was having to add so many protection areas when they were digging the mine underground.

    If I understand it correctly, what I can do is change the recipes on the server to the default vanilla ones so people on the server will have the original crafting system.

    For me, I can have the modified recipes on my computer so when I go online to my server I will see the modified recipes because they are being read from my local computer.

    I modified the SQL file definitions.db with new scenery and new recipes but it appears that people playing on the server are not seeing the changes I made.

    I think Rising World is looking at definitions.db on their local computer instead of the modified definitions.db that is saved on the server.

    At this stage people on my server cannot build a campfire or build torches as they cannot see the new recipe on the server needed to build those items.

    tri this version…1kuCSlP2/view?usp=sharing <----- this version has had lots of the bugs removed and gives you far more options

    Tested the turning on smelter and turning it off....all worked well.......

    When I setup the new area I still had to walk out of it and then walk back into it for it to update the area saying I now owned it.

    No biggie........

    What else do I need to check with this..... anything new added?

    is the area info to the left saying you are inside the area when its not working? some other players had similar problems with the version you are using, it turned out they are not standing in the area they own because the area bottom was just above ground level where they get the problem, they added the below area and that solved the problem for them, i guess the same can happen if the area is too low, you maybe on top of the area you claimed but not inside it,, you can view your areas by using the show areas button, then you can see if you are inside or not.

    The video on my youtube channel shows that when I am trying to turn off the smelter with F and it does not work, it clearly shows in the bottom left in green that I own the area which is flat and level.... If I can't light the fire I walk out the area, walk back in again and then I can light the fire. what happened in the episode was that when the ingots were done, I could not turn off the fire even after walking out of the area and walking back. Only way I could turn it off was to hold down F and turn it off from the top of the menu. Yesterday that did not work but i do not think I walked out of the area. Have a couple of people talking about it on the steam discussion page saying when they are down in a mine trying to dig their way out they need to buy land so they get out. Was saying to them if the mine is active you probably want to keep the area locked down against all but you. When the mine is closed then they can remove those areas.

    This is what one guy said on steam forum......

    Originally posted by sHakEnBaKe:

    While I think this is a great idea to make the game more exciting the current server definitely needs some work. Not being able to get resources outside your plots seems a little strange...especially for mining. Also, on my plots I keep running into all kinds of glitches. Can't plant trees, can't turn my furnace off, sometimes I can dig and sometimes I can't...all on my plots I own. Maybe you can work some of the bugs out soon. Again, great concept hope you can get it turned around.

    Maybe head over to the steam forum and answer some of their queries.

    And how do I change that? I usually look for myself dead there. xD

    It is pretty much a case of looking through the tables in definitions.db and making changes here and there..... after making a backup of course.

    For example, changes to the grass biome.

    The biomes table for the grass biome said the texture used for the coastline and under the water was "Gravel1" .... I wanted a different look so I replaced "Gravel1" with another texture called "GrassForestDefault"..... now I no longer have gravel down by the sea. I wanted the dirt to look different so I changed it to "Forestground2"

    The animals.

    A table called biomes_npcs specifies which biomes bears are in for example.... originally the biomes ForestDeciduous and ForestConiferous.

    I wanted bears in an additional 8 biomes so I selected the line for bears in the biomes ForestDeciduous, duplicated the line 8 times and then for each new line added I changed the biome from ForestDeciduous to Grass, Bushmeadow, Fernmeadow etc........ started a new game and bears everywhere.

    I wanted African animals in a biome i like to call African Grassland so i copied their records so they were in Savannah and Grass.

    Increased the number of rocks and trees in the Grass Biome in another table so it looked like African bush and with elephants for example i found the column called herddmax and changed that number to 5...meaning when i see elephants there could be up to 5 of them in that area.

    I didn't want certain animals to just walk by me when in real life they would run at the first sight of I changed their characteristics so they were shy and escape....changed the distance they would see me ...and there you go..... zebra would stop as they sensed me and then take off...instead of walking up to me.

    I could make all lions tame and friendly kitty cats,...but where is the fun in that lol

    I even changed recipes so that lighting a campfire or torch now needs grass.

    So much you can do with the game.

    But always make a backup of your file.... I put all my changes in an excel spreadsheets in case I need to add them back in again if the file is updated by Red down the track.

    So after changing all of this in single player, I now have a multiplayer server as of yesterday and copied all of these changes to the multiplayer server so others can play a different looking biome.

    The multiplayer server is hard to play and ideal for people wanting a survival challenge.

    Having issues with Area Protection.......

    I own the area and have a smelter placed in the middle of the area....... first time I used the smelter no problems and I was able to turn the smelter on and off using F.

    However next time I was unable to turn the smelter on or off...... I tried picking up the smelter and I was told I needed to own the area.

    Was able to get it working by walking out of my area and then walking back in again.

    I wanted to move to another area and tried picking up the shelter...again I was not allowed...... had to walk out of the area I own and then walk back in.

    When I do something in my area I get text on the left saying I need to own that area to do what I was doing. This despite my being in my area and having done that thing successfully.

    I understand the need to protect areas online but do I really need to walk out of my area and then back in again to use something?