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    You need to have a stone axe at least to start. Without it you can't create a tool? unless your starting inventory consists of stone and sticks.

    You may be able to ray trace hits onto a tree, then use some logic to determine if the tree yields bark, leaves, etc. Then use custom object insertion to add the items to the players inventory.

    Thanks for the reply....... I am going through a couple of ideas on how to do this without having a stone axe to start with.

    I would leave the fruit trees alone as I would want them to have figs, grapes, olives, plums, and wild berries.

    Non-Fruit trees would be used for getting the leaves and bark from...... these could just be pulled off a tree without tools. Wood would come from trees at a later stage when more advanced tools are built.

    While I have modded several other games this is the first time I have looked at using java so I need to learn how to ray trace hits, use logic in java and use custom object insertion.

    I will eventually work it out as I get a better understanding of how to do all of this.

    The trick with modding is not to start with complex jobs first but to start small.

    Work on the Tyrannosaurus Rex for the mod is well under way and I will be doing some tests soon...probably next week..... to get a test version into the game to get the sizing right.

    There are various different ways the Tyrannosaurus Rex can look and I will be trying different textures to try and make this a truly terrifying dinosaur.

    The Tyrannosaurus Rex will be my number one favorite dinosaur in the mod so I am spending time on it to get it looking right. My challenge will be to work on animation of the T Rex in the game itself.

    You were saying that the problem occurs when you are dealing with wood.....making something with wood or breaking something of wood down.


    Do you have any plugins installed such as Planks 'n Beams v0.6.0 which came out in April?
    I have not actually used it myself.

    The original version had 198 built-in construction textures and I think more were added for V0.6.0

    If you have this in your plugins folder or on the server maybe that is something to look at.

    I have a low performance pc with 4 gig of memory...... if I have refractions and reflections ticked in the settings my pc will lock up and then crash to desktop.

    I spent a couple of hours setting everything to minimum and then increasing the settings until I got something that I liked. Vsync was another option I turn off.

    I am truly at a loss but very open to looking at what else it could possibly be.

    Thanks again for all the help, but sad to say I still need more help with this.

    Hi Lilli

    I took a closer look at your screenshots and think I have found something you can try.

    In every screenshot but the last one you have Google Chrome running with between 10 to 15 processes running for different websites you are looking at in separate tabs, or a process for each plugin or extension.

    Each process takes resources and with Skype and Steam and other software running processes at the same time a lot of resources are being used.

    In the 2nd picture you posted there were at least 27 processes running 15 of which were Google Chrome.

    Can I get you to try something.

    Exit out of Chrome altogether and then check Task Manager to make sure Google Chrome is not showing in the apps section.

    Then start Rising World.

    Let me know the result.

    I was looking at the issue you sent to Red51 a few months ago where you had issues such as logging off when you were on your horse and when you logged back in again you and your horse were under ground and you died..... then another time logging in and your player was underground and died....and also having issues with building with planks. I haven't experienced any of those problems myself.

    Have not seen the reports you sent Red at the time so cant tell what the issue was there.

    To rule out any issues on your computer I do recommend you run the reliability report for your computer. It checks hardware and software and at times gives an option for Windows to try and fix the problem.

    Please have a look at the below video which gives some tutorial on it......

    As with my prior post
    To open reliability report in Windows 10, right click windows icon bottom left of screen , click on search and type in reliability.
    View reliability will appear..... click on it to generate a reliability report.

    I looked at my reliability report on my business machine today and it told me I had a hardware fault at 2 this morning....yes i was working then. Didn't even know there was a problem so keeping an eye on the reliability reports daily to check the problem does not come back. I think my cat knocked the cord to my external hard-drive which windows logged.

    Sorry you are not getting much play time at the moment..... once the problem is found you will be back to playing the game.

    See if your husband can run the reliability report...... this is a very good tool for checking the health of your pc and I use it weekly with the business I own. A few years ago it told me I was having disk errors. My backup program then stopped working because it too detected errors but over 2 days I manually copied and pasted my files to a backup drive before my hard drive completely failed...only lost one file which was not important.

    You were originally able to run the game for 4 you can only get 5 minutes. Reliability report should tell you if it is seeing any hardware problems.

    Your first screenshot of task manager shows you are using 49% of your 12 gig of memory and Rising World was using less than 2 gig of memory. If you click on the details tab in task manager and then click once on where it says memory the software using the most memory is at the top of the list. Check if it is Rising World or something else.

    Can you run a reportfile as per my last post and paste the contents of the text file here....... it may shed some light on what is happening.

    Also look at any new software or hardware added in the last few weeks in case they are causing an issue.

    When I have issues I always get windows to check for any issues on my computer. Windows will often detect errors before you do.

    To open it in Windows 10, right click windows icon bottom left of screen , click on search and type in reliability.
    View reliability will appear..... click on it to generate a reliability report.
    Look for red Xs or Yellow Icons and click on the column they are in to see details of what errors were logged by windows.

    This should tell you if you are having a hardware or software error being reported by Windows.
    The blue line going through 1, 5 and 10 will indicate how severe the error was.
    The screenshot below shows level 10 errors because Windows did not shut down properly.

    The concern is that whatever it is appears to be getting worse.

    Have you tried playing single player only.....not on a server.... to see if single player works.

    Lilly.... thanks for posting those screenshots...... Obviously you can see that the Memory showing in screenshot 2 has gone up to 5573 MB which is pretty much why the game locks up.

    I run the game on a low end pc with 4 gig of memory in fullscreen mode and I have not had memory issues like you are having.

    Some questions:

    1. Have you only recently started playing Rising World and had this issue from the start..... or have you been playing the game for some time and this problem has only started up in the last few months?

    2. how long do you play before this problem occours?

    3. Have you uninstalled Rising World and reinstalled it to see if that fixes the problem?

    4. Some games are effected by the type of antivirus software you are running. Have you tried running the game with antivirus temporarily suspended. If your antivirus is constantly scanning your game while you play this may be causing the memory issue because the game creates a procedurally generated dynamic world and maybe this is causing your antivirus to constantly scan the game.

    5. A possible workaround for this issue might be to use the dedicated server to play single player on a world locally. If you start a server, can you actually join it (go to "Multiplayer" -> "Connect to IP" -> enter localhost)? If that works, could be more or less a replacement for the singleplayer mode

    6. There is a post in the forum from November last year where someone had their game lock up and the developer left some comments. You may want to check these out.…singleplayer-for-a-while/

    7. Create a report file and copy and paste it below

    Creating a reportfile:
    1. Open the game and stay in the main menu.
    2. Open the game console by pressing the "^" , "´" or "~" -button on your keyboard.
    3. Type in report and press enter.
    4. Close or minimize the game and open your Rising World game folder.
    5. There should be a textfile with "report_" and then a long number, e.g. "report_1234567898765". Open this textfile (it should state todays date) with an editor and paste its content here for us to look at.

    Did you get back to Red with the problem you were having back in March.…locks-up-entire-computer/

    I am not sure how powerful your computer is but I am running the game on a low end pc with only 4 gig of memory.

    You were saying that Rising World or Steam is taking up 100% of your disc space....I assume you mean the DISK column in task manager.

    When I have Rising World running task manager shows DISK at 7% and CPU at 100%

    Is the DISK Column in task manager always 100% when you play Rising World?
    If so look down the DISK column and see what is taking up so much of the DISK which is the total utilization of all your drives. If something is taking up 100% of DISK in Task Manager then yes your computer will freeze.

    Ambiance Files V2 for the mod has been added to the download section on page 1 opening post.

    This contains an optional sound of the dinosaurs which you may prefer to V1.
    This file has about 25 minutes of dinosaur sounds with additional tracks being added tomorrow.

    I decided to remove the wind from the sound pack as it didn't sound that great when listening to it in Rising World....sounded more like rain.

    I will be combining sounds from V1 and V2 together with additional soundtrack for V3 which will be released in around 12 hours or tomorrow.

    I am hoping to upload the next version of the sound effects for the mod later today or tomorrow...... have to do some tweaking of the sound.

    This version is what will be used to add in additional dinosaur sounds down the track.
    At times you will be able to hear the wind which I think adds a nice touch to the mod.

    Various sounds can be heard from the Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor.

    Will advise later when it is available to download.

    1 problem with your textures. when running the textures while in a multi player server it makes all other players invisable. I just ran accost that this morning.

    An update on the issue with invisible players.....

    Red51 looked at this for me and told me he wasn't able to recreate the issue and didn't believe this was an issue with my texturepack.

    sharkbitefischer has confirmed it is now working on his end.

    Yesterday I jumped into the server that i'm currently playing on Rosaila (sharkbitefischer owner) and heard the new sound effects that you have done and WOW iv got to say I nearly crapped my pants when i first heard these dino sound effects it almost makes Rising world feel like a new gaming experience, great work what you are doing with this mod and I hope that you will continue to keep updating it as i feel this could be almost the second most add-on to the game ( first being pnb ) :D .

    So I'm just wondering what are your future plains going forward to add into your mod if the game at this stage supports it :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Hi Groovaholic

    Glad you are enjoying the sound of the dinosaurs in this first version of the mod sound pack.
    This was pretty much created as a test of what it would sound like in game and I was very happy with the results.

    However saying that it does need improvement in a number of areas and I am putting together Version 2 which will hopefully be ten times better.

    One of the sounds I am adding today is the unique sound of the Raptors as they call out to each other...... one of my favorite sounds from Jurassic Park.

    My plans for the mod.....

    1. Currently creating the models for the dinosaurs which will be added to the mod. These will all be animated. The T-Rex is the first one going into the mod followed by Raptors.

    2. The Players and hostile NPCs will be changed to cavemen.

    3. New models created for the vegetation so that trees and plants look more prehistoric.

    4. Prehistoric tools and weapons created.

    5. Removal of modern day tools and weapons. This means a new way of designing homes and no guns. Imagine hunting a Rex without a rifle.

    6. Domestication of dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Stegosaurus

    Glad to see it is working for you......

    Hmm... I wasn't able to reproduce this issue... Since your texture pack doesn't even touch the player textures, I see no reason why players would turn invisible by using it 8|
    Probably it's something else, so it's not related to the texture pack.

    Thanks for looking into it...... I couldn't see any way the textures would turn players invisible.
    Happy to see sharkbitefischer has it working on the server.

    also, we are enjoying your sound pack you just released :)

    I am happy you are liking the sound pack.....

    I have already started work on the next version which will have additional dinosaurs added such as the
    Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon and Velociraptor.

    These will be added into the background of the soundpack so it sounds like they are a distance away.
    When the models are eventually added they will provide the closeup sound of each dinosaur.

    While I might not be able to add the flying Pteranodon or Pterodactyl to the mod you will certainly hear them.

    Below is my a screenshot of 18 minutes of work on the Brachiosaurus Altithorax sound currently being worked on.

    Am still working on trying to figure out how to add the dinosaurs to the mod...... my understanding is that the models for each dinosaur will have to replace existing animals.

    Then I need to work out how the animation part works in the game.
    Then after that look at whether I can add a sound of the T-Rex walking every time the T-Rex model moves step by step.

    An example of the sound effect I want to create and give to the T-Rex model can be heard at the start of the following video