• On a happier note I'm going to share something we can all enjoy. Was talking with Zfoxfire after a mentality check so I thought I'd finally share it here, something I've been meaning to do before hand.

    For the longest while I wanted a drone, finally obtaining one on January 12, 2021. I wanted one for basic photography and videography (though mainly pictures). Not 'pro' level, just well enough to match a smartphone quality (5 mp) and to do panorama. The basic stuff. I wanted to see things from angles I haven't seen before, so I purchased the 'DJI Tello'.

    Its a neat little drone on a basic, yet semi-pro level. It has up to 13 min battery life time, enough to do what you need to do for quick fun. If you ever want to fly more you simply get more batteries. Its however very "touchy" needing proper care because it tantrums easily.

    To fly the drone at its fullest I have to use the 'Tello FPV' app because the main one is on a basic level. It doesn't connect fairly easily.

    The app allows you to see what pattern it flew, and etc. The long line is when I flew it the 'long' way while the green and yellow is when I flew it up for panorama shots.

    (1st Pano: My first Pano at roughly 14 feet showing a windy landscape near where I venture.)

    (2nd Pano: A very windy day showing a very wobbly panorama shot.)

    The 'Tello FPV' app allows the Tello to take 10 shots for a panorama allowing the 'Bimostich' app to stitch it together. My only goal is to have fun, see what i normally don't see, and to do things "good enough". I don't want to go "pro", that's for later when life settles.


    DJI Tello is a drone I'd recommend, though if you want to bounce further I have two others I shared Zfoxfire which you guys may be interested in.

    - FIMI Portable Quadcopter:


    - Mavic Mini (any):


    If you want to learn more about RCs & Drones then check out 'Captain Drone' who lives on the other side of the city than me.


    he makes awesome videos.

  • Had some nice decent weather today with it feeling like spring. By the time I went out with my drone (2-3 hours later) the good weather decided to get windier so my poor Tello struggled in the wind. It gave me both wind and wi-fi errors so some of my collections of images ended up being messy.

    First panorama is 7/10 stitched. It refused to give me 8-10 images because of a wifi interference so you have an 70% complete pano.

    Second Panorama is 10/10, but the wind played a factor here. Its a nice tough drone though.


    Separate images used as pano shots and similar. The warmer weather is helping with my Tello having a longer battery life.

    1) Water treatment dig sight I was curious about

    2) Dig sight I was curious about.

    3) Dig site with dirt mounts having grown bigger over the winter.

    4) Previous spot I went to review my Tello. Higher in height (17 m) seeing downtown Ottawa in the middle left in the back.

    That was fun and I'm now left with a 60-80% charged Tello. With the warmer weather I'm probably going to do what I wanted to do, hopefully with the wind playing fair.

    If you want to see actual "pro" type scenic pictures from me then you have to wait till late Spring and summer to see the beauty. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do so. :monocle:

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