[Anime] Azur Lane

  • I've been posting quite a lot of negative stuff lately so I wanted to share some more positivity going along with the whole 'drone' topic even if you guys may or may not follow along. Wanted to post this even if people may or may not be familiar with this because more positivity is needed in this world. I'm not expecting people to be familiar, just wanting to share positivity.


    Azur Lane, what is it?

    Similar to Japan's 'Kantai Collection' (KanColle), it follows a similar concept of viewing your ships as actual females in human form. Humans view vehicles as females, thus shipgirls in this genre. Azur Lane is a game (and anime) of ships in human female forms fighting against data aliens named 'Sirens' who are hellbent on experimenting in morbid ways on the ships themselves and humanity. Its up to these shipgirls to save earth by forming an alliance called 'Azur Lane' (Think UN). Its not all sunshine and rainbow as there is a nasty fracture even among the 'Azur Lane' spawning the 'Crimson Axis'.

    A mobile game.


    During my toughest and moodiest times I can always rely on Azur Lane to cheer me up, more so as we all wait for Rising World unity to mature to a proper playable state. Its always been good to me (mostly) while showing it can respect history. I used to play KanColle having learned about WW2 though that became too time consuming and grindy that I had to ditch it. Everything became so difficult it no longer became fun, but I still respect KanColle for its BGM and character designs. Its on the serious side. Azur Lane is more accessible giving me more amusements. Its because of both games I want to see a WW2 game with Canadians in them with HMCS Haida, HMCS Uganda, HMCS Ontario, & etc.... Just one proper good naval game similar to 'Silent Hunter 3'. I loved that game. Azur Lane hinted/teased we may obtain Canadians as 'Maple Monarchy' so I'm hoping to see them in time. I just hope I won't turn into a skeleton while waiting, similar to how long we all are waiting for Rising World. No ill wills, just.... Art takes time, I however want to see a good game on various fronts with developers being honest without doing the whole 'cookie cutter' samey game stuff. I love Azur Lane, Silent Hunter 3, and Rising World for being fresh.

    Until then (Canadians being added), I amusingly enough ringed Bismarck & Tirpitz in Azur Lane because even outside the realm of anime I found myself admiring the beauty of both Tirpitz and Bismarck. They're beautiful vessels.

    I love this game. Even when times are negative it always bumps me the right back up. When we get boats in Rising World I 'hope' (though not expecting) we can see some military class vessel I could hopefully play around with in that game. Anything. Azur Lane does its research on history so you tend to learn, thus why I love it. It knows how to be both serious and comical. Its animes are good, even if people say otherwise. Azur Lane: Crosswave (on steam) is a neat game, though not something meant for westerners because of different play styles. Its a nice start and I enjoy it.

    Youtube spam because I love this game so much. Hope I can carry it over into Rising World when we get boats and such added. Modding. Whatever.

    German Air Superiority experiment:

    Upcoming Russian Event:

    And a cute little Russian dance from the Russian video above. I need positivity, Azur Lane gives it to me as we all wait for Rising World & etc.


  • Im glad to hear you found something like this that can pick you up. An anime thats also a game thats also uplifting (and if I read you correctly) is also immersive is a hard find.

    I got through Strike Witches but the whole girls as military vehicles genre? simply isnt my thing. *No comparison to Azur Lane beyond the military vehicles thing.

    Genre aside, If you enjoy anime that can grab you and leave an impact give Made in Abyss a watch. Its fun, tense, uplifting, gut punching brutal, and in the end, full of pluck.

    Had a old friend from out of state visit lately who`s in no way into anime and I got her to watch it. Sucked her right in.

  • At a time like this, we honestly need something when everything is becoming a guilt trip. I may be struggling to be coherent, though still trying to express my thoughts the best I can. I'm just as exhausted as I was yesterday, thankfully having Azur Lane at my side. Games like these are both easy and hard to find because people aren't as passionate as they used to be when making indie games, especially in Navy type genres. Minecraft used to be "the best", PSO2, KanColle.... Rising World (java). Its now Azur Lane for me. Silent Hunter 3......

    I got through Strike Witches but the whole girls as military vehicles genre? simply isnt my thing. *No comparison to Azur Lane beyond the military vehicles thing.

    Its my thing because its similar to various indie game developers making games simply as a passion project. Its a nice free concept, something which isn't as properly explored in North America, or even Europe, because of various fears. Authors, artists, and etc are fearful for various reasons causing their art to feel chained by something. Our western art always tends to lack that certain "something".. I love how the Japanese authors expand and explore various roles by even adding in various factions/nations/groups others wouldn't elsewhere.

    I enjoyed Strike Witches's amusement (Silly antics), lore, and maybe even the music. I still have yet to continue watching the recent batches of episodes. I love the flying concept and how they expanded into tanks. I do find the tank bit a bit weird, but it is what it is because the author went there. That is why I find it interesting. The passion of exploring things.

    I found out the author quietly added in a Canadian pilot in the manga, something I had to Google and research heavily to find. Can't recall if I was told or if I stumbled across it. I'll assume someone told me about it when I was gifted a manga from a Japanese friend.


    Elizabeth F. Beurling, based on George F. Beurling. I'm glad we have Canadian representation in Strike Witches with a 'Faraway Land'. If I can fiddle with this character more openly I would love that. A game, mod, or something. I want to connect with my Canadian pride :)

    On a similar note its thanks to KanColle which allowed me to find Canadians had a navy in WW2, something I carried with me into Azur Lane. After having found out Canadians had a decent navy I wanted them added into a naval game. I'm now pestering every naval developer to add in Canadians while avoding 'cookie cutter' methods of making the same factions in games all the time. They should do their games more along the lines of 'Silent Hunter 3' by adding all relevant factions, regardless of 'major' and 'minor' nonsense....... Just add them in..... Granted, goes without saying I'm pissing off various developers by my requests. If not developers, various people who keep blocking my requests.

    I view 'Silent Hunter 3' as the best naval game because it has most of the elements correct back in 2006. It has Canadians, it has various nations naval traffic during WW2.... I find it ironic how 2010+ games can't do what a 2006 game can. It pisses me the right off...... I don't want to slander developers though find them so tardy and lethargic when it comes to their newer games not matching, nor surpassing past games.

    Genre aside, If you enjoy anime that can grab you and leave an impact give Made in Abyss a watch. Its fun, tense, uplifting, gut punching brutal, and in the end, full of pluck.

    Had a old friend from out of state visit lately who`s in no way into anime and I got her to watch it. Sucked her right in.

    Oh, I REALLY love anime. I held back on this forum though this is the first actual thread I made about Anime. I watched insane amounts of anime by now loving how free and fun it is. 'Made in Abyss'? I know a VRChat friend who watched it so I may just put it on my list to watch. I saw Nanachi's everywhere in VRChat, if that is the right species for that anime. Worlds, avatars.... People praising the show heavily.


    On a side note I wanted to share this last night with Bismarck's PV & special dialogue line vocals. I have a proud German fleet going until I can specialize in a Canadian fleet in Azur Lane.

    Bismarck pride, if Red51 is lurking this thread, though it may not be Red51's thing. :wacko: Who knows. Either way, I have a proud German fleet because of my love for Bismarck & Tirpitz thanks to 'History Channel' pre KanColle/Azur Lane days. Trying to level all my ship girls to level 120 so I can properly have them battle in various battles.

    I honestly can't wait for Canadians. They better come soon. I've been left high and dry for quite a few years, and with Azur Lane noting 'Maple Monarchy' from HMS Fortune's dialogue saying such.


    I do keep military anime on my radar because they tend to be interesting and amusing. Jormungand is a love letter to 'Lord of War' by going with similar themes and the same AN-12b plane. Jormungand is a show I recommend, also for its more personal scene of Cuba & Havana Club. I had great fun with Jormungand. :nerd:

  • Wanted to note something recent, even if it may go over various people's heads because they're not into anime, or whatever reason. At the very least maybe I'll have this noted for myself to observe from the future, or whatever happens.

    The recent Russian event goes into various 'prequel' elements which I find interesting, something I somewhat wished they noted earlier. This turns Azur Lane from a happy-go-lucky Chinese anime game to a serious game, something which changes the mood of the game into something darker. Something which was supposed to be a "throw-away" game (short-term project) has turned into a double serious game in both production and lore. Developers keep adding onto the game while gradually making it darker and darker, something which makes it more appealing.

    Wiki to Russian Event:

    It gets all philosophical, something I quite enjoy. It builds a lore. I also watch anime for all its philosophical moments because it allows me to see the world in a different way, similar to how old Star Trek portrayed various situations in a scientific manner.

    • How were 'Kansen' (shipgirls) born? Chicken-egg paradox and analogy. They allegedly came "together" with a thing called 'Wisdom Cube', something which spawns them.
    • Russians were nearly knocked out having to thread the needle of survival. A special cave saved them as the Russians researched technology giving them an edge to battle the enemies.
    • Prequel elements of surviving in a base against all odds. Fighting to the last man while being bunkered into a certain area (island, cavern, city of light, and etc).
    • KAN-SEN = Kansen (shipgirls). [Kanmusu = KanColle shipgirls].

    Its hard to put it into words, let alone images how I'm feeling, what I read, and etc. I'm just.... Hyped. The game had a previous event based on Bismarck showing a serious, yet sad moment. It was awesome. Other events came close, were enjoyable. This Russian event explored something which just boosted this game's uniqueness and aura that much further similar to how every update of Rising World makes it more unique and enjoyable.


    Side note: Game design side notes (Thoughts):

    I think I found my new-found love for Russians, something WW2 games tend to struggle with because its allegedly "too hard", or "too minor" to do because they want to make cookie cutter games. Anything other than the "main faction" tends to get overlooked, forgotten, and not has hyped up as it just had in Azur Lane. Azur Lane shows when a developer cares they can bring out magical gaming moments in games, something other game developers genuinely need to learn from. Its something I tend to piss them off with because they then view me as an random arrogant insulting forum troll. When you start exploring the unexplored you tend to get overly interesting moments, something which people then explore, grasp onto and enjoy learning from.

    Again, there is a reason why 'Silent Hunter 3', as old as it is from 2006, is still being "worshipped" to this day. Others may praise SH3's combat system while I'll add onto it (cherry on top) for the participating nations adding actual combatants in the war from Dutch, Canadian, and etc. No whining, no moaning... They're there, sadly and ironically not in modern 2020 naval games. Reason why I used to play KanColle is now why I admire Azur Lane. You're learning about something you otherwise wouldn't. I'll praise a developer who adds in things without question, such as adding in Italians, Chinese, French, Russians, Canadians & etc. There is one game called 'Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts' adding most factions, except one or two, such as the Canadians. Curious to see what they do.

    I wish I wouldn't have to harass, nor pester, game developers. Granted, half of my suggestions for Rising World were "in the moments", though still hold strongly onto boats, flying, and companion NPCs who join you on your adventure while also help mine & etc.

    Azur Lane just hit a new note of game development passion, something which shall go overlooked by the community that plays it. This is the reason why I tend to follow obscure games in the Indie game world, Japanese gaming world, and etc. Red51 with Rising World also managed to hit these awesome moments as well, thus why I'm here also being obnoxious.

    In short: I simply love it when developers make passion-project games instead of forced cookie-cutter games going all same which then fade into nothingness with time.


    In my hype I'm gonna leave it off on a musical note relating to a German Bismarck theme fighting to the very last. Overtaken by Siren yet fighting for herself in an altered re-enactment. Bismarck fights for herself, not as an enemy, nor a drone overtaken by a Siren enemy controlling her. Bismarck still sinks.

  • Wondering if I should make this my last post to post about Azur Lane because nobody really follows it. Or maybe people do and they simply lurk about anything WW2 related. I'll share two videos I made desiring Canadians and probably just coast from there seeing if anybody responds or not.

    and today's video.

    If only it was easy making Rising World videos I would get back to doing it. Having lost my secondary hard drive it's gonna be fun trying to do Youtube videos again. Easy fix, but yeah. Everything is slow progressing right now. :nerd:

    Coasting time!

  • I was going to let this thread die but I came across two interesting things recently I needed to share this, even if its just to myself. Maybe you'll find it interesting.

    1) Belfast firing her guns. Nice blanks, also.

    2) China censors their own game. RIP. Global version is safe.

    I guess people will see Azur Lane as a lewd game, and I guess it is. I don't play it for the lewdness, I play it because of the lore, music, the characters, progression, and etc. Its amusing to see China censor their own game to which its been noted Yostar gradually moving over into Japan forming Yostar Japan, studios, and etc. The Chinese aren't at fault, its their government. They can become quite serious indeed.

  • Again, you guys can ignore this if you want to. This is basically for me and any "lurkers" while just admiring the more musical and artistic side of things while I can. I'm still at the point I can't really enjoy any games at their fullest unless its Rising World, Azur Lane, or any game that actually tugs at me. I haven't been excited for a game to release like 'Miitopia' for Nintendo Switch, and actual games with actual value and entertainment. While there are game developers out there making excuses as to why certain can't be done for strawman reasons I'm just sharing hype in areas I can still have fun at. I want to share Miitopia stuff just don't want to overburden Red51. I'll keep it to Azur Lane and maybe purge the VR thread. Maybe.

    I'm still having fun with Azur Lane so I might as well share that fun while games are still "fun"; Have that element of entertainment to them.

    - Azur Lane's Chinese Anniversary done in a sad tone noting Bismarck, and other ships. I sadly can't find a translation yet.

    For those that enjoy it, awesome. Join me in having fun while games still stay fun and while waiting for Rising World to continue to mature o7

  • Well, damn. I've rarely seen games and game developers do what I've seen Red51 and Yostar/Manju do. I'm sure there were others, I've forgotten about them, maybe even sadly forgotten. Everybody else is thirsting for money and IP banning you from their regional servers yet I see Azur Lane side doing awesome things, hence why I'm posting about it. The little things constantly making you happy about a game you love. The little things Rising World Java used to do.

    Yostar donated to Mikasa, a surviving museum ship in Japan. Funds were donated to Mikasa to keep her preserved and kept. I'm sure War Thunder and World of Warships does the same, their gameplay however doesn't interest me. They treated Canadians as almost non-existent.

    Shinano, the last special aircraft carrier (Yamato status) appeared and is now belatedly obtaining her Live 2D. Its special. Her Live 2D being tested/shown from a Chinese test server.

    Kasumi obtaining her Retrofit, one of my favourite ship units in the game:

    Kasumi is one of my favourite ship units in the game, now seeing she is even going to obtain a retrofit (alternate art and improved stats). I can't wait. I'm hyped. I love the art, love the foxy nature. If I ever get a hold of the MMD model of her I'm going to import her into Rising World, or try.

    (Kasumi's serious face)

    The amount of love/hype I feel for this game is something I wish other games could capture. I wish people would naturally make proper games the way indie game developers do when they actually care. I miss when games were this fun while also having that element of "positive anticipation"

    I'm sharing this because I miss when games keep you hyped up the way Azur Lane does. Rising World does this to me, Minecraft USED to. Now that they openly attacked Notch, disrespected him in a similar way to how Disney disrespects Star Wars it shows. Maybe not by numbers, the general vibes. My friends don't want to play Minecraft as much, but they do want to play Rising World. Its the little things I wanted to show that is hyping me up when it comes to games. Miitopia is a game I also want to hype up, though sadly rarely play because it requires certain amounts of commitment to it. A certain "flow", for me.

    Having grown up with games from NES with Super Mario Bros 3 I can see when gamers and developers screw up. I was there when I was genuinely hyped for games.

    I play Azur Lane seeing they actually listen to user feedback. Maybe not everything because of how big and bloated everything is. The small things is what makes me love these games.

    Future update shall add in melee attacks where sword users would clear the bullet hell on screen. Small things, something we may get to see for Rising World again. I can't wait to see more frequent Rising World updates when we pass those big hurdles. This thread specifically:
    Slow Progress?

    Bullet Hell being "melee'd" by swords shipgirls use (upcoming feature)

    When you play Indie games and these sorts of games you tend to admire all the little changes you get with constantly updating and evolving games. Minecraft is now 50-50 in that mood, others do far better. I love indie games because you get to see genuine progression. Screw the other mobile games such as Fate/Grand Order and others. IP banning you, greedy for money, and etc. I've tried almost all the major ones favouring Azur Lane the best. :love:

    Again, I can't wait to be seeing more frequent Rising World news updates. No pressure to Red51, just ..... I'm in my own little hype bubble right now. You guys can ignore this thread as you've been doing.

  • Feel free to ignore this one as well, I however have to note this because I'm Canadian and we're coming up to July 1st for Canada Day. I'm almost near Canada Day while also seeing World of Warships making me patriotic again, something which World of Warships taps into while also tying itself in with Azur Lane. They've done 4 collabs together already with one another. I wish Yostar/Manjuu would just add the 'Maple Monarchy' for this Canada Day in Azur Lane. I've been waiting 2 decades for something properly Canadian. I've been waiting, wishing, and hoping to see what they would do and I see nothing from Yostar from the Canadian representation side. I however do see it on the World of Warships side. I don't play it for various reason. Maybe there is just some legal nonsense I'm just not seeing, or maybe the big bad CCP of China is banning Canadian representation in Azur Lane for being a Chinese game and political nonsense, and all. The two jailed Canadians & etc. That's my speculation.

    I'm however highly happy and frustrated because I have my Canadian representation, I however feel teased by World of Warships and patriotically betrayed by Yostar/Manjuu with how they're adding 'Priority 4' Research ships themed to World of Warships and vice-versa. They could have easily added Canadians in for Canada Day, Azur Lane side. Nope. Nothing. Screw the Canadians.

    I have to give respect to World of Warships for celebrating Canada Day every year without fail. This, even if I don't play the game because of how bloated and restrictive it is for me. Much respect. Now if only World of Warships was open world in a 'Silent Hunter 3' manner then maybe I'd be able to play it more, as I do with Azur Lane. More accessible, and etc.


    Canada Day Representation::love:

    World of Warships have added a Canadian themed 'King George V-Class Battleship' named 'Yukon', something which makes me smile because it taps into my Canadian pride. I want to see more Canadian representation in video games because we are always shunned by American, and sometimes even shy and morally corrupted Europeans designing WW2 games a cookie cutter way. This vessel is named 'Yukon', which could potentially be formally known as 'HMCS Yukon', though sadly will be labeled as 'HMS Yukon' because of technical silliness and bias against Canada.

    Azur Lane wise, this opens up a new void and potential of allowing the 'Maple Monarchy' of having a 'paper' (conceptual) battleship to call their own with all the destroyers, light cruisers, and aircraft carriers. I hope Yostar/Manjuu tap into this to take full advantage of in their Azur Lane game. I now want to see Canadians with HMCS Yukon roaming about the battlefield, whether it be with shipgirls or actual ships. WW2 game developers need to stop being so stiff and moronic.

    For those that follow Azur Lane would see HMCS Yukon befriending HMS Monarch, IJN Suruga, among other 'Paper ships'. Can't wait to see that happen in a proper manner. Canadians being under their Canadian banner, and etc.

    I'm honestly curious how she would appear as a 'shipgirl'. It would also go without saying that if I'm able to insert these into Rising World, I would. If they could function, be used as 'mobile bases', and maybe even fire I would have a field day. It is all up to Red51 to decide if I'm able to or not because Rising World is his game. If so, I would proudly display them at a port. Even if they're just stationary and static I would still have them placed to admire.

    I can't wait for any of the three conditions to be achieved.

    1) Azur Lane has Maple Monarchy + HMCS Yukon

    2) Rising World adding naval warships, even via modding/plugins.

    3) Game developers getting their head out of their asses to add Canadians without negativity, laziness, or any bias against Canadians. Learn from Eugen Systems adding in Canadians "just because".


    Happy Canada Day! :party::party::party::party::party::party:

  • Just counter-balancing my threads with positivity. One was "negative" so the other has to be positive. Not going to make a new thread so I'll keep anything WW2 contained in this thread.

    Lego MOC Focke-Wulf FW-190 Functions Showcase:

    Youtube recommended this to me so I'm sharing. Found it amusing.

    Azur Lane had another German event focusing on more vessels. More variety, more spotlighting and awareness.

    Recent music from that event, one from bunch.

    Was a good event making me more aware of the German side of things in WW2.

  • Not Azur Lane related, though something I wish I learned of sooner. So many obscure parts of history I simply wish to learn and admire.

    Junker G38 | The Giant Airliner With Cabins In Its Wings:

    I always admire German engineering because that is what they seem to be best at. They always know how to build what they build, even this giant bird which rivals that of the Russian bird. I'm glad I learned this, how Anime immortalized it, and how what we see as fantasy is actually reality.

    People sure have a dim view seeing sci-fi/fantasy as impractical when 1900's till 1960's were full of that. People call Soviet designs ugly, yet they fill in voids others are afraid. When there is a will there is a way. I wish Germans were more prideful in their engineering. I mean, they are when it comes to BMW. I would love to see genuine pride and passion similar to Canada's aviation (or more globally known under 'hockey', not aviation), or Japan's anime. Actual cheerful pride.

    I want to find more of these beauties. I also placed this here because I don't want ot make a new thread for every little thing........

  • Not going to make a new thread for every little thing so I'm just going to note these two pictures which partially relates to my experiences in general, even in Rising World. It's from a game called Genshin, something I can't wait to turn Rising World into in a "sterilized" manner via modding. Whatever works, works.

    Nahida brings up an interesting point, something I've seen a lot of in various discussions, arguments, etc I've had. I'm well aware how much people enjoy gaslighting.


    "...But I've come to realize that a lot of people just convince themselves they don't understand."

    This can be taken simply, or can even be applied to various things around, such as the various - "What" - comments I've gained, or - "I don't understand" - when people purposely gaslight to win an argument.

    Then it can also be applied to people being afraid of going the extra mile (of exploring the various boundaries) when it comes to experimenting with 'WiDAR', or anything else which would boost Rising World, or any other game. I love it when people go that extra mile in games showing what they truly care about, even boasting about the things they enjoy. I want to see more pure enjoyment and entertainment from people.


    "Very often, only once we get hurt badly are we finally forced to face our own laziness, ignorance, recklessness, or arrogance. There's nothing to regret, though. We have no way of seeing all the possibilities that lie ahead in the future, so we have to rely on clumsy trial-and-error to gain knowledge. Just think of pain as a tuition you have to pay."

    No pain, no gain. People are afraid of pushing their boundaries. In a Rising World sense I can also apply this in ways people are confused how to build roofs in Rising World, or struggling to accomplish anything. Test things out to then see how it goes. I sometimes dedicate days to experiment, to troubleshoot, etc. If it doesn't work maybe it'll work on another dedicated day. I spend days trying to figure out how to make roofs for my buildings, even mulling over it while I gather resources, etc. Trial-and-error. Experimentation.

    I don't want Genshin Impact to overshadow Rising World, it's just that I want to spread the wisdom, the same wisdom as noted by the 'Wisdom Archon' (God) of Genshin Impact. While Rising World grows there are things we can use in the Rising World realm to give us better experiences. She lurks in your dreams, she knows all. She used up all her magic causing her to be in her kid form, even though she used to be an adult. The world's pains and stresses takes a toll on both mortals and 'Gods' alike.

    Live life the best you can, do as much as you can, and try to make the most of what you can. Life can be truly unfair, it's games like these, Anime, and Rising World that allows us moments of peace. :monocle:

    Again, I can't wait for when Rising World rolls around into the API update so I can finally mod and customize Rising World to my desires. I also guess it's also a common occurrence I keep getting sick every other month, as I am now. No pain, no gain. Something Rising World does better is have more realistic mountains than Genshin Impact. Take solace in that fact that Rising World knows how to have realistic mountains, even ones outperforming Genshin Impact. It's closer to the mountains I've seen in British Columbia, and even Alberta.

    Lastly, if I offended Waveshapr in any form then I do apologize. Stress is stress and I'm trying to cope in my own manner. Anime is the way I vent and suppress my frustrations. I've had great moments in Rising World, hoping and wishing for when we get gliding and more music types in Rising World. I can't wait to play more Rising World, more so when we get fishing boat vessels, fishing, posters, horses, trains, etc. I want to reinstall the Jukebox plugin so I can have music blasting in my Rising World, even Rising World side of Waveshapr. Bring on the music. :wow:

  • Seeing as how the main demographic is German I thought I'd share some more Azur Lane goodies in hype of some German pride. Recent Azur Lane event focuses on the Iron Blood navy (German). I had a nice laugh how blunt the Germans are going into the thick of it to gain the juiciest of rewards. No pain, no gain. <3

    Bismarck has been revived (not dead, just healed via technology). She even obtained secretive experimental new rigging to save her life while doing overly epic things with U-556. She even sent U-556 META flying! The event is called 'Confluence of Nothingness' where a lot of crazy stuff happens. Mentally picture an overly surreal hour glass in another realm while also containing nothingness, yet a simulation, etc. Picture it as an ocean.

    The music is epic. I love it. Music is serious as the event & Bismarck's new-found resolve.

    Bismarck Zwei! REBORN!

    And her serious determination.

    This event provided Bismarck Zwei, Regensburg, U-556 META, Otto von Alvensleben, & Jade. A mighty powerful fleet. META basically means a shipgirl having gone into "depression" after having lost everything in the world. It's worse than "depression" leaning painfully close to death; Nearly soulless. It's a corruption on a ship's hull in an overly painful manner.

    This event is a Part 2 to the Part 1 being Bismarck's historical reenactment sinking. This second event is Bismarck having regained her status as a mighty battleship, if with a catch being a stop-gap measure relating to her overly powerful rigging. Bismarck still suffers, yet at the price of being an overly powerful and mighty battleship. She still yet suffers, yet in style.

    All hail Bismarck! And for U-556 (Meta) for becoming a flying submarine thanks to Bismarck Zwei.

    I would hype up and be proud of my Canadian fleet, yet they aren't added because Canadians are allegedly "minor", or even useless. No fun allowed. Hyping up Bismarck Zwei while also not allowed to be proudly Canadian.


  • Just a side mark. I don't think Germans show "pride" of any military of 1st or 2nd world war.

    At least most aren't. Those who are, are probably not the type you want to be proud on or in touch with

  • Just a side mark. I don't think Germans show "pride" of any military of 1st or 2nd world war.

    At least most aren't. Those who are, are probably not the type you want to be proud on or in touch with

    It's indeed been noted Germans have been taught not to be prideful thanks to WW1 and/or WW2. I however am aware there are neutral Germans out there who at least admire their WW2 aspects when having played Silent Hunter 3 via vanilla or modded. They can pay their neutral respects, or at least pride themselves in some way of admiring some aspects by sharing their journey.

    I'm also well aware of extremism and fake political mindsets having corrupted both the North American and European locations.

    I'm still however going to share anything German because of this being a German oriented fanbase. You have to be happy about some things about your home land or else you're just simply dead inside. I hate my fellow Canadian people for being both naive and corrupted; I hate my corrupted government, yet I admire everything else about Canada. I admire it for it's achievements, for the scenery, and sometimes the small moments of Canadian life.

    I'm aware Germans were taught to be reserved, they can still be human. :nerd:

  • Excuse me? Being proud on any German military achievements in ww1 or 2 is, plain said, stupid.

    It was a nightmare that has caused millions of lifes and i don't think this or any other forum should be filled with that mindset.

    You can admire the technic of course but being proud of it from a nationality point of view would mean to be proud of what was done with this. And that's just wrong.

  • Oh, Avanar. The act you put on is quite hilarious. I wish you could be far more honest to your true feelings instead of putting on a false mask. ;)

    You say what you say, yet Japan has acknowledged the past while priding themselves on their navy. They've more or less moved on, unlike my country and yours. They genuinely admire their navy through-and-through, even to the point of attaching Kantai Collection to their navy recruitment to the point the navy is full of gaming and anime nerds. They're honest about it, unlike some nations and some people who believe whatever the media tells.

    - Yokosuka - Mikasa Museum


    All the above are related to WW2, MIkasa, and her Azur Lane persona. Below contains images of a KanColle curry spot.


    And a random Azur Lane souvenir shop. Cafe was closed at the time. Shame. Note the windows for characters from Azur Lane, not KanColle.

    (Inazuma and Ikazuchi in the window. Taihou inside, on a window/support beam.)

    Battleship Nagato in the background.

    Yokosuka is a military town south of Tokyo, proud of its military. It's an animation spot of a few military navy anime. I've even obtained the stamps for the stamp book I was gifted back in Kure, Japan.

    More below.......

  • Part 2 to the above posting.

    - Kyoto, Japan.

    Takao's shrine in Kyoto. I've used Takao from Azur Lane, not Kantai Collection for the AR Mode.

    - Naganami's Shrine in Kyoto. Holding up Kantai Collection's Naganami for the shrine.


    Akizuki cardboard cut-out at Amanohashidate. I was suggested to go to other stations, I simply had no time. This was one of the only other stations after Yura I had to go to.

    Azur Lane's Akizuki with Kantai Collection's Akizuki.

    - Kantai Collection Arcade in Osaka, Japan in an Namco building.


    Yura, Miyazu, Japan (Tango-Yura):

    I basically went from Tokyo's Yokosuka to Kure, to then be told from Nara to go to Maizuru from Kyoto. From Maizuru I was told to go to Yura so I kept adding more areas to go to.

    (Tokyo > Fujikawaguchiko > Tokyo's Yokohama > Kure > Hiroshima > Osaka > Nara > Kyoto > Maizuru > Kyoto > Maizuru > Yura > Amanohashidate > Kyoto > Osaka > Sapporo > Tokyo)

    Part 3 after this.

  • funny how you keep complaining about others bullying you and yet you want to tell me how to feel about my own past and assume you know my real feelings better than me. anyways, it was the last time im getting in touch with you. the path you took since we met here on RW isn´t mine.

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