• This sounds like a good idea :) :thumbup: We will implement that for the next update (where it will at least affect the time it takes to smelt an ore). Once growing plants and food is implemented, they will also be affected by this setting (or maybe we'll add separate settings for these things).

  • I know it's a big task to implement in to the game but it would be really cool if we could plants like in Farming Simulator 19 instead big equipment just something small, like small tractor and plow or cultivator and other equipment and the crops we harvest we could trade for something else like seeds or money I think it would be cool.:)

  • Will there be a way for server owners to alter the speed that plants/food develops and grows? This would be handy for servers that have a monetary system, a way to control the value of food and materials by the speed they develop. This would allow for a better controlled farming profession IMHO.

    Spawn speed, the ability to regulate the amount of vegetation, the ability to regulate the collection of resources, etc. this will significantly unload a weak server that uses mods (economy, etc.) + this will add complexity to the game (fewer resources, long development, which will contribute to the online server) ... It is possible in the future to introduce the quality of items, resources into the game, which will also affect online (to build a house from a quality resource that has previously undergone technical processing, and some resources could be found or obtained from a fresh resource "wood" high-grade wood, quality too dropout% will have to be adjusted).

    Example Quality resources for:

    Quality Tools Affect Collection

    A high-quality resource affects the fact that the player's stove does not fall apart and his house does not burn down.

    Food quality affects storage length.

    The quality of the seeds, saplings that the player has planted.

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