Building question

  • I been playing to start a a building to make nice area for chests and crafting tables. I wanted to add shapes to the building but having issues. I try to use 'C' menu with items but getting annoyed. Using half round against square blocks. If half rounds goes north and south they snap on to squares blocks. Now if I change to east and west, there is a gap between half round and square. Instead of lining up with squares (half squares in a block), it is in the middle of the square block. Is there a way to close the gap. Trying to give half round stone curve look. Example is taking a pipe laying it down so you can add pipe to left or right sides, running parallel to the ground.

  • Thanks, I had to change the grid size (0.25) for it to snap on. Resize shapes 2.00x1.00x1.00 still not smooth. Ramps and blocks to overlay smooth using the same size. Blocks are wider while ramps are bit longer.

    If you want the parts to dock perfectly you need to disable the grid and use the docking function. Aim at the middle pivot (at a regular block) and it will work just fine.

    The standard size for all block shapes are the same afaik.

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