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  • "The Beginnings". I'll be splitting this off into many parts, this first part can be considered a prologue of what I went through, what I plan to do, etc. It may not be "photogenic", I will however TRY to put appealing pictures for viewing pleasure. I love Rising World, I want to share the fun. Even if people may dislike me (for whatever reasons), I still want to share my fun and enjoyment with Rising World.

    With the biomes update finally having been released it's time to have fun. Time to get cracking for real.


    Prologue of - "Harbour City" (To be named later; Founded on November 2nd, 2022)

    - A crude picture of where my main settlement shall be. I forgot name of this enclosed body of water. (I tried searching up water terms; Cove, bay, gulf, etc).

    - Red = Red forest

    - Black arrow = points to spawn 1 minute away

    - Outter North-south arrow = Planned outter harbour (bigger boats)

    - Inner east-west arrow = Inner harbour (Smaller boats)

    - Orange/Red Pin = My home.

    (World Seed: 4520548379456497)


    - "Spawn" (Humble beginnings):

    This second image reminds me of my time in British Columbia. Just a 2 minute walk leads you to my WIP harbour settlement. My humble beginnings, my actual start in this new Unity world. Onwards to adventure!


    - "Harbour City" (To be named later):

    Found a lovely "inlet" allowing for proper protection of boats. Good place to shelter up, build up, and to set up a trading area. As noted, took me a few hours and days to start construction, finally founding my 'Harbour City' (TBD) to allow for smaller and bigger boat traffic. Started off with a main road, a harbour lining, and even placing my home first. My home may be "simple and boring", it however is functional, or should be. Gotta start somewhere. I scouted out the terrain to find the 'medium' height range between high and low, painstakingly flattening the area. Doing this, I even fiddled with blocks finding out (through a guide on Steam) that 'C' gives me more building controls. I still decided to stick to the default grid giving it a more "European" built vibe.

    Painstakingly digging out stone and dirt, flattening areas, planning to curve the terrain to the mountain later.

    - My WIP Home next to the roadway.

    I'm well aware this isn't much, I however gotta start somewhere. This is my "somewhere". I now need to name my settlement. I need to finish building my home, my workshop, my pub, storage building, fishing warehouse, etc. I have lots to build and rebuild. I even need to place a simple shelter of a structure at spawn. I may not expect visitors, for when I do it needs to shelter people. Needs to have basic supplies, etc. For now, I'll be working on my harbour settlement, picking out a name for it, and just settling in.

    - My home with a "garage". To gain an upper floor later.

    - Painstakingly figuring out how to build steps down to create lower levels of the harbour for rowboat, rib, etc.

    - View of the inner body of water, the WIP roadway, the my WIP home. The dirt I'm clearing.

    It's a start. Now to continue the process by working on my farm. Now I simply need more time to actually do what I need to do; To build fancy stuff. I wanted to build a rowboat for the past few days now, I however need a farm, a farm I need to make by clearing out dirt. Dirt is slowing me down so much.


    My concerns:

    - I wish we could pick up dirt from dirt voxels.

    - I wish I can place dirt (I have to use rakes).

    - I wish the pickup sound wasn't destruction, more of a peaceful JAVA pickup sound.

    - I love how the water adapts to the terrain (no concern there).

    - Having to painstakingly clear out dirt with everything getting in the way.

    - Cycle spawning dirt from grass blades (to be fixed by Red51 later).

    - Can't place raw stone in terrain.

  • - Port Vilipic - (Now named Port Vilipic & Vathunver, Main & upper).

    (As viewed from the now named 'Vathunver' area of the 'bay', or whatever it's called. View main drawn map for orientation.)

    The tentative name 'Harbour City' shall now be known as 'Port Vilipic', as picked from a name generator. Port Vilipic for mainland goods, and 'Vathunver' for the northern portion to contain a lighthouse, and bigger needs (bigger ships, etc). I'm not going to update this thread with eveyr little thing, only noting what I need to note. Certain things I need to notepad, certain things I need to hype. Shall now be awhile until I complete a build, or a few.

    - Port Vilipec's farm is now up and running. Still have a lot of terraforming to do, it's a small portion of what I desire to plant. Needs farming building, storage, etc.

    (Sledge hammer has been a blessing to me. Thanks! I need a better rake though. I need grass to beautify the land, and of course I can wait. Hotfixes are mandatory.)

    - New achievement unlocked! Row boat get!

    - It even has storage, and does it much better than Minecraft! (Sadly, because of work, I can't go on an adventure just yet).

    Rowbow get! Farm is progressing, and now working on the "upper" (main) part of Port Vilipic now. I need a sign to cement the name in place, however need to wait for appropriate update. I'll have to force myself to remember, hence this posting. Still trying to work on my house, trying to plot land for a park, a warehouse/workshop, and even continue to expand my farm. I even have 'town' boundaries I'm trying to mark out.

    Planning a bridge to connect Port Vilipec and Vathunver at the mouth while making sure it'll be elevated enough for potential future boats. If not, my original plan still stays allowing larger vessels to park on Vathunver's outter edge, even next to a planned lighthouse.

    Now that I have more plans to implement this shall be fun. Red51, thanks for awesome stuff. Thanks for the recent apple tree sapling fix, I could only get 0. Now I can get 1, or have gotten only one. I'll seek out more later. I however can't wait for for grass to beautify the dirt. When it rains it looks like a nasty mining town from the 1800's. I also wish for a lower tech measuring tape I need to keep my roads at a certain diameter. I'm probably going to be forced to upgrade, something I don't wan to do right now. I need to settle in first. I need to flesh out my harbour with blue walls, have boat shelter, etc.

    Onwards to adventure! WOOOOOOOOO!

    My plans:

    (The next posting shall only contain finished buildings. I won't spam on a daily basis, only adding additional thoughts to notepad.)

  • A bit more on the completed side, though the final touches shall be done as we go along. I need a few more future updates to complete stuff.


    - Vathunver - Bridge connecting the port, gradually leading to inner city; Canadian Tower:

    With 'Port Vilipec' on one side, we have a more urban settlement on the other side named Vathunver. One is rural themed, the other is urban themed, both a part of the same bay. Both are connected by a bridge (as noted in below image), which leads to Vathunver's port large enough for future boats. It can handle many small boats to a few big ones. While Port VIlipec handles small boats, Vathunver can handle big boats. The first building to great you, other than the port, would be the 'Canadian Tower', still WIP. It has window frames, just not glass. Its missing middle portions, furnashings, etc.


    Port Vilipec - Smeltery & Storage:

    A small 2-story building with smelters and crafting stations. Can even hold a basic amount of storage for your blocks, fuel, and other sort of needs. Contains one large smelter, one medium one, and 2 small ones. Shall be furnished and decorated as we progress.

    2nd floor - What one fails to see externally is a neat protruding roof. Still needs glass.


    - Port Vilipic - My Home:

    Just a basic home with two floors, and an attic. Nothing special, just something to call home and have fun with to store loot. Has room for a potential horse, vehicle, or whichever.

    - Main floor:

    Second floor leading to an upper area with a ladder.

    - View of the ladder leading up while looking into the room itself.

    Been busy in "survival mode" setting things up, building, and working on things. As noted, mostly finished the "Smeltery", the port area (minus the interior), the Canadian Tower, and even my home. From here on out it needs to simply be further furnished, provided proper glass (not iron resources), grassed up, glassed up, etc. Just a few final touches here and there.

    Of my list, I'll update the progress.

    Trying to work on the inflatable boat with it being fairly resource intensive. I"m even lucky I found aluminum locally, not in the snowy mountains.

    Park needs more tree types, flower/garden types, etc. Need grass material in survival mode. Farm still being cleared out with too much mountain in the way, though have started onwards towards a mine. Pub/restaurant still needs to be worked on Port Vilipec side. Same with fishing warehouse, that needs a proper design as well. I won't rush these two builds.

    Boat shelter I can do, soon. Lighthouse I can do fairly shortly. I'm happy with the game, though shall hit a brick wall soon. I feel I shall hit a brick wall once I complete my list.



    My world is closed to public (singleplayer world) thanks to a few public happenings, slander, etc. Keeping it closed to my social circle, for now, while waiting on NPCs. My world is intended to be visited, just not in a public manner. Invite only. Too many criticisms, everything allegedly being my fault, etc. People wanted to blame me for everything under the sun.

    When appropriate, I shall release a Youtube video covering my world. When the time is right.:monocle:

  • Steps and paths I find fiddly to do. Oh and rooves on budlings sighs. Id rather pay someone to do mine hahaa

    I'm learning by observing other people's creations, even experimenting and fiddling with the controls since Day 1 of the biomes update. Trial and error, reverse engineering. It'll come to you in some form or another as you fiddle around. I have yet to do the stone path types.

    I guess a plug-in would help you in the future, maybe. As for roofs? I Just 'YOLO it. I go with the flow experimenting and fiddling around as well. Basically, it's random & experimental.

    Working on my docking area, but focus on the top left of the image, how that roof sticks out. Compare it with the interior of the smeltery building. 8)

    When in doubt, keep it simple.

  • One suggestion - play a bit with the Texture sizes. If you have bigger surfaces the texture is very repetitive in RW. But if you make it 0,5x or even 4x or in between you can get very nice patterns.

  • I guess a plug-in would help you in the future, maybe. As for roofs? I Just 'YOLO it. I go with the flow experimenting and fiddling around as well. Basically, it's random & experimental.

    Aye its what i do for hours on end haha, placiing and breaking placing and breaking, redo redo redo haaaha

  • One suggestion - play a bit with the Texture sizes. If you have bigger surfaces the texture is very repetitive in RW. But if you make it 0,5x or even 4x or in between you can get very nice patterns.

    Noted. If it's console command related I consider that "cheating" so I won't really use it. Everything has to be at my fingertips. All survival based. If it's in the 'C' menu I will take a look into it whenever I get motivation again. I got burnt out.

    Aye its what i do for hours on end haha, placiing and breaking placing and breaking, redo redo redo haaaha

    That's the natural nature of being a creative. Similar to at novelist scraps paper, as do we with our builds. It's genuinely fun at times, other times even making use of it in other builds. It's a fun learning process, as long as you haven't spent huge resources into the mix. :monocle:

  • Ahhh yes in survival would be a frustrating thing for me to do fancier roofs. The resources id waste eeeekkkk


    I'm a person that can find a way to dedicate a day to resource hunting, another day for building, and then another chill (calmer) day to do the final touches. The third phase is something I'm doing now for most of my builds waiting on more fluff.:!:

    You can change texture size via C

    Excellent. Next session then, whenever that shall be. Being overwhelmed is fun. :monocle:

  • After a long hiatus and long delay, I finally made more progress in both areas. Mainly Port Vathunver by flattening areas "north" and "south" of the area creating roads. Even more plots of land to work with while recycling the stones back into my project.


    - Vathunver -

    Silk Tower:

    This 8 floor tall tower is dedicated to hemp, cotton, and cloth functions. It shall handle hemp (eventually cotton), while also eventually holding and handling future player character clothing stuff, hence the 8 floors to process and handle everything. Even furniture. Windows shall be added at a later date thanks to the train tax I have enacted. Glass currently requires iron, I need that iron for trains later.

    - There is enough room to partition, store, and handle whatever I need cloth related wise.

    - My Canadian Tower is no longer lonely. It now has a partner to chill with.


    With this, more buildings are being planned to occupy the vacant plots of land freshly cleared out. Made room for a lighthouse next to the Silk Tower which I shall work with later. I've got so many plans I can't wait to put them into action. Some shall have to be low buildings though as to not block the tower's visual range.

  • I've uploaded a "tour & Plan" video relating to my Port Vilipec and Vathunver settlement.

    The video uses TTS to show off my progress with roads, terraforming, my WIP projects, my farm, my home, park, pier, smeltery, vacant lot, WIP bridge linking to Vathunver, and even Vathunver itself. We get to see the big trading area, storage, crafting and sleeping areas, Canadian Tower, and Silk Tower. I even go on to note Mining Turtles and Little Maids mod in comparison to Rising World's desires.


    Disclaimer: If the video has poor resolution I'm blaming Youtube. It's fine on my hard-drive; The file itself is fine. It's on Youtube's end. I plan to make more of these video formats so I hope people enjoy these. I want to keep making videos using TTS, especially with how loud my computer is. I'm even considering downgrading my mic from a Yeti to a budget gamer headset. These videos may be few weekly, monthly, etc, depending on life and priorities. Some quality over quantity. :monocle:

  • Rising World - Admiration & NPC Desires:

    The video may be a bit long winded, I however talk about WHY I admire Rising World. A bit into my past, about what games I grew up with, and why Rising World hits the right notes. Red51 is awesome for always listening, always putting up with our "crap" (our silliness), and how I'm looking forward to the API, NPCs, boats, and other goodies. I've tried my best to balance out the mood to be neutral over all. I've also shown further concern I may be unable to play Rising World in the future hoping that I can. Not just myself, others also. Future is uncertain. I genuinely love this game, I hope I can keep playing it for a long time.


    Noting for the Record:

    From the video.....

    The video shows my settlement of Vathunver on Feburary 4th going up the coast to view an outpost I'm waiting to properly colonize. Before that you can see my newly built stables for horses and other mounts. Newly placed roads and pathways. Even starting off from a WIP Apartment building sturcture. A touched up harbor/port area. Though, the further up the coast you can even note another area I want to also colonize next to some mountains and pine forests. Noting for the record - 'Outpost' has been founded on Feb 3rd, and 'Outpost 2' has been founded on Feb 4th. If I can't obtain animals at my main area I can always obtain them in other areas. The first outpost also links up to an inland lake allowing for inland fish to be fished up at a later time.

    I'm trying to keep myself self-contained in a certain radius to allow future biomes to spawn in. It's a bit constraining, I however hope future biomes spawn in later, whenever those biomes are released.

  • - Vathunver Area - (port side):

    With the summer finally gone, and more time provided to myself, I've been adding more onto my Vathunver side of things. Currently working on a WIP Shipyard/drydock area (for small and medium sized vessels), a building inspired by real-world Maizuru (Japan) Red Brick Museum, and it's Red Brick variants. They're not 1:1 replicas, though they're heavily inspired by them.

    Digging out the mountain took many hours, days, and maybe even weeks. I still have yet to clear more of it out, even using it back into the structures I build. It's insane at how rough the terrain is.

    (Drydock is on the left, Red Brick Museum is middle-left, and a storage building is on the right side (behind the trees). Two more buildings are behind the red brick building, something I'll show later upon completion.)

    (Kasumi is named afterAzur Lane's Kasumi character.)

    Decorations and displays shall be populated here at a later date. As with the Yura train, I need more updates to work with in making things more decorative in that variety manner. I will start placing picture displays in the mean time (coming soon). Everything shall be polished with time.

    (Side note: Why do I not use modern lights? I don't want to over-complicate my builds, in case future updates may make my builds incompatible. That's why I spam torch sticks.


    - Kelna Area:

    For my Kelna settlement I've built a Tango-Yura train themed to Kantai Collection's Yura train, as found (here). I've also built a teleportation building, and even working on a workshop type area (still WIP). Shall come back to all this later. I'll display those other builds later.

    (Main City hall, teleportation building (black & white), loading & unloading area, and the Yura train (now enclosed into a mini-park area.))

    The train isn't a 1:1 replica, though it is similar enough it would hype you up upon seeing it. It's now enclosed by trees in a park. More work shall be done to give it faux wheels, better seating, etc. Just seeing the train's shape is enough to make me proud.

    A museum building shall be erected later to showcase real-world images to Tango-Yura. Basically once I'm done going through my backlog.


    I'll be uploading more images, to the dismay of people desiring to wish ill will & misfortune upon me. More media shall come, even if people hate me for all the stupidest reasons. People are so needlessly bitter. I'm however happy I'm making more and more progress with my builds. :nerd::thumbup:

  • Very Nice! :D :D

    Thank you!

    I have more to share.



    I've proceeded to work on this some more in the interior manner. Spent a long while obtaining the necessary materials for posters, turning hemp into cloth, etc.

    Vathunver - Red Brick Museum (inspired/based on Maizuru Japan's Red Brick Museum) with my own spin on it. I placed both Kantai Collection (KanColle) and Azur Lane images into the museum as displays. Granted, this museum is also eagerly waiting for naval related displays, both from future updates, and anything API related from real world.

    (Above: The main counter area, waiting for more additions and ideas on how to form a counter. HMS Formidable (Azur Lane) can be seen in the right side of the image, as with the WISP named Kasumi, after Azur Lane's Kasumi, also based on a real world WW2 Japanese destroyer.)

    (Below: Second floor waiting for more physical decorations of any sort. Anchors, propellers, canons, etc. Anything. Even showing off the railing.)

    Going to note that adding these banisters was a pain in the rear trying to find the right angle. Was a struggle finding the perfect degree to allow it to slope upwards, connecting it with the rest.

    That's the Red Brick Museum, for now. Once we gain more features and elements I'll be polishing this, and other areas up accordingly.


    Vathunver's General Storage & Workshop:

    Nothing major, just something basic and quick. Needed a place to store my resources from all the terraforming, something this little building handles well. All those numerous barrels, something I'll eventually feed from for later projects. Maybe for external outposts. It has two floors while shaped as a loose olden house.

    I'm basically bouncing from one area to the next trying to complete everything on my own. I wish I had an NPC Helper to help me clear terrain away while I polish up structures, build others, etc. People betrayed me, friends also don't find Rising World interesting so I'm basically solo playing everything. How nice it would be to have NPC companions helping me out. I would house them nicely in my settlements. :monocle:

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