Super Noob, asking about future tutorials

  • Hey guys/gals. I have played the game for many years, and have played with friends and family, as well as a few servers I have had the pleasure of visiting!

    I felt it time to contribute, like adding models, recipes, to enhance this brilliant game.

    Then I get here, and I have NO IDEA about what an API is, or does LOL!! So I was hoping for a basic tutorial on how to import a cube, as most of my experience in "modding" comes from Quake and Unreal tournament 3 lol!

    I do have some experience with blender, and I would love to try importing a door model. I do have an understanding of "parenting", but I have no idea what I'm looking at in the directories.

    Is there a noobie thread or video that goes over these things in step by step detail? Thank you in advance, and blueprinting is phenomenal! I am so happy this game exists.

  • Hello,
    Since the plugins have only recently been added and they are still under construction, there are currently no beginner courses.
    Parts of the API are still under construction
    There will certainly be examples and tools for beginners and beginners in the foreseeable future

    "Simple" models from *.OBJ or *.FBX will also be possible with the next update, so far something like this is only possible with the bundles via Unity

    In general, it will make sense to deal with the bundles, as this provides significantly more options (VFX) than are possible with *.FBX

    Here's a start new-plugin-game-objects

    I have collected everything that is already available in the forum for plugins code schnipsel

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