Old wood carts set

  • Old wood cart set

    27/05/2023 - Initial release.

    27/05/2023 - Update 1.1 - Minor update for a small fix (including a "new" empty heavy cart).

    01/06/2023 - Update 2.00 – More carts and variants for ancients carts.

    Planed in next version : More carts, feel free to make suggestions.


    It’s a set of old wood carts of different size and shape for preindustrial worlds. Most are designed to be used with horses or others draft animals (bullock, donkey, horses...). Of course, its only static objects for scenery at the moment, but that can eventually evolve if the game allows it someday.

    The hand cart is the only vehicle designed to be pulled by a human. They are three frame variants : a solid wood box, an openwork plank crate, and a rustic stick frame.

    The basic cart is the simplest animal-drawn vehicle. They are the sames standard frames (box, plank, and stick) in two shapes, narrow and wide. The box variant exists with or without bench.

    The long cart is an elongated version of the basic cart, still on one only axle, for bulky but not too heavy loads. They are the same variants than the basic cart, except the box one.

    The hay cart is a specialized variant of the long cart for hay carriage. They are a narrow and a wide empty versions available, the full versions are private because I use some Deidre work on it, and I have no explicit authorization to use this blueprint in my own work. I will make a little update if I obtain this autorization.

    The heavy cart have the same size than the long cart but on two axles, for bulky and heavy loads. The same variants than the simple cart are available, without shape variation.

    The small transport cart is designed for human travel without important load, only a chest on the back is available.

    Moreover, the cart wheels in three sizes are available separately.


    Just unzip into your blueprint folder. Of course, you need to use your blueprint table to obtain the set content.

    If you have installed the v1 or v1.1, you may remove it first: some cart have a new name in v2.

    Raw info

  • If you're a perfectionist, there are the drawbar-steered front wheels and brakes (brake pads).



    If later mechanics is possible, then the ladder truck can work properly.

    Tschak - Wenn ich gewusst hätte, was die alles damit in die Massen tragen :| Werdet Euch klar, was Ihr wirklich wollt und ändert gegebenenfalls Euer Leben ^^
    Schnellhilfe / quick help alt / old

  • Thanks Boing for the resources that you provide, that's helpful. You are right, the brake system and the drawbar need to be in focus for the next update.

    If you have more documentation, I always appreciate it. I have no wood cart at my disposal to check all the details ;)

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