A solution for the "the grass dont grow back" discussion!

  • Hey my friends! i was hear about the grass dont grow back to the dirt and its so difficult to make a good garden...
    i have the solution! you can cheat the grass with the console command: "item ore [amount of grass you want] 2"
    now you can remove the dirt and replace it with the grass shapes :D i hope i can help you^^

  • right, but a few people asking for a solution for that problem so i have made a new post^^

    I like the artworks of ores for the new update already now *:*
    -Sorry for my bad english, im not a gentleman and im not using google translator xD

  • worldedit doesnt work at my things... i cant load singleplayer worlds if its in my scripts folder and if i drop it into my scripts folder at my server the server doesnt start

  • Can you Imagine someone (like me ) that hacked down miles of that grass to make dirt roads only to have it grow back ?
    It would be nice though to replace it if you made a mistake.

    i think once cut it cant grow back unless you plant grass seed this will work and when you cut you get grass seeds

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  • that's a nice temp solution until having grass seed in the game. that also makes me think after doing a bunch of planting in RL. 57 pepper plants and another 48 to transplant. Fertilizer - we have cattle and sheep and they drop some very excellent fertilizer lol. anyhow it'd be nice to be able to utilize the "whole farming aspect". Mixing soil with fertilizer, tilling the soil in the gardens to keep weeds out. the dreaded weeding the garden. adding wheat straw in the fall and tilling it in for spring to re-plant.

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