Happy Canada Day!

  • I saw a few Canadians on here so Happy Canada Day to the vocal & lurking Canadians on here :)

    Have fun raising that Canadian flag in your Rising World settlements. Hope you're having a blast! Ottawa had dark dense clouds that prevented snowbirds from flying because 2015 is a shitty year. At least have fun where ever you are. :thumbsup:

  • :D In the name of my husband I have to say THX! Because he is a Canadian. :D

    And I don't need a Canadian flag in Rising World, we have a really big one in our livingroom on the wall :rolleyes: Canadian patriotism... :rolleyes:^^

  • thnx eh :)
    the clouds over Ottawa last year was because Stephen Harper was still in office but not any more. Sunny ways are here to stay now thanks to our new, more awesome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, yes son of former PM Pierre Trudeau

  • Wow....Just wow......I didn't want to dig into politics because it ruined the mood over at Victory Belles forum that I'm even afraid of visiting there. I ruined the mood over there because I wanted more spotlights on Canadians, the Dutch, Russians and Etc when everything is always blindly USA based. Got told off for being too proud in the same manner Americans are, but wow......This Steven Harper comment...... :S

    Sorry, but I view Justin Trudeau as a same piece of crap as Justin Bieber, Sydney Crosby & Lewis Hamilton. All attention seeking pimps that they make for good playboys for fangirls & fanguys to scream with. That, and politics is all the same crap anyways that you're still getting garbage from Trudeau as you claim with Harper in that implied manner.

    Also, we did get two heavy storms. The latter being MUCH stronger than the former with a nice natural light show going on. It dampened all the fireworks mood where I"m at, yet my friend on the east end got some fireworks fun. Canada Day this year being all that lackluster, yet awesome on the weather side. Nice dark-as-night thundering heh.

    But ya, thanks. Hope you all have had a nice Canada Day! If a wet one on the east side of Canada. Those nice thunderstorms :thumbsup: . The highlight of this 2016 Canada Day being the dark-as-night second thunderstorm & my Niska Village gaining a Minecraft Tower. I'll share more of these in the appropriate thread later.

  • House? Which one? If it was the one from Niska Village then that's been on hiatus for a long time. Too complex, and etc. Posted two images of what it actually appears as in a more completed manner. Rest of it in my 'server presentation' subforum with more images shown.

    LOL! Yeah, you noticed.

  • Ooo, I missed the one from last year. Alright, Happy Canada Day for 2019! 8)


    Azur Lane - Happy Canada Day! (Recognition)


    The same reason why I'm following Rising World is also why I'm following Azur Lane. Similar reason for SCS Software, though haven't seen much of a Canadian Paintscheme for their American Truck Simulator game. The Chinese Azur Lane developers went out of their way to commission an Canadian artist from Pixiv (a Japanese art site) to draw up a nice scene of some British-turned-Canadian ships in a French-Canadian stereotypical scene of getting some maple syrup into a Canadian themed maple bucket. HMS Fortune is on the left, HMS Foxhound is in the center (focus), while I assume a Bulin (something you use to reinforce a ship) is found at the right chopping trees. Canadian stereotype, something I approve of because it's genuine and not a "cheap" stereotype.

    – HMS Fortune – HMCS Saskatchewan
    – HMS Foxhound – HMCS Qu’Appelle

    There's apparently more in the mix. Hiding.

    It also makes me happy seeing people pushing for HMCS Haida to be added into any naval war game they see. She's in World of Warships, War Thunder, Victory at Sea, and even Atlantic Fleet. It's awesome! Even a mobage game called Warships Girl, one I don't play because of how perverted she is in that game. Azur Lane is on that fine line of 'tameness' when it comes to perversion, which I find "mostly" acceptable. I just love seeing people push for HMCS Haida, something I wish they would also consider recognizing HMCS Uganda (later HMCS Quebec) & HMCS Ontario. There are genuine Canadians wanting to be represented while silly Americans & other places use cheap stereotypes to cheapen the Canadian side of things.

    But yeah, Just noting how I"m happy Azur Lane developers went out of their way to give recognition to their Canadian playerbase. Hope they'll genuinely add in Canadians under the HMCS tag & their own faction.

    HAPPY CANADA DAY! :love:

  • Happy Canada Day! 2024

    (If highly belated by a few days.):

    Not sure what the other past posts were about from the past, I'm however going to share more Canadian hype and celebration. Another one of people's weird blame games from the long past, I guess, but I'll happily share more Canadian Pride awesomeness:nerd:. We had some nice historical fly-overs while also borrowing from USA's inventory to show what we would obtain for our Canadian RCAF inventory. Neat stuff.

    - Lancaster Bomber - VERA - Flying over Ottawa:


    I've also attempted to capture my own images, if scuffed. I was locked up in the house stressed from previous day's nonsense. I heard vintage planes, something you can see in above video.

    Aurora aircraft and CF-18's, or even F-35's. The vintage planes sounded awesome. The snowbirds were nice as well. Caught a glimpse, just not long enough to document for social media.


    Attempting to use Bing AI images to conceptualize a simplistic Canadian monument I'm going to build dedicated to Canada for 2024 in the Savannah biome. Waiting on the upcoming update to attempt the future build, or I may build one sooner. Who knows.


    The loose idea of what I'm looking forward to with the three above AI images used in conceptual manner for Rising World. I needed something to visualize my conceptual vision, AI helping me do that. I'll eventually do the grunt work when the time comes. I'll hopefully get around to it "shortly", whenever that it shall be. I'm aware people have been attacking me to cancel me off the internet (red51 was informed of who they are), even if I gave them a false sense of victory on Steam Forums & Twitter. I'm also aware one of them is on this forum to share what I say. I'll however eventually venture back into Rising World when the time is right. Maybe tomorrow, maybe a few days later once things mellow out, or whenever the update is released. Maybe I'll play with Yahgiggle's recently uploaded plugins, etc. :monocle:


    Bonus - Azur Lane (Canada/RCN):

    That Azur Lane hype-post is highly dated. They never added any more Canadians, and I'm peeved about that. There is a growing number of people who desire to see them added into these sorts of games, they however still haven't been acknowledge. Shame. Leaves them open for gaslighting and harassment. Still makes me highly happy seeing these posts.

    You have all these cute, crazy, and wild German shipgirl designs, just no Canadians. The German designs are neat, hence why I keep sharing them with the Rising World's German community. Look at the gorgeous 'Iron Blood' German designs. I'm happy Germans can connect with their German shipgirls, they have neat designs. I want to admire my Canadian shipgirls, especially for being Canadian born, and proudly Canadian myself, even if my nation is going down the gutter in parallel with Germany. They fought in WW2, and I want to acknowledge their presence, especially on both realistic and fictional, and actual patriotic grounds. Maybe I'll have to be forced to make an Azur Lane WW2 shrine along with this Canadian monument dedicated to Canada Day from 2020-2024. :monocle:

    Makes me happy seeing other Canadians desiring to see Canadians, especially on Canada Day. Proudly Canadian. I had to create AI art to fill in the void, to the dismay of more crazy people.

    HMCS Dominion - Essex-Class Aircraft Carrier (as proposed/offered by USA during HMCS Bonaventure's existence):

    That's my take. Azur Lane, KanColle, and other WW2 naval games shall do whatever they desire to. I'll dedicate a shrine later in my Rising World settlements when I finally obtain the time to do so.

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