Happy Canada Day!

Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • I saw a few Canadians on here so Happy Canada Day to the vocal & lurking Canadians on here :)

    Have fun raising that Canadian flag in your Rising World settlements. Hope you're having a blast! Ottawa had dark dense clouds that prevented snowbirds from flying because 2015 is a shitty year. At least have fun where ever you are. :thumbsup:

  • Wow....Just wow......I didn't want to dig into politics because it ruined the mood over at Victory Belles forum that I'm even afraid of visiting there. I ruined the mood over there because I wanted more spotlights on Canadians, the Dutch, Russians and Etc when everything is always blindly USA based. Got told off for being too proud in the same manner Americans are, but wow......This Steven Harper comment...... :S

    Sorry, but I view Justin Trudeau as a same piece of crap as Justin Bieber, Sydney Crosby & Lewis Hamilton. All attention seeking pimps that they make for good playboys for fangirls & fanguys to scream with. That, and politics is all the same crap anyways that you're still getting garbage from Trudeau as you claim with Harper in that implied manner.

    Also, we did get two heavy storms. The latter being MUCH stronger than the former with a nice natural light show going on. It dampened all the fireworks mood where I"m at, yet my friend on the east end got some fireworks fun. Canada Day this year being all that lackluster, yet awesome on the weather side. Nice dark-as-night thundering heh.

    But ya, thanks. Hope you all have had a nice Canada Day! If a wet one on the east side of Canada. Those nice thunderstorms :thumbsup: . The highlight of this 2016 Canada Day being the dark-as-night second thunderstorm & my Niska Village gaining a Minecraft Tower. I'll share more of these in the appropriate thread later.

  • Ooo, I missed the one from last year. Alright, Happy Canada Day for 2019! 8)


    Azur Lane - Happy Canada Day! (Recognition)


    The same reason why I'm following Rising World is also why I'm following Azur Lane. Similar reason for SCS Software, though haven't seen much of a Canadian Paintscheme for their American Truck Simulator game. The Chinese Azur Lane developers went out of their way to commission an Canadian artist from Pixiv (a Japanese art site) to draw up a nice scene of some British-turned-Canadian ships in a French-Canadian stereotypical scene of getting some maple syrup into a Canadian themed maple bucket. HMS Fortune is on the left, HMS Foxhound is in the center (focus), while I assume a Bulin (something you use to reinforce a ship) is found at the right chopping trees. Canadian stereotype, something I approve of because it's genuine and not a "cheap" stereotype.

    – HMS Fortune – HMCS Saskatchewan
    – HMS Foxhound – HMCS Qu’Appelle

    There's apparently more in the mix. Hiding.

    It also makes me happy seeing people pushing for HMCS Haida to be added into any naval war game they see. She's in World of Warships, War Thunder, Victory at Sea, and even Atlantic Fleet. It's awesome! Even a mobage game called Warships Girl, one I don't play because of how perverted she is in that game. Azur Lane is on that fine line of 'tameness' when it comes to perversion, which I find "mostly" acceptable. I just love seeing people push for HMCS Haida, something I wish they would also consider recognizing HMCS Uganda (later HMCS Quebec) & HMCS Ontario. There are genuine Canadians wanting to be represented while silly Americans & other places use cheap stereotypes to cheapen the Canadian side of things.

    But yeah, Just noting how I"m happy Azur Lane developers went out of their way to give recognition to their Canadian playerbase. Hope they'll genuinely add in Canadians under the HMCS tag & their own faction.

    HAPPY CANADA DAY! :love:

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