Need add a lot of things now..

  • Hi there,
    We need to add ti this great game some functions, like home command, top command, map of world will be good, minimap , etc.
    I know its only early access, but this is good functions.
    I think would be better check minecraft functions and copy it?.
    btw sorry for my eng :D

  • .....hey! this isnt minecraft, ok?! so the team wont/ arent allowed to copy files of minecraft because minecraft is copyrighted! so if you want to play minecraft, go to mojang...
    sorry for my hard words but its right...!

  • i know it, but its good thing on type this game and my reason is needed.
    How to solve the orientation and other things...
    I do not say I copied directly from things but imitate controls and fuctions.

  • Things like maps are in the works, atm you can you your compass to find your way back to your spawn (the regular needle points towards north, but there is also a small needle which leads you to your spawn).
    If you're looking for commands, you can also type "goto #spawn" into console (key ^ or ´) to teleport yourself to the spawn. Apart from that, you find an overview of all commands here ;) Some commands to spawn objects

  • Oh wow....People sure are touchy about Minecraft. I'm still having fun with Minecraft that this game can still learn a few things from it. I'm sure it has, yet can use more. Careful not to poke people's eyes out in Anti-Minecraft hate or bias :thumbup:

    Compass works, or so I'm seeing. I did suggest that the desktop computer be made usable while being able to 'download' explored maps onto it from the GPS type tablet to be able to view the map as a whole. The GPS being somewhat more simplified in how one views maps. Basically using the GPS to explore to then piece together the puzzle on the desktop computer while viewing the explored chunks into it to view a Google Maps styled rendering. That's for the modern age. GPS itself was latched onto by Red so not sure where that shall go. Maps themselves Red is saying he wants to add while leaving me stumped as to how one will be able to view maps on a desktop computer object, a tablet (if any), and the GPS itself hmm...

    My suggestion from Minecraft to Rising World is to make use of Minecraft's Google maps feature that Forge mod sites tend to have. Those maps that update ever 5-10 minutes so you can view them in the game while using desktop computers, tablets, & GPS. Just trying to help.

  • map - yes minimap - no. Maps will be good if you will heve like paper and you will "draw" on it actual map, and yea some idea from mc can be place in RW (meyby its coppyright but you know... heve in game like for example dk tnt or horses or map or somethink like that will not brake coppyright bicosue this thinks are very comon in sandbox games and trraria dont heve problem and its minecraft in 2d xD)

  • it is only an idea which think this game can only help. Lots of people by such options keep the game at a time when one of the very work so why not make a much better option without a framework like this and it looks much better.
    I do not know anything about protection but that's not the developers turn not mine.
    I am here as a fan of a lot would appreciate a version such as the FTB. and think that if such a thing and deploy here to have success like crazy.
    btw: thanks red for link to commands ;-)
    think that being this possible? Of course, not having to be exactly the same.

    And for adds to game:
    Add paper for craft: maps, books,posters.etc
    otherwise the time to add some machine types of elevators? I know it is early but if it's in the plan or not?

  • and next idea: play only with my friends (steamfriends) without server?
    its same if i use LAN game but i need hamachi or other soft for this. So my friend connect directly to me as to server.

  • next one: if i need craft more pieces not one, so what about add little window for write how many items do you need? or drop-down shelves and choose it?
    and stack for all items for full 64? cause i know, one watermelon its one piece for stack, but pieces of watermelon its problem to add them to 64 or more? o add something item who can be allow this stack?
    and what about some bags? to add more place to my invertory?

  • Some objects cannot be stacked to 64 in one inventory slot. (See other postings with explanation why not).
    If you are allowed to receive bigger inventory this would mean an obstacle for the survival mode I think.
    Maybe you'll get a further backpack in future.

  • Why can't we have both then? Minimap AND paper based map? Then, people can just choose from the selection. The paper based one could be the medieval era version, and you could build yourself some kind of sat nav device for the mod era, which puts the minimap in the corner. :)

  • Why can't we have both then? Minimap AND paper based map? Then, people can just choose from the selection. The paper based one could be the medieval era version, and you could build yourself some kind of sat nav device for the mod era, which puts the minimap in the corner. :)

    yup, its good idea. And waypoints can add by the need for pins to make them able to stick to map.

  • Other ideas:
    And what about to add things like blacksmith. when someone not wanting the classic version but will build your own? then do what tech machines with lots of added fuel, such as coal or charcoal. So the possibility of adding a furnace where the wood (logs) was converted into charcoal and thus could ignite oven for change ores to ingots.
    then think of the ores are too far apart and that would be that there could be more, but I think one would have everyone set by Command. low ores, standard ores, high and resources on map.hmm?

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