Changelog 2016-06-29: Fuel requirement for furnaces

  • I like this idea because I've seen similar for the likes of Minecraft bukkit servers with their player-driven economy. Just tie it in per server, which I think you said, then that's fine. That, and NPCs getting involved.

    Reading what Arcane is saying about EULA, Mojang, Notch, & even blacklisting is the fault that should stay over in the Miencraft world. People have been shitty over there that they should stay over there. What I'm seeing here is fine, and if it works harmlessly for its own digital currency to tie into NPC traders & such then that's fine. I see no issues with it. You're trying to tie servers, yet that may get highly messy in itself that I'd just say keep it simple to have it be server per server thing, unless people start making multiple worlds to behave as one.

    Seeing people put those weird packages of paying with their parents money to buy stuff to support a Minecraft server is pathetic, and why I preferred privates servers. Still do. Glad what is being suggested is a free thought & concept. Mojang community is toxic and shitty, with special thanks to spoiled brats of a hoard of kids with shitty parents. Kids assuming they're all special so they try shouting back showing how spoiled they are by using their parents cards for being ripped off with in-game items. The same type of items you can just get in the game, yet you need to pay to get them, or to be privileged into getting them. No need for that. Everything should be at your fingertips with no pay-gate. I find the blacklist proper. But that's really not part of this topic.

    Arcane having a rough day, or just trying to stir up drama. Hope it's the former because there's plenty of rough days out there.

  • ty, ya everything i have ever done and will do in the future is for free. i enjoy coding just as much as you guys enjoy playing video games like RW.
    I was thinking for the stock exchange to be game wide so servers that have a currency system in place that sell items can base their prices on the exchange rate on the site. And so far what i have seen of those servers who do sell items for in game money (NOT REAL MONEY) dont force players to buy those items. Like LEVELUP server, they sell ores, tools, weapons, food but dont block their players from getting those items on their own and LEVELUP dont ask for a single real life dollar.

    In fact the only 2 things i have paid for since starting this game on May 5th was the game itself and the server i got my rising world test server on. thats it which i love to see :)

  • You probably mean an "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"? This isn't related to memory at all, however, I'd recommend to create a separate topic for that ^^

    Exactly ;)

    If there is no more reflection, make sure "Water reflections" is enabled in your settings menu. Eventually also make sure that "graphic_water_reflections_quality" in your file is set to 3. What HD 4400 do you have exactly, an "Intel HD Graphics 4400", or an "ATI Radeon HD 4400 Series"?

    Ive just checked my config. Its set to 3 but the problem persists. I have an Intel HD Graphics 4400

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