Upcoming: Dungeons and Plugin API

  • That argument above about Minecraft was far too "logical" that it went the route of Spock & Tuvok in Star Trek. So logical that the obvious was missed on a very basic level. There's only so much you can do with written information that simple pictured information can go much further. It saves so much time that it negates manual labour also. That's why we have satellites mapping out regions now & still. Being able to see how the land flows, curves, & such makes things so much easier, thus the 'Amidst' tool, and the Google Maps tool. Hell, even the in & outside game feature of 'journeymap' which combines the two with the web version rendering what you've seen every 10 minutes, or so. It's up to you to calibrate how it renders, and how often.

  • Arctic,

    Say what you want about Tuvok but you best not be dissing Spock. He was one of my greatest role models as a child and still guides me to this day. Logic is like a candle that burns brightly in a demon haunted world.... Yes Carl Sagan is another role model of mine. I think about him whenever I eat apple pie! ;-p

    Anyways, the problem with finding strongholds in Minecraft is that there are no easy ways to find them without using map tools or flying through the world. I think older versions would create tall glass pillars in the air so if you found them them you would simply dig straight down. I hope that underground strongholds will be easier to find in Rising World. Perhaps they will be larger with multiple entrances. Perhaps merchants will sell you maps to find them or perhaps they will be in areas of higher monster spawning rates. Maybe an enhancement to the ore detector or a new type of detector to scan for caves or structures underground will work.

    Regardless, the map tool pinpointing dungeons and waypoints is still a good idea.

  • Oh, I'm not. I'm just saying that being too logical hurts the overall perspective that going back to the basic is where things can also progress. The basics being the mapping programs & tools. Go ahead, idolize your idols. I didn't hurt them :)

    You'll need to kill Enderman for their pearls to keep throwing it up in the air to have it guide you. It'll "lean" in the direction it's in. You'll probably stumble across it within 1000x1000 radius of spawn. No further. There's however three, maybe, on a map. You would also have to go to the Nether to kill Blazes for their rods to attach onto the Enderpearl to have the pearl actually guide you around.

    As for dungeons in Rising World, I agree that there should be a broken structure up top, as well as bottom. It's what Minecraft was originally teasing, yet they shied away from that, for whatever reason. Red51 is smart so I'm sure he'll think up a common sense way to have you spot these dungeons, ruins, among other things. Cabins are simple, as are ruins. Dungeons will probably have an inlet, or something, similar to how Skyrim does its dungeons so you can walk into them.

    I also love the mention of merchants selling you maps to pinpoint the dungeon locations. As for you on the map, I hope it's some fun serious cartoon type drawing. The coloured pencil type of seriousness which should lead you to where we need to go. As for waypoints, I hope that's limited to GPS & tools because the way it's used in Rising WOrld is 'cheaty'. Same with the ones I see on servers with you seeing waypoints on your hud. Hope any waypoint is stuck on maps, GPS gadgets, and anything electronic.

  • This is for zFoxfire, as well as anybody curious. This is how badly Mojang screwed up with Strongholds when we were teased them. This is how brutally the feature was switched to being purely underground. The whole stronghold discovery. I also lied that there's more strongholds on the map. Not three, yet that's standard for pocket edition Scroll down to generation: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Stronghold


    (same image for when the other one breaks)

    As for why they removed the surface dungeon part baffles me. It's a shame I never bothered to make note of this, yet it makes sense when you want to go into the Stronghold. I wanted ot make an upper portion to the stronghold because that's what's missing. Some ruins of castles, or something. I had to make a stupid staircase continuing upward, as well as hearing mention of people creating castles above it to connect below for immersive sake.

    Again, I have faith in Red51 that he'll somehow link it up to the surface, or do something clever that we'll see something to lead us down into it. He should, otherwise how the hell do you get into these places. It has to be Indiana Jones style, as well as Skyrim style to keep you dungeon crawling. Hell, even Japanese RPG from the 90's with you going into caves and such. You had to have an entrance to reach them. As did whomever created the stuff.

    Mojang, in retrospect you keep fumbling simple things that Red51 keeps surpassing your silliness.......HOW?! How did they screw up so badly on something simple. Even with boats.....Even if they're row boats. HOW. As for variety in wood types in rowboats isn't what I meant by variety. I meant having a storage chest, and passenger types. The same crap with fossils/bones that you can't even display them in your base as you found them...... ||

  • I am familiar with the overall story of making it to the end in Minecraft. The problem is that its never really explained how in the game. Using the wiki even to figure out crafting recipes should not ne a necessity. I think Red is in allignment with the idea that you should be able to find new things in game with some level of intuition. Like I said before, finding maps or quests should be items you might get from merchants or find in above ground ruins. From there you should be able to find your goal (buried treasure or stronghold) with a reasonable amount of skill. It sucks that in Minecraft you have to use wikis or mods or cheats to progress in the game.

  • The whole wiki thing was the charm of the game that people challenged themselves in trying to figure out as much as they could until they they had to use the wiki. Later, this was fixed only for the console versions that you could make items with the recipes shown in the console version. PC version stays as is because people remembered the recipes. They're not that difficult, more so when compared to the modded side of things.

    Again, I can agree with finding items & such in a common sense manner. Even learning specific recipes from NPCs, tribes people, and such. Even relics in pots, abandoned settlements, and such.

    Yeah, again....the above ground stronghold bit baffles me because it should have been there from the start from that teaser. Mojang screwed up again, as always. ANother thing to add onto the list is how they never made pumpkin pie behave like a normal cake. I hope Red51 one ups them on the cake department by having items displayed happily :whistling:

  • Doesn't matter if its a minecraft tool or not, its a useful tool for a survival/crafting game where there is lots to explore. And F3 only shows you what biome you are in and your coordinates. I'm talking about potentially writing a program to extract the world data via the api and generate a map.

    Yes, I understood the idea is to arrive at tool mapping biomes (among other things). But, if you are curious now, you may start exploring and gathering sample data now via F3.

    when we import 3D models, are the textures attached to them or do we have to use the in-game textures?

    Good question! I assumed attached textures are also transferred. However, as this may rapidly escalate to a huge amount of server->client network traffic as the number of custom models increases, the dev team may have though of some limitation about custom texture. Definitely, an important detail!

  • Yatta! I'm glad Red51 is using necessary common sense to give us what we need. You have water? You have diving suits! Will have to wait for player models, yet we'll have diving suits! Yatta! Check the German thread because Foxfire pointed me towards this side. I'll now need to either make a basement for my home, or fiddle with an attic of some kind to store stuff. Display case, or whatever, for clothing stuff. Maybe even another separate structure of goodies.

    So many plans :thumbup:

  • Does this mean.... instant PvP/no PvP switching without touching the overal flag settings

    Well... this is not exactly what I was referring to, but irrespective of that, yeah this PvP limitation will no longer be a problem with the new API :)

    Will it be possible to craft items programmatically like in the "item [name] [selector] [qty]" console command, not to place them in the world -- this is already kind of possible -- but for instance to give to players?

    Unfortunately the first API version is not capable of doing this. However, once the API is available, there will be a new section in the forum where people can request new features or functions for the API ;)

    1) With this new API will we be able to add new plants, animals, food and or mob drops?

    You can only add static models. So you could add a new plant, for example, but it won't behave like a plant (so if you add a tree model for example, it's just static and you can't chop it like other trees). When it comes to animals it's getting more complicated: Theoretically you could do this with the 3d model (however, no animations will be possible this way), but you have to handle all AI related stuff yourself, which would be possible, but extremely complicated :| But I'm sure that it will be possible to add new animals etc. in the long run.

    2) Can we add new custom blocks, crafting recipes, tools and functions?

    That's not possible with the first API release. However, it's on our list, so later versions of the API will allow you to create custom recipes, items, furniture etc. ;)

    3) In the game files I have seen 16 different types of ore, tanning racks and a lot of other stuff. Would it be possible for us to activate these through use of mods?

    Of course you can create a mod for it, but this would be independent of the API. Or in other words, the API is unable to modify any clientside files.

    I guess underwater visibility will be increased/improved once we get underwater ruins

    Actually a diving suit and scuba gear is in the works, but it will only be available with the new playermodels^^

    when we import 3D models, are the textures attached to them or do we have to use the in-game textures?

    You have to assign a texture to it (i.e. load a texture from your hard drive). There is an "Image" object in the API which can be used for all kinds of images (GUI images, textures etc). The image object can be reused, so if you have a wood texture, for example, you can assign it to multiple custom models (but the image will only be transferred to the client once). Supported formats are jpg, png, tga and dds (which is the most preferable format in order to reduce memory consumption).
    Later it will also be possible to access the in-game textures directly, but I'm afraid this won't be ready for the first API release.

  • I apologize for asking some dumb questions.I dont have a lot of knowledge regarding 3d models.I am vERY excited about this though,so I want to find out how things will work.
    Several free online 3d models,like trees for example, have the leaf texture and also the trunk texture.If I apply one texture,the entire piece will look green,trunk included. Enlighten me please :/

  • I found this 3D plant model

    The model does not carry any textures, or more precisely, it will never be loaded automatically, so you always have to assign a texture manually. Some models you find on the internet consist of several textures, of course this does not work when loading it into the game, so you have to split the model into several submodels (there is always the rule: 1 texture per model).
    It's better when a model has proper UV-mapping, so all different parts are just on a single texture ;)

    Be aware that some models you find on the internet don't have any textures at all, but just consist of different colors in combination with some effects (those models are usually not intended for games). In this case there is no way to get them into the game (you can still load the model, but there is no way to transfer any color information or effects into the game).

    Btw, according to the image, this looks like a high detail model. Although there is no triangle limit in the game, you have to make sure that your models don't have too much triangles, otherwise it will have a big impact on performance. Models for games usually don't have that much triangles, but a lot of models you find on the internet are often ultra-high-detail, which is fine for rendering purposes, but not suitable for games (e.g. when a plant has hundreds of thousands of triangles, it will cause a massive drop in framerate already after placing just a few of them).

    Several free online 3d models,like trees for example, have the leaf texture and also the trunk texture

    If the leaf texture and the trunk texture are two separate textures, you have to load the leaves and the trunk as two separate models.

    lets say that the average size of a 3d model is 10Mb

    10 MB is quite a lot. This indicates that the model has probably an insane level of detail. As a reference, a maple tree in Rising World has around 6200 triangles, the filesize of an obj would be around 500 KB only. Or the current piano, an obj file would just be around 15 KB.

    Will the addition of a great amount of models drain the game performance

    Biggest problem would be the bandwidth. All data have to be transferred from the server to the client (of course this doesn't apply to singleplayer), but when the client has to download several GB before joining a server, it would be quite problematic ;)
    But if model files are really that big, it indicates that they consist of too many triangles, and this would result in poor performance...

  • I appreciate your response and the great explanation Red ! I just looked into a random model that happened to have a size of 10Mb. Models I care about are traffic lights,dumpsters etc with sizes between 15Kb-350Kb.If a tree is 500Kb and I can see close to 100 of them in just a few chunks,then I should be fine adding 30-90Kb models without compromising performance.Correct me If I am wrong.

    Also,I only play singleplayer.I dont care about creating a server. Am I still gonna be able to add 3D models into my world?
    Hopefully you answer Yes on that one.I am 36 years old and I dont wanna cry today lol.

    Lastly,this locomotive model below is 2Mb and now I know it wont carry textures.Its a .3ds. All I want is to add one of them into the game,of course for decorative purposes. How do I split the model into sections to add the texture in each one? This is the first time I will be doing this so I wondered which software I can use for this.

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