Upcoming: Dungeons and Plugin API

  • probably less that a year till we are out of alpha. At minimum he needs to get all the promised features implemented: dungeons, cooking, electricity, and trains. Then we can see lots of feature enhancements in beta. Im glad Red is putting more time into the new API so the modders in this community can get to work. I thing dungeons are going to include other structures such as log cabins but not sure about something organized like a village. But that wont be too far off I imagine. The core of dungeons is structure generation which could take many forms including villages. I bet the village will be just a variation of structure like a temple, a shack, or an underground dungeon, or maybe even a castle! Each is just a bunch of parameters fed into the structure generator.

  • 1) Which will be the the default scaling factor for custom 3D objects? In other words, a size of 1 object unit, scaled at 1:1, will correspond to which RW world size?

    Well, this depends on your modeling program. It's probably not possible to have a 1:1 scale, but the API offers a setScale(float) method to change the size of the model (you can even change the size on the fly, i.e. players will instantly see the change) :)

    2) There will be some "grace period" for the replacement of LUA scripts with Java scripts? Either a period of coexistence of both frameworks or a period of during which programmers have enough documentation to convert existing scripts before they stop working?

    Yes, once the Plugin API is fully available for the server (i.e. once you can load your plugins), the old Lua API will still be supported for ~ 4-6 weeks until it will be removed.
    If someone does not get his new Plugin ready in time, just let us know, I'm sure we will find a solution, and we will also help people as much as possible about their plugins.

    I have learned that when Red says "Soon" the update is 3-6 months away

    Wow, up to 6 months, where did you get that from? 8|

    The core of dungeons is structure generation which could take many forms including villages

    That's true! Actually the structure generation will be expandable, so new types of "dungeons" can be added in the future. The first release will not contain villages though, but abandoned shacks in the woods, for example ^^

  • Well, this depends on your modeling program. It's probably not possible to have a 1:1 scale[...]

    Having models scalable is fine, dynamically scalable in real time is great!

    Still, many objects have an inherent size: a Citroën C3 has a definite length/width/height, a table is usually 90-110 cm high, a violin is 56-58 cm long... It would be easier if the model could be designed with a ratio between modelling units and RW world units known in advance, rather than relying in a case-by-case trial and error process.

    Also because it has to be expected that model designers and model users (be the latter plug-in authors or final users) to be different persons, possibly even different teams, and some kind of 'standard' for RW 3D model interoperability would be rather important.

    Does your observation about modelling programme implies that the ratio will be different for different model file formats? Still, it should be known (or know-able) for each file format...

  • Still, many objects have an inherent size: a Citroën C3 has a definite length/width/height, a table is usually 90-110 cm high, a violin is 56-58 cm long...

    At least the scale is always the same for all models: If you create a truck with a length of 8 meters and a compact car with a length of 4 meters, and you import them into the game, the compact car will be half the length of the truck.

    There shouldn't be differences between the different file formats, unless a model was exported with a different scale. If you can provide a model I can tell you how much the size differs ;)

  • Announced, Back in July, I made the comment on this thread that it would be 3-6 months after Red Said "Shortly " , It seems I was correct in my assumption. Water , the API and some very minor cosmetic updates were completed in 2016 before the dungeons.

    This may be because Red spent most of his time on that API. He needs to get help. A lot more then he has now.

    This is not to take anything away from what Rising world will become, because the development team is so small, nothing will happen quickly.

    We will see what 2017 brings. I only wish Red and whomever is working on this the best.

  • I was wondering who made that silly comment, then I looked at the name it all makes sense. Common........Have you stuck around with Minecraft since pre-Alpha, with Euro Truck SIm 2, American Truck, or any game in development? Stuff happens that it forces you to be patient. But yeah, I guess you were indeed right. Not sure what that does, and not trying to be condescending. It just makes things awkward when you say you were 'right". Some help would be sweet, and why he has some for animations.

    Dungeons could have released earlier, yet Red51 felt the need/desire to release the helpful PLugin API, something that's actually being used properly. I don't see it as minor as it's being used as it should. Now, the problem actually being the community struggling to make plugins for various things that was listed as examples, among others, yet it can be Minecraft Bukkit's competition.

    Dungeons is now around the corner. We can safely say we haven't died, turned into a skeleton, or anything. We can say that this is normal development as with Minecraft and other games. It's a standard issue that's "something is being made out of nothing" type issue. Dungeons is now releasing for Christmas, and we should be happy. Shit happens. Same/similar frustrations I had to deal with Minecraft, more so when Mojang ignores your feedback & input.

    Yeah, we shall indeed see what happens next for 2017. Player Models & customization, maybe railway, maybe cooking. We'll have to see. :whistling: After the player models & customization update Red51 needs to make a new promotional video (trailer).

  • I understand your frustration @ffflo1993

    Nonetheless without any hard feelings I do wish to pin point a quote:

    because the development team is so small, nothing will happen quickly.

    Why do you need things to happen quickly ?
    What is the rush ?
    Is there any deadline written for the release of Rising World ? (seriously i don't know about one can i have a link if there is one? )

    Honestly some of the greatest things in life took the longest to achieve. coincidentally some of the best games out there took the longest to develop as well.

    The API is a significant part of the core game including the documentation which servers as a foundation to those who wish to extend the games abilities.

    The fact that it came before dungeons and player models or after , it doesn't matter. This is a work in progress game without official agreed upon updates timeframe so it is up to the dev when updates release and its up to the dev to figure out what he needs, its after all his budget and his business.

    long story short about waiting for updates.

    If you find yourself bored already within the game then you're playing Rising World the wrong way! - SilverSatin.

    And I do sincerely mean it.


    On the note that JIW Games needs more help.

    As far as I know (which most already know too) JIW Games already does outsource certain tasks, it might not be as quick as a McDonald drive-thru but that's a side effect of outsourcing with a limited budget.
    Lets not forget this is a first title for JIW Games (start small because they are small)

  • Ok Everyone chill, I was just poking some fun At Red. If you will look at my replies I have never said anything negative about this game, In fact I went out of my way to get the word out on steam. I was looking at some of the ages of some of the people making replies and most of you are still pretty much children. I was doing this Way Before you were born. So everyone relax , and enjoy and recognize a Joke when you see it. I was Never mad a Red. :)

  • Everybody is chill, yet Trillnar went pessimistic to dismissing people's postings in a passive aggressive manner, somewhat. Back to being chill that nobody replied to Trillnar. It's the tone of your comments so I hope you spend time enjoying Christmas.

    Checking in if Red51 released an Update, or is about to. I guess I'm playing more Astroneer :)

  • Sorry, sleepy post so more excitable so starting again....

    So glad to see that the update is coming out, yet a shame it has to release when I'm working. Even Vortac working on a day like today. Nice that it's a late birthday present, yet an early New Years gift. Zork is going to have fun, for sure, while I'll have to wait till later tonight for a snippet, and the rest of tomorrow night for more fun. Vortac may end up having fun tonight or tomorrow from what I'm seeing. Weem may be jumping on soon? We'll see. I'll see seeing bits & pieces of it tonight. Zork shall see all of it. Ah, what a day, damn it.

    It appears I shall be turning my pyramid into a trophy room type thing, unless I build a better one locally to Niska Village. WE'll see how it goes

    We're all hyped that I had a combination of being sleepy & excited. :whistling:

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