Upcoming: Dungeons and Plugin API

  • But uhm, staying on the water physics topic for a moment more, my concern is I collected water from a lake (my current spawn point is kilometers away from water sources) and so I created a small hole outside my spawn point where I poured the water to have it nearer to me. My question about this (and I swear this is the last thing I ask about this topic) or rather, my concern about this, is when water physics will be applied, is there risk that the water will slip away?

    The hole I made is deep enough to contain the water, but it's something that's been worrying me for a while.

    Also, will water run out when you drink it in later updates? (I hope not, but worth asking since I'm already asking all this stuff...) but yeah, those were two of my major concerns about water physics...I know it probably sounds dumb ^^'

  • The water will not be absorbed by the earth.If you keep drinking from it,will run out some time though.You can make a bigger hole, that way it will last for a long time.The water will not slip away if its in a hole.If the water sits on a downhill and there is a hole opening,it will eventually flow down the cliff and you will have a small waterfall.

  • also, I am noticing that the water ruins are not entirely composed by blocks. I figured immediately that the individual pieces scattered across the ocean floor were shortened beams but I just now noticed the broken piece on the wall immediately left of the doorway. Seems like a cleverly placed beam above a standard staircase block.

    Also, on that big chunk of stone sticking up out of the ocean floor on the left seems strange too. The mesh seems flawless for it to simply be a few wood beams of varying length placed together. Perhaps its just a programmed detail of combining objects and adjusting the mesh to make it look like one piece. Or perhaps its a custom shape (not a beam or plank or block). Either way, there is something clever going on and I suspect intentiomally show these screenshots as a clue to something else coming. Red always has an extra little trick up his sleve.

    Again,shame on me for not noticing this earlier.

  • Ok, looks like I'm the first to notice this here but..... there's a new wooden ladder variation too :)

    Not sure about that. The only thing that stood out after studying the images were dungeon loot "chest in water" cobwebs & skeletal remains. Looks like a Halloween Update and seeing as there was no specified date for release other than "Soon" one can only speculate that this update won't be out for at least another month. There's been a lot of speculation leading to rumors that the update should of dropped last week and it wasn't true. I think we should all sit on our hands than speculate the when and what. The update appears as this so far as specified in the first article:
    1} New Java API
    2) Slight modding capabilities
    3) Dungeons
    4) Dungeon Loot (chest in water)
    5) Skeletal Remains (burial)

    *As far as the ladder goes it looks more like a sewer grate though I could be wrong on that. It may be a ladder but the lighting could possibly be hindering the texture.

  • Hype :3 I do hope it releases "soon" X3

    But hm I might be wrong but the ladder looks like the "old ladder" model to me, yet, I could be wrong. Still, kudos to you for seeing that, I didn't notice until now

    Edit: well no I am completely wrong. But hm I doubt it'd be wood beams as you can not climb on them, you could put them so that they make a staircase but you can't really make a ladder of woodbeams (as far as my experience goes) so probably a new ladder model :)

  • I guess it could be a hand-built one, or maybe indeed a new one. It looks new to me because I rarely played with ladders. Well, at least it has some circular shafts heading down in odd places that I hope whomever was there before had some panel or strong carpeting above. One can easily drop down & hurt themselves. Well, that now makes you wonder what kind of floor plan these dungeons follow.

  • As long as the circular shaft stays the same and doesn't open up to a large area below then it should be quite safe. Even in freefall down such a shaft it's not too hard to grab onto the ladder again. Transversing ladders down large open vertical caves is quite dangerous. I've tried this once and by the time you are in free fall its likely too late to re-attach yourself. The ladder is farther out from its default snap point. I bet its positioned intentionally to prevent free fall.

  • Cheer up guys, we're only like this because we love this game. It's not that often I've been able to say that about many games.
    It does though seem like we have now have xmas 6 or 7 times a year, and I must admit I feel like a young kid, waiting ......waiting. .... waiting for our german santa :lol:

  • This is quite true. I don't believe I've been this excited about a game in years. I haven't been in such an amazing community in nearly 15 years. Red's involvement in the community also makes this game especially special. The wait time between updates is more bearable that way.

    Ok, Fantasy Rising World North Pole time!

    1. Mr. Claus -- Red51 even though he probalby spends most of his time slaving away in the workshop with the rest
    2. Mrs. Claus
    3. Krampus, punisher of Internet trolls
    4. Workshop elves
    5. Eight Reindeer
    6. Rudolpf

  • Exactly love it :)
    Seasonal upgrade.

  • Two easy (hopefully!) questions for @red51:

    1) Which will be the the default scaling factor for custom 3D objects? In other words, a size of 1 object unit, scaled at 1:1, will correspond to which RW world size?

    2) There will be some "grace period" for the replacement of LUA scripts with Java scripts? Either a period of coexistence of both frameworks or a period of during which programmers have enough documentation to convert existing scripts before they stop working?

    Thanks, M.

  • For the size i would guess 1:1 but red would have to confirm that as i said im just guessing lol for the grace period i have been told by red that there will be at lest some months that both frameworks will work, this giving us all time to replace our lua scripts :-D


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • For the size i would guess 1:1 but red would have to confirm that as i said im just guessing lol

    1:1 may mean several things: 1 design unit = 1 block, 1 design unit = 1 setl default unit, 1 design unit = 1 setl veryhigh unit, etc...

    for the grace period i have been told by red that there will be at lest some months that both frameworks will work, this giving us all time to replace our lua scripts :-D

    Great; this sounds very reassuring! :thumbup:

  • I have learned that when Red says "Soon" the update is 3-6 months away. I have not messed with this game in almost 3 months myself because I am waiting for more to get done. I am pretty much just waiing for steam to tell me the game has been updated . You have one or maybe 2 people working on this. I Personally would rather have seen random villages / towns before dungeons. Red at one time wanted to keep this more on the "Realistic" side. However , everyone is entitled to change their mind. This game showed so much promise early on,

    This game will eventually get done , I do not know when but it will take a very long time before most of the stuff is added. I am guessing 1-2 years unless he gets some help. It is going to be a long wait.

    I still think this will turn out ok. It is just going to be a very long time. Looking foreword to what Rising world will become.

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