Rising World: Are we Going somewhere?

    • Rising World: Are we Going somewhere?

      I've been playing this game for a while now as have a lot of you, some possibly longer. Recently I've looked at and read some of the reviews for the game and there seems to be a lot of negative reviews written as of lately. So let's look at the updates: Our best update so far was the addition of water to the game following this we got a pizza oven, a bucket, a canteen and finally a use for coal. In a way I can understand how these updates can frustrate some people but @red51 is the only person developing this game. Think of him as Markus Pierson from when Minecraft was first developed, it started out as an indie game just like this one. Who knows maybe @red51 is Markus, trying to strike gold for the second time around? The work is very similar with the exception the world isn't made entirely of blocks and doesn't have portals to the End or Nether. Concept came out shortly after Microsoft bought all of Mojang's stock and took control of the game. You never know ;)

      What I'm interested in is your opinion. Are the updates too small as noted in the reviews? What's your opinion for the direction the game is going? Is it good or bad? Explain.

      Here's my answer:

      Yes, the updates are too small but not too small to where they kill the concept of enjoying a rather "Peaceful" game. We have no zombies, wolves, deathclaws, mirelurks or even so much as a spider trying to kill us. In a sense it does seem to take a lot of fun out of gaming and makes it a block by block game, but I still enjoy it. For the direction of the game I'm unsure on this. We are getting dungeons, very limited modding capabilities everything is going to be static unless it's an interactive script/mod everything added that's static will default to a decoration. This means you can technically add more furniture, outdoor plants, indoor plants, custom trees, flowers, and more but it won't be interactive till the source code is released to do so. Till such a time I would say the game is doing just fine.
    • the game is developing just fine all things considered. Some of the extra delays are likely Red ensuring that the updates dont cause any technical dept later down the road.

      It's funny that you mention a peaceful feeling. I think we have all coe to expect that as that is the way its been. However.... monsters are coming as well are hostile humans. The mood and feel will change but hopefully we will have options to control what we want so it can stay the same for those of us who want it. I'm personally looking forward to all the upcoming changes and I think we are definately heading in the right direction.

      I understand what you mean by things being static. Even the animals are the same. The animal AI was reworked recently to support whatever dungeon monsters we get. Hopefully the new AI allows for respawning and herd mentality for animals. It would add a new dynamic to the game. Red has a long-term vision of what this game will become but the bottom line is there is only so much that can be done at a time.

      This is why I am more excited about the API than any other update because it will allow us to start customizing the game in a way that wasnt possible. For example, the level up server will be able to auto level up the players now which was not possible in the old api.

      There was another comment where Red confirmed a way to play built in sound effects. This will let us randomize natural sounds which will make the game less static.

      I've shelved this game a few times since I've bought it but thats ok. Even when not playing, I lmenjoy being a part of the community and influencing the development. I enjoy playing whenever there's an update and see all the changes. The API is whats really going to keep my interest for a while but dungeons just sound so much fun.
    • Oh, hmmm, well... (just taking time...) I already said elsewhere that, for me individually, update rate is fine; I would even delay -- to group them in bulkier changes -- individual small updates, at least those which require a re-installation of servers (as most do, BTW).

      But I also understand that this is just me; other may have other perspectives and a different perception of time. Also, obviously if the mass of the target audience "out there" perceives the game development as going too slow, a vicious circle of bad reviews and less sells which will ultimately affect the development itself (even programmers have to eat, occasionally...). Even if community feddback can be useful and stimulating, it is ultimately the responsibility of the dev team to combine / optimise the deve resources with the update rate.

      Also, as @zfoxfire already said, the new API is a first but important step for plug-ins and add-ons which might change RW quite a lot, if not immediately, at least in perspective.

      I would also not underestimate the 'active' possibilities even of this first new API: it will not be so "static" as @ArcaneDesmond fears, as it will allow to translate and rotate custom objects; combining this with a simple proximity detector code and the possibility to interact with custom objects (like the [F] keys does now) will result in potentially very active scenery objects; it might be surprising how much can be done with 'simple' translations and rotations, if one does not limit himself to thinking only in terms of bone animations and light 'special effects'.
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    • Game is actually far superior to Minecraft, and you'll see this far more clearly as each update is added. Game is actually doing fairly well that you can see various points it 1-ups Minecraft, even showing how things should be done. Basically smelting, food, mining, building, among various others. Even posters, something Minecraft wouldn't allow you to do, yet had planned. I guess one would simply have to see this game finally exiting its eclipse phase for one to truly note the differences between this & MInecraft, more so when the game [RW] needing to be further fleshed out.

      As for updates, it's also doing fairly well. Having a major update every few months, then a mini-update in between those every month is sweet when considering other options. Even on itself the updates are well worth any wait. This having the most support & developer awareness out of any game that it also natural to be bias when praising this game all around, updates, and all sorts of stuff around it. Mojang just doesn't give a crap while bandaid fixing everything, yet Red51 cares a hell of a lot about his updates. Sure, they take forever, but that's probably because of German stereotypes of perfection, something we would probably welcome in a crappy gaming industry focused more on greed than passion. That, and we truly get what we want, desire, and need that it again supports why it's worth any wait.

      Desires for RW? Basically what is on the feature page, and things Minecraft did. On a more personal level I'm hoping for customizable horse mounts, recruitable NPCs (this digging in fairly deeply), customizable NPCs, "bodyguard" npcs, & boats. Anything else seems trivial & a bonus feature if I haven't recalled it again for this post. I did note boats to take advantage of water, something past games failed to do. Hoping Red51 shall take advantage of boats.

      But yeah, I love the update pacing for Rising World, yet can't deny I want the updates to come out so I can venture into dungeons and to customize my own character. Wanting to ride around on horseback to travel further, quicker, while having both my friend (Nas' aka Nighthawk) and some NPCs of mine to follow behind. I'm curious to find out if Red51 shall be able (willing) to satisfy my customizable & recruitable NPC desire needs via the player & customization patch onward.

      (Post a mix-mash of various thoughts both on & off topic)
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    • @ArcticuKitsu Yeah I'm hoping for some horses and saddles too. Ships that sail, I'm thinking of a mod called Archimedes Ships for Minecraft. As was said before most Minecraft mods would be compatible with Rising World once the Java API is finished, though we would need a modding API next. The API being created now will allow for some modding but one mod I'm very anxious to see ported is Applied Energistics. Storage is like Minecraft vanilla we got chests lined up from one building to the next being able to store it all digitally would be awesome. Seeing as how we won't have energy for sometime now I'm sure someone will think of a way to make storage bigger.

      Customizing our character to how we want them to look instead of Mr. Potato heads will be a big improvement for all of us. I think I'll make my avatar look kind of like a cross between a hunter, adventurer, guardsman with plenty of forest green and brown leather mingled together to almost look like Link but better and more fun. All we need is a Zelda and I'm off to save the Princess from the evil factions :) I'm glad to see so many faces contribution to this it feels like a community that I and others really love :) Have a nice day @ArcticuKitsu @zfoxfire @joni909 @Miwarre and everyone else :)
    • Same to you, ArcaneDesmond! Hope we all have an awesome day because we're not tearing one another apart that karma should dictate that we should have awesome days ahead :)

      Horses & having to saddle them is what I'm looking forward to the most from the upcoming update, yet having to wait on dungeons is actually frustrating. I know what Red51 is doing (loosely, yet informed enough that everything takes time) that waiting on this & horses to come out is still painful. I truly want to tame horses, be able to mount them, ride them around, as well as be able to "mass produce" gravel so horses can travel along them. Be awesome having those various armour types (even looted from dungeons) proudly displayed on horses, displays and such.

      I'm just big on the NPC & I blame Minecraft's 'Little Maids Mod' with how you have little maids cooking & fighting for you. Same with Skyrim, Guild Wars, Timber & Stone, and anything with NPCs doing things for you. Hoping we'd be able to "rescue" them from the wilderness, have them be customizable, tend to small tedious tasks, and such. Even NPC Trader related tasks on the survival side of things. This one can get so deep that I'm a bit fearful Red51 shall not dip too deeply into this that a mod would have to do everything.

      Modding is something I'm seeing being Rising World's biggest selling points. Waiting on when this game can support all sort of modding types that it be interesting seeing mods from other games just find itself in this game, even Skyrim types, Minecraft types, and whatever else. I'm personally wishing for a Star Wars mod, Pokemon mod, and then ways to get the Japanese interested into making ANime mods for Rising World. It should be glorious if everybody goes all out into modding for this game, once able. :thumbsup:

      Lastly, boats. I harassed Red51 to add in boats, and can't wait for them to come out around the time player models, animations, & customizations are released. Having them sail between two linked 1000x1000 oceans would be amusing, as well as being able to see the landscape gradually (or majorly) shift into something more infinite and open. Waiting on power tools, proper way to fill open spaces with water, as well as boats themselves. I really want Red51 to be intelligent with boats that one such would be papyrus, while other could be wooden & etc. We'll have to see, yet he can take lessons from 'Stranded Deep'. Survival games seem to fail with boats that he could even look at 'Grand Theft Auto 5' for boat types.

      But yeah, this is a beast of a game that I patience is indeed needed to make everything possible. I agree that we need more survival, as well as the horses, NPC, & boating fun. Even mods. I guess I'm having my expectations fly high so it's a struggle keeping it grounded, more so with lessons learned from 'No Man's Sky's' flop & betrayal.


      I however do want to wish that the community wasn't triggered-paranoid about zombies that they would try and figure out a way to make them work. If not, then you can blindly shove them onto the side. If you can't figure out ways to make them "realistically" function in the game then push it into a mod, or something. The comments about "no zombies!" is hilarity & comical when you go back & read them in & out of context. It's hilarious.

      P1: "Man, I wish we had the likes of Zombies, Dragons, & etc. Just something to attack"
      P2: "NO! NO ZOMBIES!"
      P3: "Yopu're insane! No zombies! They're everywhere!"
      P4: "NO NO! NO! No zombies! *throws a fit!"
      P5-P10 & etc..........
      Me: "*facepalms & laughs* Look, look what you did. You triggered them like a SJW. Figure out a way to co-exist. The reaction is hilarious XD"

      The reaction is as predictable as stepping in a bear trap. For example, you can have them be similar to bandit camps where they occupy some "empty" area of a desert, or something. Something for that "Mad Max" memento, or nudge, or something. Or maybe for that Egyptian fun, yet still realistic. As realistic & serious as a game is, it still needs to be fun and entertaining. When a game becomes too serious you tend to have people say "Screw this! I'm out!" so it doesn't hurt to have something fun in it :)
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    • Imagine our potato head characters being the new hostile entities in some dungeon somewhere. Some random island with a dungeon as a future easteregg making note of the past.


      With where Rising World wants to head is something that someone brought up in '7 Days to Die' before. The whole thing about climate diseases, effects, and how you'll have to wear appropriate clothing for various biomes and such. Having to worry about colds, hypothermia, heat stroke, and all that lovely jazz. Whatever detailing Red51 wants to add, it'll be added nicely into the game.

      The fun began much earlier, yet it's notable at around 37 min mark, more so with how a cool river cools you off at around the 38:20 mark when Michael jumped into a river to cool off in '7DtD' game. Imagine doing the same thing in Rising World.

      I can also bring in Starbound with how you have to stay warm in colder biomes, yet haven't experienced much more on that front. What I do want to mention is the function of smoking, drying, and fridging your food to keep it from spoiling. Once Rising World has food spoilage it would be important to preserve them, as well as being able to fridge them. Being able to fridge them, store them in a cold basement, and such would be awesome.

      Curious how many months into the game's updates this shall be. Sometimes in the 2017 mark? Sometimes after clothing just in a basic function to make use of the clothing? It does make me curious on both climate & food spoilage side of things.
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    • That's one I still have some trouble dealing with. Jumping into the river helps a lot but it still can be not good enough. The best way is to find shelter. I ducked under a bridge and solved the problem. I probably could have kept some wood frames on me and built a shelter. Would be nice if we could get a tarp and just duck under that for protection from the sun.
    • Sorry for hijacking the thread again, just that I've been playing Minecraft FTB Inventions with it constantly hitting on specific features which fails to see proper implementations in these damn games. It's fun when it gets all technical & progressive, yet also wanting to note an equal "down side" when also anticipating Rising World's rail system.

      When first popping into the new MC world I wanted to create a boat to follow the river, yet couldn't with how shitty boats are pre-combat update. Wanting to make use of rowboats in modded Minecraft, yet version is too far back that I have shitty boats instead in both vanilla & modded sense. I could easily add in just vanilla Minecraft with the version with the rowboats, yet with how MC hosting has become is like a painful chore that I simply rely on my site host's server to play FTB Inventions. Easiest that way. When I host myself it's just constant errors, new learning curve, tantrums, hiccups that I have no patience for it. I then get robbed of making a proper railway that no 'Traincraft' is added that it has me constantly wishing for something on the Rising World side. I'm itching badly....horribly....something like a mosquito bite type irritating itch for either/both standard steam locomotives and/or the a mineshaft related train, even if I have to use the former in a long-distance manner. Good features never seem to line up with one another that it's highly frustrating.

      I'm simply looking forward to when Red51 is able to add in a horse and a small casual steam locomotive and/or a simplistic mineshaft train for those transportation (cargo) needs. Basically a mining train on the former thanks to FTB Minecraft hitting that sweet spot, and the lack of updates with Traincraft causing an unnecessary void in the mix. Oh, how I can't wait to start a train network in this game to shuttle goods around, even locking carts to their specific materials with some bonus attributes of sorts to them versus carrying them on your person. Hopefully making traveling long distances easier & swifter....

      Highly disappointed with the trains in railcraft with how brutal they are in resource drains that running a train for a decent distance drains 64 coal for a rough 1000x1000 distance. I preferred Traincraft's lower end resource drain which you could keep the train in service whenever needed without it being all smug & stingy for being a "high end" tech mod. Horses are far more useful, quicker, and such that railcraft is useless to me. Thanks to my bubble being popped in a rude awakening I'm now brainstorming/anticipating if Rising World's tracks shall adapt to terrain, point in every which way, curve naturally, and just behave as they would in the real world. If you would have to point their direction, or of they would simply adapt to placement. Even having to roll the rails, burn coke oil, and the like...I'm curious how detailed railway making shall go in both crafting & placement wise, as with functionality. Maybe horses shall win again after all until the whole train thing can be polished with time............
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