Ghost town / Burnt forest biome

A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • So joni909 came up with the idea of a ghost town and I added some ideas to it. I know Red is looking for ideas on how to add some new places to explore which have high risk but also offer high reward. This is basically the idea behind the dungeons. Anyways, I figured this one could likely be implemented shortly given what's already in the game right now.

    A ghost town. This can be a dungeon type or maybe biome type as well. Actually, maybe a new biome is needed for this first. The biome would feature a burnt forest with lots of dead trees and the ground would seem black and covered in ash. The water holes would look mirky and likely not be suitable for drinking (a new water variation needed obviously). I know there's been talk of eventually a volcanic type of biome. Perhaps this could be the start... Maybe this biome is burned as the result of dormant volcanic or earthquake activity and the village in it sadly would have had to evacuated on short notice as they did not know about this. The biome should have a larger spawn rate of abandoned shacks that are burnt in apearance. Lots of charcoal (new item which can be found in burnt forests or collected from fireplaces in the future or the forge after smelting) can be mined from the ground. I know that eventually lava will be a liquid type handled much like water but with different properties. Perhaps an ocasional lava pool can be added. Maybe this was a mining town which hit a lava tube (lava tubes) which spelt doom for this village.

    The burnt forest might have an occasional living tree and other vegetation type but overall any life should be rare. Check out images of "controlled burns" to get some ideas of what this looks like. The fire department does controlled burns in forest preservations by me which help add nutrition to the soil and reduce risk of uncontrolled burns. But they basically look dead and alive at the same time. Very bizarre and creepy. There should also be a high spawn rate of small predators (mostly the new ones such as the rat, snake, and spider). Cobwebs might also be seen inside of shacks as well as the spiders. The chests in these shacks should also offer greater reward in their inventories. Perhaps more gold ore if it was a mining town. The miners dug too deep and too greedily! ;-p

    Also, some additional objects might be suitable a well. objects for a towncenter should also be generated such as a stone water fountain or perhaps a water well (spawning on top of a mirky watering hole), and... a gallow with possibly a noose still attached. The noose could be collected for rope (something we do need at some point).

    Also, entrance to the biome should always trigger heavy fog..

    I'm basically inspired by the burnt forest from 7D2D. Ocourse, the RW variant would be devoid of burning zombies ;)

  • By ghost town, I meant abandoned but real ghosts could be a possibility. Someone recently made a suggestion of ghosts hanging around underground dungeons to help you find them. I had an idea of the ghost being a tortured dungeon victim approaching you for help collecting his bones to bury them so his soul could find peace. Something like this maybe could be worked into a similar quest item (bury the victim to gain karma/reputation points perhaps). I personally don't want to have to fight spirits, that seems a bit too supenatural for my tastes and for a game that is supposed to be realistic for the most part.

  • This is a great idea. Maybe we can get random abandoned and overgrown cities, buildings, railway lines, streets and similar. Maybe the game takes place long after the downfall of civilisation as we know it ?
    There could even be hidden hints on what happened, and why we are in a completely empty world.

    A separate map generation that only generates "wasteland" would also be cool and a challenge to survive.

  • I'm kinda curious what the story line is for Rising World. This is probably something that never really was planned since its kinda like how Minecraft started out. You're dropped in a world for no reason so go punch a tree. The dungeons are a great addition. Although to some it ruins the feel of being in an untouched world which seems unrealistic in the first place. But the fact that ruins are out there now makes me wonder what happened before. Was there a downfall of a modern civilization? With the shacks, why were they abandoned? What caused the ruins underwater to get there? There must have been some sort of cataclysm.

    Railroads, minecarts, and normal trains are planned so I imagine that that along with everything else, we will have a ruined variant of it added in eventually.

  • I love it how Zork's mind is going wild. I keep thinking the same thing, even now afraid to go in dungeons only because of the atmosphere. It's only for those that have shafts sticking out of the ground.

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind burnt out forests, embers everywhere, yet it might need to be near a volcano, or even to some bandit camps & such. Bandits, raiders, or pirates having done it themselves. As for the dungeons, maybe tie it in Mayan style of they were once there, yet either colonization or looting caused them to die out in the Spaniard manner of illnesses. That, or "aliens", or 'fantasy biome' idea Red51 had going. :rolleyes:

    Abandoned modern day stuff? Maybe tie it in with disease, resources strain, among others. Or, Red51 could go a tiny bit anime, sci-fi, or Subnautica with it that humans made a space colony by heading out to another planet, yet we happened to be the few stragglers left behind.

    There's an anime that's both serious, yet does it in a comical manner of humans needing to redeem themselves in some way by repeating history to learn their mistakes:…_in_the_Middle_of_Nowhere

    There are a lot of ways to spin it........

    Would love to see abandoned railway lines that you could chose to repair to then have the rusting trains restored to drive around. Even museum them, or something.

  • All these suggestions are interesting.

    But isn't RW (also?) a construction game? Aren't we supposed to build the things we need or like to have? Where is the point of having different worlds, different servers, etc, if each and any has the same stuff?

    Perhaps, having more materials, elementary shapes and behaviours, etc allowing to build more kinds of objects (perhaps also moveable) is more suggestive and powerful than adding a few ready-made special objects...

  • Rising World is a mix of both. Construction so you can survive the elements while also surviving the elements building things. One is for survival, the other is for creative pleasure. If you don't want to build then you can simply survive or build things. Even go nomad, or what should be the plan as time goes on. It's the whole freedom where you have a good idea of it in 7 Days to Die & Minecraft by occuping a structure to then settle into it. THat, or build a city with our own bare hands.

    The end goal is basically what '7 Days to Die is', minus zombies so you can be a nomad hopping into already built structures, or you can be stationary building grand cities while surviving.

    One of my friends has a short attention span that I'd love to see him enjoy Rising World as much as he has with Skyrim. If more dungeon goods can release, as with NPC interactions, I could fish him into the game whether he loves it or not. If we can gain loose questing (survival) and such, exploring, have auroras in the sky, and similar to what Skyrim has then it be awesome. Having bandits, pirates, raiders, ghost towns, zombie island lore (rare zombies), and etc. Actual purpose to things then it would make him & other short attention minded people enjoy the game also.

    Here's a quote to what Red51 said also about more block construction:That's awesome.


    Red51 says: I guess having the various bark textures available at the block bench would be a nice addition We will put that on our list.Btw. soon any block shape will be available as "construction element", i.e. you will be able to place, rotate and scale it without any restrictions. This allows you to rescale the current cylinder block (in combination with a bark texture, it would be very suitable as a wood log)

    The amount of attention to detail is why I love this game. I'll now 100% also acknowledge my 'fanboyism' to this game, something told to me in jest on steam.

  • All these suggestions are interesting.

    But isn't RW (also?) a construction game? Aren't we supposed to build the things we need or like to have? Where is the point of having different worlds, different servers, etc, if each and any has the same stuff?

    Perhaps, having more materials, elementary shapes and behaviours, etc allowing to build more kinds of objects (perhaps also moveable) is more suggestive and powerful than adding a few ready-made special objects...

    You have a point but this is still a great idea, maybe have the choice to disable the ghost town or any anything that's generated such as dungeons might be a good compromise.. exp: server_world_generatetowns=false
    I do agree the game is lacking materials and other things but this would be a lot of fun at times when I'm bored with building. :thumbup:

  • Thanks @Alakaii for your comment: more details below.

    the thing i and zork spoke about on discord was that the ghost town would generate rare and almost all Biomes will be toggle able like all the animals and racecourses
    it would be something like the shacks but rarer

    I have nothing against deserted towns per se, even if I would welcome toggle settings as they may not fit all 'world projects'. In fact, in general I have nothing against this or that specific addition.

    What I am trying to attract attention to is the balance between ready-made objects (be they furniture, transportations, buildings or entire towns) and tools and 'building blocks' to make new and world-specific stuff.

    The new API (and the blueprint machinery) had some of the latter, but needs to be completed and extended (not pushing it, simply let's not forget about it); the last update had some of the former.

    The great majority of the requests / suggestions are along the lines of "please give us this or that specific object", I think just as an example to the mine rail thread.

    I would like to add more weight to the side of "please give us ways -- or better/quicker/simpler/more flexible ways than there are now -- to make our own village/boats/rail or whatever".

    Simply that.

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