Changelog 2015-01-01: No more Java issues, new LUA events, bugfixes

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL USERS!

    A new update is available, which does not bring very much content, but a lot of important changes!

    First of all, an important change concerning Steam is done: The game is delivered with an own JVM now. This means that it does not matter anymore which Java version is installed on your computer. Even if no Java is installed at all, that should be no problem.
    Please not that this change only affects Windows, on MacOS, you simply need to install the JDK.
    We will add this for the standalone at a later time.

    Apart from that, we added new LUA objects and events, for example events when players interact with chests. Effectively you can now restrict players to steal items from other players chests now via LUA scripts.

    We are also updating our basic area protection script right now (so that objects, constructions and chests are now also protected), it will be available within the next hours (unfortunately, the release of the area protection script is delayed. It can't take very long until it is ready, please be patient).
    This is another important step forward to prevent griefing.

    Last but not least this update contains several smaller changes and some important bugfixes. See the full changelog below.


    • [New] Standalone now also supports german language (based on your system language) (Standalone only)
    • [New] Game uses own JVM now, so it does not matter anymore what Java version is installed on your system or if Java is installed at all (in other words: No more Java problems!) (Steam only)
    • [New] New LUA objects: Vector2f, Vector2i, Vector3f, Vector3i
    • [New] New LUA events: ChestItemDrop, ChestToInventory, InventoryToChest, PlayerChestPlace, PlayerChestDestroy, PlayerChestRemove, PlayerGrassRemove, PlayerObjectPickup, PlayerVegetationDestroy, PlayerVegetationPickup
    • [Change] Console no longer opens when chat is active
    • [Change] Added new server information to the http server
    • [Change] Blockfavorites and serverfavorites are now synced with Steam Cloud (Steam only)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that caused servers to not save the world in some cases (it's still recommended to restart the servers daily)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when placing objects while other objects in the same chunk are still in move (e.g. doors)
    • [Bugfix] Eventually fixed the fullscreen bug, please check it out, need feedback
    • [Bugfix] Fixed multiplayer issues under Windows 8 (Steam only)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed problems with wrong username, no longer uses computer name as fallback (Steam only)
  • Hello,

    the full-screen is not working for me;
    * I started the game (after update), selected full screen, the main window closes, but program is still running. (I hear the music and the process is still running)
    * Deleted the '', selected full screen again, same problem, window closes / disappears, process and sound still running.

    Its not a big deal for me, as I can set resolution and the game still works fine.
    If you need some log-file, tell me how and I reproduce error, and post log.


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