Changelog 2018-01-21: Steam P2P Multiplayer and friend list support

A new update will be available on Monday, 21 June 2021, around 4 pm (GMT)!
  • Hi everyone!

    Finally we managed to finalize the work on the new networking code. This update introduces a new networking system which should be less error prone than the old one. But at the same time, we also added support for Steam P2P multiplayer. This means you can finally host a game on your machine without having to forward ports or use Hamachi or something like that. Now you can simply hit the "Play with friends" button in singleplayer menu and invite your friends through your friendlist - alternatively a friend of yours can simply join your game if you're playing multiplayer.

    The new networking system now also contains an automatic reconnect feature. If you lose connection for a brief moment, the game will automatic reconnect to the server - ideally without any interruptions. The typical "10 minutes disconnect" some people were suffering from should be history.
    Of course we only had limited possibilites to put this feature to the acid test, so we really need your feedback. If you experience any sudden disconnects or other multiplayer issues, please let us know.

    This update also introduces new haircuts and new clothes, or more precisely, new headgear, including two special items of equipment: helmets with integrated lamps, which provide the player with light. The previous debug light (L) is now disabled (but still available in creative mode).

    As usual, the updates contains a few bugfixes and changes. For example, we reduced the clipping of the player body through clothes. The result still isn't perfect and it needs more work, but it's an improvement compared to the previous situation.
    Apart from that we did some optimizations to the world generation, and also reduced the overall memory consumption.

    Stay tuned for the next update! ;)


    • [New] Integrated Steam P2P Networking (invite friends without having to forward ports)
    • [New] Added Steam friend list support (able to join and invite friends)
    • [New] Reworked networking code from scratch (should be less error prone now)
    • [New] Added automatic reconnect for multiplayer (to catch small connection interruptions)
    • [New] Added two new helmets with integrated lamps (L)
    • [New] Added new headgear: cowboy hat, pilgrim hat, cappy (camo), balaclava, chef hat, unclesam hat
    • [Change] Reduced clipping of player body (visible through clothes) (work-in-progress)
    • [Change] World generates faster now when there are lots of buildings
    • [Change] Reduced direct memory consumption
    • [Change] Slightly reduced running speed
    • [Change] Stamina lasts longer now
    • [Change] Beard now gets covered by face masks
    • [Change] Updated sounds of wooden sword
    • [Change] Updated appearance of military helmet
    • [Change] Objects can no longer be placed on animals or players
    • [Change] Removed debug light (L) from survival mode
    • [Change] Improved performance when placing large blueprints
    • [Change] Command "undoblueprint" works much faster now
    • [Change] Improved performance of creative removal tool (F7)
    • [Change] Player no longer uses sprint animation when having broken bones (Multiplayer)
    • [Change] Saplings can be placed anywhere in creative mode
    • [Bugfix] Fixed disconnect in multiplayer (in certain situations) after 10 minutes (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed lighting issues of player headgear (multiplayer)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue of players being invisible in multiplayer sometimes (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed being able to place multiple ores into the same furnace slot
    • [Bugfix] Spinning wheel no longer consumes too much wool/cotton/fibers (Multiplayer)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong crossbow position for other players in multiplayer
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing label when picking up clothing items
    • [Bugfix] Saplings can only be planted on farmland again (in survival mode)
    • [Bugfix] Scoreboard (tab) updates properly now


    • [Change] Item animations now stop when opening the inventory or any other window
    • [Change] Changed default spawn position when creating a new world
    • [Change] Changed initial game time when creating a new world (early morning hours)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed apperance of glass panes (especially when refractions are turned off)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing labels in crafting menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash when starting the game on 64 bit linux
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with wooden torch mount
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a sound issue when crafting an item
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a crash related to certain clothes
    • [Bugfix] Fixed connection issues in multiplayer on MacOS
  • Needing someone to test the P2P yet shall wait to see whenever 'they' wake up, or have time to test. It's a nice addition that it gains my +1 and respect.

    [New] Added two new helmets with integrated lamps (L)
    > FINALLY! This one makes me so happy because I can finally go tunneling, mining, and etc properly without spamming torches.

    [Change] World generates faster now when there are lots of buildings
    [Change] Reduced direct memory consumption
    > Maybe it does, yet I've noticed lagginess. Smoother before; Laggier now. shall continue playing regardless, yet just noting this.

    [Change] Slightly reduced running speed
    [Change] Stamina lasts longer now
    > I'm happy with this; No complaints. Love how you can sprint farther now with the speed now going to be covered by mounts & transportation itself.

    [Bugfix] Spinning wheel no longer consumes too much wool/cotton/fibers (Multiplayer)
    > This should be handy. It sometimes became a snorefest that I'm glad some smoothness has been added to it.


    Great update. i actually love this update for adding many worthwhile additions. :D

  • Hello,

    I have a java error on launch : (Debian Strech - Steam version

  • great update as always :) thank you @red51 can't wait for the next one

  • Thanks for the feedback :)

    did you fix the bug in the API yet?

    Yes, it is fixed. Probably the new API will be released tomorrow (although I guess it should still work with the old API lib).

    I have a java error on launch : (Debian Strech - Steam version

    Thanks for posting the error message! It was actually an issue with the 64 bit Linux version, I'm sorry about that. However, we just released a hotfix which should solve this issue. If you still experience any problems, please let us know ;)

    and maybe you can add Batteries?? that would be Cool maybe in the Abandoned shacks....

    Probably something like batteries will be added in the long run

    Nice Update red51!!! Did RCON support get removed?

    RCON support is still there, but it's necessary to download the latest version of the rcon tool (sorry about the missing info):

  • If you cannot execute the .exe, just execute the "rcon.jar" (on Windows, just double-click on it)

    When I double click on the .jar file, it opens it with WinRAR. If I try to double-click the .exe file, I get this:

    If I "Open with...." the .jar file and chose "Java Platform SE Binary", I get the below dialog.
    If I fill it in and click Login, RCON opens properly, but it does not "Remember Login" and I have to fill it in each time.

    And I can't seem to make it work by just double-clicking on anything.

  • there is a problem with planting trees and maby all plants. if you are in gm 0 and you plant a few trees and the trees run out. you pick up a cuple tree saplings with f cause they are not quite right. you can now only plan trees on farm land, they will not show on grass or anything else until you go to gm 1 mode then change what is in your hand. then change back to the tree. The trees atr now able to be planted until you run out of saplings again in gm 0 mode.

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