Game keeps locking and then booting me.

  • I have no error reports. What I do have is RW or Steam using up 100% of my disc space making the only solution, turn the computer off!
    If I do manage to get out and close the game down by not shuting off my computer, I can still see on my task manager that a lot of disc space is being used. When I look for the applications it is all of the steam applications. when I try to shut down my computer the first thing to pop up preventing me from shutting down it says puts up the Steam app. If I do not shut my computer down overnight & I come back in the next evening (about 16 hours later I can still find that upwards of 90% or more of my disc space is being used by steam. Not sure whose problem this is. But this is getting ridiculous. I have taken to restarting my computer or shutting it off every day. sometime I have to restart it just to be able to continue to play RW. I love the game but it is getting to the point where I can hardly get a project done because of this issue. When my partner and I play at the same time if we get near each other in the game one or both of us bog down. (probably a separate issue) None of this can possibly be normal. Tell me what you need me to find so you can see what the problem is. I have requested several reports when I could get a response from the game. Maybe I am not expressing myself well as I do not know much about computers however my husband is a computer engineer and I usually go to him before I say anything here. He increased the memory buffer months back that solved the initial problems I posted here. this problem leaves no tracks for me to forward to you that I can see mostly because I do not know what to look for. He said a memory loop keeps getting started and the game just exponentially keeps taking til it takes all the computer has to give. I can't get out of the game. I can't go do something else. I can only shut the computer down. Are there any suggestions or solutions for this one?

  • Did you get back to Red with the problem you were having back in March.…locks-up-entire-computer/

    I am not sure how powerful your computer is but I am running the game on a low end pc with only 4 gig of memory.

    You were saying that Rising World or Steam is taking up 100% of your disc space....I assume you mean the DISK column in task manager.

    When I have Rising World running task manager shows DISK at 7% and CPU at 100%

    Is the DISK Column in task manager always 100% when you play Rising World?
    If so look down the DISK column and see what is taking up so much of the DISK which is the total utilization of all your drives. If something is taking up 100% of DISK in Task Manager then yes your computer will freeze.

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  • What exactly do you mean by "disk space"? Is it as DanielBoone assumed the disk column of the task manager?

    If yes can you post a screenshot of the task manager window? To do that first click on the Disk column to sort the application by the highest using one and then press the Windows Key + Print Screen Key.

    The screenshot is automatically saved under MyPictures/Screenshots on your PC.

    A normal PC without doing anything on it should have a disk usage of maybe 10% at most. If your disk usage is higher without having the game on then something else is running on that PC.

  • I have 3 screen shots for you
    The times on the screen shots are sequetial
    1-Just after opeing steam & RW
    2-When the game freezes. ( I did not take another after getting out of RW as it only dropped for a wee bit to 90% then it spiked up and fell again but not below 86% each time it dropped it went back up)
    3-After I closed the steam launcher on my screen.

    I do know that the only time my computer gives me any problems is with this game. (I do play others including occasionally another launched by steam) This usually happens (but not always) when two of us are in the game together. This last episode I was by myself.

    My husband said something is setting up a memory loop. He says he has eliminated (as possible causes) everything else on the computer but this game. Since he is currently working 60+ hours a week I cannot get him to look into this further or I would. (He looked at more places the about the third time this happened, but heck if I know where he looked or how to get there) The following screen shots are in the order they were taken the last being when everything to do with the game that I can shut down was shut down. Thanks for taking a look as it is frustrating to have this happen everyday.

    Oh and normally when not playing this game and playing other games the disc space generally goes from 4% to 10% depending on what I am playing or what work I am doing on the computer.

  • Just to be correct, its not Disk Space, it is IO value, (write/read) maybe the disk is corrupted? Try moving the game to another harddrive if possible.

    If you have an Antivirus with live guard this may also cause such issues.

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  • You need to click on where it says DISK to sort it with the highest value on top. From the screenshot you can see RW uses 0MB/s but the usage is still at 100%, there must be something else running on that PC. Or as Devidian said the disk is corrupt but that would cause you problems with other applications and games too I would think.

  • Okay this is what you can do to optimize your performance when playing Rising World first off you've got a lot of background apps you can turn off. To do this select the running task, right click and end task.

    End These:

    1. Snipping Tool
    2. Snipping Sketch
    3. Skype
    4. Google Chrome
    5. Your Phone

    After this open up the command prompt in Admin mode - type msconfig and press enter. Now this will bring up your system configuration. Go to services and check the box [ Hide all Microsoft services]

    Now click [ Disable All] Except your Antivirus Software then go to Startup. Open Task Manager.
    Go through the list and disable everything with the exception of your audio drivers. You'll be able to tell the difference as it will tell you if is a Realtek or other Audio driver. Then reboot your computer.

    Once your computer is Rebooted and you are signed in go to "Configure Java" in the Applications and open it.

    From here Open "Settings" and delete files make sure to click the box "Installed Applications and Applets"

    Right click on Start then Run: type this - temp
    it will bring you to a folder "delete everything in it!" When prompted say yes to all and ignore anything that says can not deleted because that is a system file that can not be deleted.
    Again Right Click on Start then Run - %temp% hit enter
    This will bring you to another folder delete everything in it. When prompted say yes to all and ignore anything that says can not deleted because that is a system file that can not be deleted.
    Now hop on Chrome and delete your entire history and cache then reboot your PC.

    After all this is said and done your PC will be able to boot up within 8-10 seconds and playing rising World should be a lot easier. Just don't play the game in fullscreen if you've only got 4 Gigabytes of ram, and reduce your settings in game to about 13-15 view distance or less this includes details.

    Have a nice day. Hope this tutorial has helped solve your problem. I've got 8 Gigs of ram myself and clean my PC regularly thank McAfee for teaching me how to do this.

  • Lilly.... thanks for posting those screenshots...... Obviously you can see that the Memory showing in screenshot 2 has gone up to 5573 MB which is pretty much why the game locks up.

    I run the game on a low end pc with 4 gig of memory in fullscreen mode and I have not had memory issues like you are having.

    Some questions:

    1. Have you only recently started playing Rising World and had this issue from the start..... or have you been playing the game for some time and this problem has only started up in the last few months?

    2. how long do you play before this problem occours?

    3. Have you uninstalled Rising World and reinstalled it to see if that fixes the problem?

    4. Some games are effected by the type of antivirus software you are running. Have you tried running the game with antivirus temporarily suspended. If your antivirus is constantly scanning your game while you play this may be causing the memory issue because the game creates a procedurally generated dynamic world and maybe this is causing your antivirus to constantly scan the game.

    5. A possible workaround for this issue might be to use the dedicated server to play single player on a world locally. If you start a server, can you actually join it (go to "Multiplayer" -> "Connect to IP" -> enter localhost)? If that works, could be more or less a replacement for the singleplayer mode

    6. There is a post in the forum from November last year where someone had their game lock up and the developer left some comments. You may want to check these out.…singleplayer-for-a-while/

    7. Create a report file and copy and paste it below

    Creating a reportfile:
    1. Open the game and stay in the main menu.
    2. Open the game console by pressing the "^" , "´" or "~" -button on your keyboard.
    3. Type in report and press enter.
    4. Close or minimize the game and open your Rising World game folder.
    5. There should be a textfile with "report_" and then a long number, e.g. "report_1234567898765". Open this textfile (it should state todays date) with an editor and paste its content here for us to look at.

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  • My computer has 12 GB of ram
    I have been playing the game for 9-10 months
    this problem just started in the past couple of weeks.
    when the problem started I could play for about 4 hours before I noticed any problems. The time lessened as the problem has persisted.
    Now it can occur shortly after log in, time play does not seem to be an issue
    today as soon as I put it into creative mode the game locked.
    I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
    I could not even attempt to try to run the game without the antivirus software, Let's just say my computer may as well be a brick.
    We already play on a dedicated server. there are only 2 of us on the server.
    When this happens in the game I cannot even get the tilde key to work. When it was being sporadic I did manage to get a report or two but I am not sure which one showed the problem.
    The person who is playing on the same server. same world, same time together does get slowed down when I am near but his game does not lock up. (don't think this matter but when it comes to computers I figure mentioning is better than not.

  • Your first screenshot of task manager shows you are using 49% of your 12 gig of memory and Rising World was using less than 2 gig of memory. If you click on the details tab in task manager and then click once on where it says memory the software using the most memory is at the top of the list. Check if it is Rising World or something else.

    Can you run a reportfile as per my last post and paste the contents of the text file here....... it may shed some light on what is happening.

    Also look at any new software or hardware added in the last few weeks in case they are causing an issue.

    When I have issues I always get windows to check for any issues on my computer. Windows will often detect errors before you do.

    To open it in Windows 10, right click windows icon bottom left of screen , click on search and type in reliability.
    View reliability will appear..... click on it to generate a reliability report.
    Look for red Xs or Yellow Icons and click on the column they are in to see details of what errors were logged by windows.

    This should tell you if you are having a hardware or software error being reported by Windows.
    The blue line going through 1, 5 and 10 will indicate how severe the error was.
    The screenshot below shows level 10 errors because Windows did not shut down properly.

    The concern is that whatever it is appears to be getting worse.

    Have you tried playing single player only.....not on a server.... to see if single player works.

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  • WE removed and reinstalled the game...(forgot about keeping my map..not happy about that one) When I logged in within less than 5 minutes the game locked up.

    I usually only have skype, steam, & rw open when playing this game. This game does not like to let you off the screen to do anything so I don't. I do not have problems in other games I run through steam or on line.

    I am a frustrated player that cannot play in the game.

    Daniel I cannot find where to pull up the report you displayed. As far as other things went the historical for earlier went with the game I did not see your request. As for getting a report anytime near this happening when the game locks the only solution is to not close the game gracefully but to x out of it. Too frustrated and too tired to look again tonight will see what tomorrow brings.
    My husband will test the disc tomorrow. Will let ya'll know the results.
    Thanks again for all the help with this.

  • Sorry you are not getting much play time at the moment..... once the problem is found you will be back to playing the game.

    See if your husband can run the reliability report...... this is a very good tool for checking the health of your pc and I use it weekly with the business I own. A few years ago it told me I was having disk errors. My backup program then stopped working because it too detected errors but over 2 days I manually copied and pasted my files to a backup drive before my hard drive completely failed...only lost one file which was not important.

    You were originally able to run the game for 4 you can only get 5 minutes. Reliability report should tell you if it is seeing any hardware problems.

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  • The disc got checked today, all 7 reports that got run came out clean.
    The game has been reloaded

    I can work all day on this computer in excel with massive tables and not have a problem (No Excel is not active, open or in the background when I am playing games.)
    If the game would ever come back when this happens I would run a report. I had some that were run near the time when this first started to happen however lost all those when I reloaded the game. So no help to even see for when the problem first started.

    I have one brick in the house already because of an online game that is no longer around. I really do not need another one. So I really need something that will get this working for me.
    The turning more things off is not an option as this game is used for more than just playing RW.

    On the task manager I did click on the disc column and RW is always right at the top (as it should be before the game fails as it is the most active thing running, It stays at the top when I get booted) RW never uses less than 30%of the memory and I have a 1200GB somehow that just does not seem right. If I leave the game and go on to other games or other projects the computer runs fine. Call me crazy but that says to me its RW.

    I did see a difference in the amount of MB's listed as in use: Before I reloaded the game is this image

    This image is after the game was reloaded, I logged in and switched to creative mode. there was only a a slight jump between modes so did not send that one.
    There was a spike again when the game locked 8 minutes later No I did not have any of the extras like task manager or the snip-it program running when I first logged on today and the game locked withing 5 minutes of me logging in and changing to creative. I only went back in to get the pictures of the task manager.

    if the game would give me a report when it acts up I would post one.

    I am truly at a loss but very open to looking at what else it could possibly be.

    Thanks again for all the help, but sad to say I still need more help with this.

  • I was looking at the issue you sent to Red51 a few months ago where you had issues such as logging off when you were on your horse and when you logged back in again you and your horse were under ground and you died..... then another time logging in and your player was underground and died....and also having issues with building with planks. I haven't experienced any of those problems myself.

    Have not seen the reports you sent Red at the time so cant tell what the issue was there.

    To rule out any issues on your computer I do recommend you run the reliability report for your computer. It checks hardware and software and at times gives an option for Windows to try and fix the problem.

    Please have a look at the below video which gives some tutorial on it......

    As with my prior post
    To open reliability report in Windows 10, right click windows icon bottom left of screen , click on search and type in reliability.
    View reliability will appear..... click on it to generate a reliability report.

    I looked at my reliability report on my business machine today and it told me I had a hardware fault at 2 this morning....yes i was working then. Didn't even know there was a problem so keeping an eye on the reliability reports daily to check the problem does not come back. I think my cat knocked the cord to my external hard-drive which windows logged.

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  • I am truly at a loss but very open to looking at what else it could possibly be.

    Thanks again for all the help, but sad to say I still need more help with this.

    Hi Lilli

    I took a closer look at your screenshots and think I have found something you can try.

    In every screenshot but the last one you have Google Chrome running with between 10 to 15 processes running for different websites you are looking at in separate tabs, or a process for each plugin or extension.

    Each process takes resources and with Skype and Steam and other software running processes at the same time a lot of resources are being used.

    In the 2nd picture you posted there were at least 27 processes running 15 of which were Google Chrome.

    Can I get you to try something.

    Exit out of Chrome altogether and then check Task Manager to make sure Google Chrome is not showing in the apps section.

    Then start Rising World.

    Let me know the result.

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  • Chrome could have been participating at that shot for sure as chorme can slow anything down. even with only one window open!

    What I finally got to work (it still is a little quirky but not locking after a minute in the game at least) I scaled the resolution way back on the settings page. I figured it could have been my graphics card having a problem. It is still locking up on me but so long as I don't try to make anything with a lot of wood or tear anything with a lot of wood in it then at least stays working longer. Since I have a lot of map to rebuild (forgot to save that before I reloaded) that will keep me busy for quite a bit.

    Thanks for all the help.

  • You were saying that the problem occurs when you are dealing with wood.....making something with wood or breaking something of wood down.


    Do you have any plugins installed such as Planks 'n Beams v0.6.0 which came out in April?
    I have not actually used it myself.

    The original version had 198 built-in construction textures and I think more were added for V0.6.0

    If you have this in your plugins folder or on the server maybe that is something to look at.

    I have a low performance pc with 4 gig of memory...... if I have refractions and reflections ticked in the settings my pc will lock up and then crash to desktop.

    I spent a couple of hours setting everything to minimum and then increasing the settings until I got something that I liked. Vsync was another option I turn off.

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    • I wonder there's 33 % of your RAM used with no recognizable program open. There must ran another background program. You could close every running task by using the rask manager and check your autostart, as mentioned above. There's a little program called "autoruns" , belongs to Microsoft, where you can find a lot of hidden running parts, but be very careful to use it. There's an option to hide all Microsoft system activities . Maybe you will find something. Good luck.
  • the only program I could find running while the cpu #'s were up there were all the steam associated programs that usually run in the background all the time. (contacting steam is oh so futile if you want a question answered but they ask a lot of questions just to tell you to contact the game co.)

    I am playing RW on a different computer and the memory usage is still off the charts but it is not bogging this computer down. So now this is a mute point unless this one goes flaky with the memory usage! while we never truly figured out what was going on I do appreciate everyone who read this and tried.

    Thank you everyone for all the help with this issue please consider this closed.

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