Mobile Ships & Cargo

  • Howdy,

    I would greatly enjoy being able to add an engine to one of the excellent ship blueprints, then decorate, load it with cargo and live on it. I have extensive waterways in the java version, as I like water, and will likely want to add even more in the new version. Ship wise, the game "Salt" accomplishes some of this. Even more importantly, most mass goods are shipped over water when possible for obvious reasons.

    This may be a candidate for plugin... I did find the "SimpleCars" plugin that, with modification, may serve as the basis for a mobile ship. The ship would need to have the ability to have things attached to it, unlike the current boats which have no cargo capacity. As a workaround, I would be thrilled if I could simply slap saddlebags on the boats.

    Thank you :)

  • just in case some of you werent aware, red51 has "promised" an update by late march or april as an absolute latest in the german forum so it turns out either the update will be closer than i expected or the translation is miserably wrong and im misinformedunknown.png

  • Red51 noted we could put crafting benches on boats so I do love the idea you can have a ship as a mobile base. Maybe that would be the pirate ship he teased, or maybe something lesser being the Danube River type river barges. Fishing boats? Whatever it is, I hope its fun to use. I'll probably be a big ship person, more so in this Unity version than Java.

    I enjoyed the boats in Ylands and Wurm Unlimited. Whatever boats Red51 adds I'm sure it could easily blow the boats in Minecraft out of the water. After all this time Mojang still hasn't improved boats with cargo. They went with the Lama storage trick. Lame. I haven't played Minecraft in ages either.

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