possable bug with EventMethods?

  • i have been toying a little with the api and have run across an issue. when using any EventMethods i get errors and it doesnt work when being used on my server. plugin works as expected in single player. sorry in advance if its just me!

  • Also ich arbeite derzeit nur für Server und habe in der Sub-Class:


    So I'm currently only working for servers and have in the sub-class:

    public MyListener(Plugin plugin){
        this.plugin = plugin;

    Das klappt ohne Fehler


    This works without errors

    Dann aber auch ohne diese Zeile


    But then also without this line

    public void onEnable() {
        MyListener lt = new MyListener(plugin);

    Aber ob das nicht auch so gehen soll wie du das gemacht hast, weiß ich nicht, vieleicht ist das doch ein fehler


    But I don't know whether it shouldn't work the way you did it, maybe that's a mistake

  • That code should basically work, at least it worked on my end (pressing U printed a red text to the chat) :thinking: The only "issue" is that "plugin" (line 14 of the first snippet) is null (because the "plugin" variable has never been initialized), that doesn't matter in this code (because that parameter isn't used in the snippet anyway), but probably this was unintended?

    It's weird if this only works in singleplayer, but not on the server :wat: Could you maybe send me the full server log (either post it here, or send it via PM to me)?

  • i tested it my way and also have 100% the same problem as James, works fine in single player, but not if used on a server

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    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :thinking:

  • Thanks for the log james1bow ! It looks like the PlayerKeyEvent isn't triggered correctly in multiplayer :wat: We will fix that ASAP! Other events should work fine though ;)

    Thanks you! i had had a lot more in there and removed it trying to figure out what was going on. That's why the initialized plugin variable was still there.


  • Not a biggie James, but when you use colour XML syntax it should be closed too afaik.

    player.sendTextMessage("<color=red>test text</color>");

    thanks for the reminder!

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