Announcement: Animals, Namechange, Steam

  • Hi folks!

    Today we want to make a very important announcement, to be precise, several announcements. Let's begin:

    1. We are going to change the name of the game to "Rising World" :!:
    Some people already told us in the past to change the name, since "Concept" is difficult to find on Google or Youtube. Apart from that, the name "Concept" is also misleading, because some people think this game is just a concept. So the name will finally be changed within the next 2 weeks, the new name will be Rising World. All old domains will redirect you to the new domain

    2. Steam-Release :!:
    Yes, that's true: The game will be available on Steam within the next 2-4 weeks. We will inform you as soon as it is available there. Optionally you can still get the game via our homepage.
    Important: Everybody who already purchased the game can get a Steam key if desired! We will give you all instructions as soon as the game is available on Steam.

    3. New Website, new Launcher, Multilanguage-Support :!:
    We're completely reworking the current homepage, it will make a much fresher impression. The new homepage will be online when we "officially" change the name of the game.
    Apart from that, we're also reworking the current launcher of the game (also offering a signed launcher for MacOS). This also introduces Multilanguage-Support: For the beginning, you can switch between English (default language) and German. More languages will follow in the future.

    4. Next Update: Animals :!:
    This is probably one of the most demanded features: Animals. We're already working on them. We need 2-4 weeks until they're fully ready. The first animal update will contain those animals: Pig, Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Goat, Rabbit, Bear, Moose, Fox. As soon as more bioms will be implemented, we will add more animals.
    We're also working on different monsters, among others Mummies, Skeletons, Orcs, Trolls etc., but we can't say for sure if they will be ready in time with the animals, or shortly afterwards.

    Finally a few screenshots of some animals:


    Additionally we also released a small update, containing some changes and bugfixes:

    • [Change] Tooltips in inventory are now enabled for all items
    • [Change] Updated tree falling physics, please give us feedback if it's better now
    • [Change] Improved grass cutting (grass no longer reappears at already cut spots)
    • [Change] Improved static light affection for items
    • [Bugfix] Fixed problem of crashing game when placing blocks on constructionelements (just in some cases)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong static light calculation for objects
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with ingame screenshots
  • Agree with the name change, like it!. And, also agree, it was hard to find the "Concept Game" site, initially.
    Nice frequency of updates as well :thumbsup:

  • Awesome GAME!!!! Thanks for all your hard work!! Excited for the update.........waiting patiently:) Sharing out to all my friends...keep it up and rooting for you guys!!!!

  • i love the name. i love the fact we're getting this on steam. i love the animals. except for the pig. the pig model could get better.

  • i love the name. i love the fact we're getting this on steam. i love the animals. except for the pig. the pig model could get better.

    I know, I also feel like it looks strange, but we just have to see when the update is out how it will look while actually being alive haha :)

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